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Will it be realistic or supernatural?

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Jay | 527 comments Either is fine...

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Okay Supernatural would be prefered.

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Jay | 527 comments Alright then.

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I'm guessing that you want to be the boy?

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Jay | 527 comments Yup

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Jay | 527 comments U start...

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Celeste Legret Parker has always been known to be a very spiritual dancer that made people cry from the beauty of seeing her body move. People called her an "Angel" but it was clear to her family that she wasn't even close. She was a Sucubus from hell one of the devil's daughters.

Being as seductive and very vendictive like her father people fail to see redeeming qualities other then her dancing which was so entrancing.

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Jay | 527 comments 15 year old Jason Blaze was always on his toes, but a dancer he saw give him goose bumps down his spine... He was a werewolf, yet the head of the football team...

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((More then that please))

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Jay | 527 comments 15 year old Jason Blaze was the quarter back of the highschool football team, but had an unknown secret, he was a werewolf, but was very popular. He was hanging out with some friends that day, and saw a street dancer, Beautiful? Very. He walked to the front of the crowd and and smiled at her, dropping a 20 dollar bill at her feet along with leaving a note next to it... (Reading, how about a dance?) and sat In a chair behind her, watching her do her dance, like a piece of artwork...

-Jason Todd Blaze
-QB of high school football team
-Romantic, charming, goofy, positive, yet secretive
-looks like this

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Celeste smiled at the money some of these very cute guys put at her feet. She actually felt like she was doing pretty well for herself. When she turned around she saw Jason sitting there with his buddies but he was more focused on her and the way that she was dancing. She was a lovely little dancer who looked like such an angel. With that she picked up the 20 dollar bill and the note inside and smirked knowing that it was from him. With that she beckoned him toward her wanting him to dance with her.

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Jay | 527 comments He smirked and waved his friends good bye and waited til they rounded the corner to stand up and begin to dance with her, looking into her beautiful eyes, and instantly falling in love... He danced til he could no longer move, and by that time it was dark, and everyone had left town. He said to her"you are the most amazing girl I have ever met..." He said smiling...

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"Well thank you very much but I never formally introduced myself." She said finally stopping her body from the movement. Normally she couldn't stop but she stopped now because she was really starting to like this boy. "My name is Celeste Parker." She finally introduced herself and waited for him to give her his name. She had a paper and she slipped it in his football jacket.

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Jay | 527 comments He smiled at her and said "I am Jason Todd Blake, I'm QB of the Grove highschool Destroyers, and I'm 15... " he says, then he bows and kisses her hand...

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She smiled at the romantic gesture. "I'm completely new to this town so it's really nice to meet someone that's kind enough to actually be nice to me even though you don't have to." She said gently and pulled herself away as she heard her phone go off. "I have to go. If I don't my father will have a fit." She said taking her purse off of the bench where she left it and ran off into the night heading toward her house. The little note she left in his pocket read: If you have a cellphone please feel free to text or call me 555-123-6660.

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Jay | 527 comments "Goodbye" he yelled, and took out the slip of paper from his pocket... ((What does it say?))

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^ I edited my post and you need to add more detail or I'm just going to stop replying.

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Jay | 527 comments ((Okay, sorry...))

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*Sigh* Are you going to edit your reply?

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Jay | 527 comments "Goodbye!" He yelled to her, watching her disappear down the long road, and smiled as he began walking home. He pulled out the note written in a unique handwriting, out of his green football jacket inside pocket, and pulled out his phone when he got home and texted her, happily -Hey, are you celestial?-

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Jay | 527 comments *celeste

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Jay | 527 comments ((Did u just ditch me? Or are you replying?))

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Jay | 527 comments ((I take that as u ditched me... I can't edit... I'm on the app...))

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((I'm Replying give me a minute please))

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Jay | 527 comments ((Ok))

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When Celeste finally got home her father started to curse and yell at her about being out so late."I'm sorry dad." She said simply to just shut him up so she can go upstairs to her room. When she was in her room she set her bag on her bed and started to get ready for bed so she could go to her new school. She came back into her room and sighed gently pulling her cellphone out seeing that she already got a text message that read:Hey,are you Celeste? She smirked down at her phone and texted cutely back: Yeah who's asking

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Jay | 527 comments He took a quick shower, rinsing of the sweat dancing with her had caused, and began replaying her dancing with him in his mind, then heard his mom knock on the door,"Hurry up! I need to shower before work!" She yelled, and he opened the door and walked to his room angrily... And saw his phone go off, and checked it... And read her response -Yes, who is asking?- and replied smirking - This is Jason, (and you can call me Jay) and I was wondering if your are busy this weekend...:)-

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((I Will reply tomorrow))

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Jay | 527 comments Ok...

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Celeste smiled as she laid down on her bed and looked at her phone seeing that he asked her if she were going to be busy during the weekend. She laughed and replied back My father is going to be out of town all weekend so I'm free. She hit the send key on her phone and turned out the lights in her room.

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Jay | 527 comments Jay smiles when he read the message, and he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and responds afterwards, -how about a movie on Saturday? Any movie you want... I will pay...- he hits send and turns his tv off in his room and relaxes on his bed waiting for her response...

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Celeste smirks gently upon seeing his answer to her.That sounds great. She sent and thought about what movie she really wanted to see.How about the new step up?

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Jay | 527 comments His face spread to a huge grin, as he read her text, thinking about how he wanted to see the next step up aswell, but would probably end up not being able to go, but now he had an excuse... -sure where should I pick you up from?- he replies very happily...

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At the park on Alice Avenue? She replied to him with a gentle smile on her face. When her room door opened she quickly put her cellphone under her pillow. "Celeste are you asleep?" Her father asked looking at her shadowy figure on her bed. "I'm about to go to sleep Dad." She said and shooed him away so she could go to sleep.

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Jay | 527 comments He began thinking about her dance again, and jumped when his phone went off, then smiled.. -deal, I will be there at around 7 on Saturday...- he responded and began thinking about how her body moved so fluently once more, and his clumsy attempt to follow her lead...

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Celeste smiled at the text and fell asleep. She had a long day of dancing with him. She had no dreams like always but that was nothing new to her at all. She woke up the next day and quickly got ready for school. She was going to surprise Jason. She walked up to her locker and opened it to put everything she didn't need for her classes in. She could feel and hear that everyone was staring and talking about her.

Trevor,Jason's bestfriend stood by his side and said,"You wouldn't believe it. Everyone is talking about this very hot new girl."

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Jay | 527 comments Jason smiled"I know, but she is already taken..." He said grinning but not mentioning him in anything, because people would gossip horrible things about her if they knew about them... And he shoots her a wink to her in the hallway, finding out she got the empty locker next to his...

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Trevor sighed a little disappointed at what Jason had just said. "That's disappointing. Too bad you can't go after her." He chuckled a little and then headed to his locker which was a little ways away from Jason's. He did watch out of the corner of his eye seeing that he seemed to be glancing over at Celeste.

Celeste looked at Jason after closing her locker."Hello Jason." She said softly before getting ready to leave for her first class. She went through her first four classes then entered the Cafeteria with her new friends ready to find where they would be sitting and looking for Jason.

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Jay | 527 comments Suddenly Jason stands up does a slight wave to one of his buddies behind her, and as he walks towards Jason doesn't look away right away... His eyes linger on her for a bit longer, but he doesn't want to be suspicious around his friends. So he sits down... But he looks to where she is sitting with her friends often and smiling...

He is really excited about their date this weekend... ((Should we time skip to the date or nah?))

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Celeste looked at Jason and shook her head when she realized he wasn't waving at him. She could tell that he was going to act like she doesn't exist all day now because he didn't want to make his friends suspicious. She had an idea up her sleeve now because she overheard him telling his best friend that she was taken. She was definitely going to play it off that way because it would teach him about being honest with that she got up and went to the empty hall for a moment summoned one of her ex boyfriends who she didn't know was still in love with her and walked with him into the cafeteria to sit together at the table.

((Could you play the Ex?))

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