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location: mateo's home

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It started off as it typically does. Mateo had hosted enough parties in his entire high school career that it became second nature to set the estate up to prepare for the hoards of young, dumb, and drunk teenagers swarming his home. There were the lights, the music, and definitely the food and drinks. From experience, he knew what and where to set everything up to maintain the least amount of damage. When he'd set up the "bar" at the actual bar, the entire place had gotten completely trashed and his parents had given him the lecture of his life. And then the time that it was set up in the kitchen, the entire place had been torn up and drinks were splattered all across the sticky floor. So, he chose to set it up on the patio outside the house. Everyone liked an outdoor party, right?

Mateo still wasn't being as productive as he should have been, snacking on all the chips he'd had their personal maid place out on a couple of tables. A fair amount of water bottles and several liters of sodas were there as well, but he hadn't quite sampled any of the drinks yet. He grabbed his own bottle of some Macellan whiskey that his father had been saving for better occasions, tucking it under his arm as he let the bluetooth speakers play out. A playlist had already been prepared, playing all of the latest hit tracks and bound to easily get everyone drunk fast.

He'd only taken a sip of the bottle when he got distracted by the notifications on his phone. His old friend, Rolland, was sending him messages and their conversation naturally led to the topic of conquests. Out of everyone that he'd known his entire life and was friends with, Rolland was the one probably could list each relevant, important detail. And that even included the irrelevant faces of the different people that he'd been with over the years. So, with a grin on his face, missing his old friend, Mateo decided to call him. The conversation inevitably led to a lot of banter and complaining from both sides but ended with Mateo begging Rolland to come back into town. "I've got plenty of your favorite alcohol here. I mean, if you started drinking again, that is..." he started, trying to convince him.

But. the conversation was interrupted when he heard the doorbell ring. "Adam, get the door!" he called out to their butler, rolling his eyes as he said a short goodbye to Rolland to see who had come this early, knowing that whoever it was probably had already walked into the foyer on their own.

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Odessa had a hard time actually getting out of her house. She was too preoccupied with painting. Her long brown hair was flowing naturally done her back in waves. She wasn’t one to do extravagant hairstyles. She just went with the flow. She was more laid-back than most of the people living in the Upper East Side because she decided a long time ago, she wasn’t going to care what people thought about her any longer. The only thing she managed to actually but effort into was her outfit which still looked casual but she wasn’t one to dress up.

As she walked up to Mateo’s door, a small giggle left her mouth, her earphones blasting Drake in her ears. The wine was still in her system especially since she had a glass on the way her. But, she was still sober enough to rationally think. She rung the doorbell, plucking out the earphones so she could actually hear what Mateo’s butler was saying. She simply nodded at the aging man and made her way through the door, already familiar with the house from the countless times she had been over. Stepping into the foyer, her heels clacking against the hardwood floor, she was met with the back of her close friend, and a grin appeared on her dark red lips.

“Hello, love.” Her voice came out more sultry than usual, probably because of the alcohol and the fact she hadn’t seen Mateo in a couple of days which was weird for the two. She placed the bag she was holding on one of the tables. “I come bearing gifts.” If Odessa was anything, she was an alcohol collector - especially wine. So she decided to spare a few bottles since she knew some rich kids were so inclined to be high class, they only drank wine.

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Mateo didn't really think anyone important would be coming around this time. Perhaps it would have been a delivery person or maybe it was just Reese coming early for the purpose of getting a little drunk before everyone else arrived. He didn't even think that Odessa being at the door was a possibility. Because tonight, she'd actually been the farthest thing from his mind.

There she was, swinging her arms around and giving him that special look of hers. Mateo's head cocked to the left, looking her up and down in a way that might have suggested he was interested. She was exposing a bit more skin today and it was obvious by the small smirk on his lips that he was satisfied. Odessa didn't always dress in little mini things, but when she did, he was like a bee attracted to honey.

Perhaps, it was only when she was dressed like she was now that he flocked to her. Other times, he'd find himself watching other bodies in a crowd.

"What are you doing here? Did I tell you to come early?" he asked her, giving a sideways look to the bottles of wine she had clinking against one another in the bag she was brought with her. Mateo didn't question her because he didn't want her here - even if that was what it might have sounded like - but rather because he genuinely could not remember if they had some conversation about her early arrival. He still didn't mind though, ignoring the bag of wine bottles she'd brought with her and focusing purely on her tipsy self. "No matter, I don't mind having you to myself for a little bit..." he murmured, his voice lower and huskier as he closed the distance between the two of them, one hand wrapping around her waist and tugging her closer.

His hands wandered naturally on their own, from her curved hips to her round ass, settling on top of it with that determined, yet teasing, look in his eyes, daring her to stop him.

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Odessa pouted slightly, feigning hurt at Mateo’s question. “Why? You don’t want me here?” She slightly leaned against one of the tables, observing him for a second. “I was bored so I decided to come and help.” It a way it was true but then to be honest, she wasn’t really paying attention to time. She knew it was better to come now before she got too immersed in painting and finished another wine bottle, maybe even something stronger. If that happened, she probably wouldn’t come at all.

Odessa smirked at the look Mateo was giving her. It was obvious to her that he was checking her out. She already knew his weakness was exposed skin given his personality and the fact that he sleeps around on a daily basis. She stumbled slightly when Mateo drew her closer than him due to the heels. She put her hands on his broad chest to support herself as she became ever aware of the hands wandering towards her ass.

Her hands wandered upwards, her arms now wrapped his neck, her hands playing with his hair. A knowing smirk appeared on her face as she recognized the familiar look on Mateo’s face. They have been in this situations so many times, it was almost a reflex to pull Mateo closer to her, their lips only inches apart. “How about you save both of us the torture and just kiss me already?” Mateo and Odessa had one thing in common. They hated being teased when they wanted something. Of course, they didn’t mind teasing each other but they didn’t like being on the receiving end.

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"Oh, yeah, help I'm sure," he rolled his eyes, seeing the way that she already was a bit off balance. The way that she was talking, a small slur in her words told him that she had probably drank a fair amount before coming here and now that she was here, she would have her hard exterior walls down. Whenever Odessa was drunk in his experience, she was always much more malleable and more open minded towards fooling around then she was when she was sober. He had no mind to take advantage of her drunkenness or anything, but it was a nice reprieve to hear her being so forward with him, requesting that he give in so both of them could have a good time. It didn't mean anything whatsoever, but at least they could both have it for a short time.

As her arms coiled around his neck and he could see her lips mirroring the smirk on his own, Mateo knew that he could not deny her. His arms hugged around her further, bringing her closer. And very quickly, he allowed the distance between them to become nonexistent, pressing their lips together. Odessa knew that he was hot for her, knew that he wanted her so badly. She was taking as much advantage of him as he was her. And Mateo had to admit that he really liked it. There was a sense of naturalness and something right when their lips connected, when he felt her warm, soft body pressing against his. She just felt like she belonged there with him.

Mateo's hand began to climb up her shirt, pressing against her warm back. Their balance was a bit off and he stepped back to steady them, not allowing their clumsiness to break their kiss. It was a competition between the two of them, a clashing of lips and tongue and her teeth sinking into his bottom lip and his hands very eagerly roaming her body, wishing that she wasn't wearing clothes and he wasn't wearing clothes and that he was already inside of her even if they were standing in the middle of his living room where anyone else in the house could very easily interrupt. Mateo just wanted it so badly.

"Please have sex with me," he muttered insistently against her lips in between kisses.

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Light moans slipped out from Odessa’s swollen lips as she succumbed to Mateo’s. Her hands left a trail of fire on her skin. Her mind was slightly foggy from how turned on she was and the alcohol that messed with her better judgement. Mateo’s body felt heavenly against hers and she wondered if making out with him felt so good, then how would sleeping with him feel?

Their lips clashed as they both refused air. During the heat of the moment, Odessa had back them up to a table, which coaxed Mateo to sit on it to avoid falling. She felt his arms tighten on her waist as she straddled him, her body feeling how hard he was as she slightly grinded on him. She was too drunk to put her full attention on Mateo’s words but she acknowledged what he said. A part of her was fighting for her to stop what she was doing before it was too late but for the first time, she decided to ignore that voice in her head.

Her hand found its way underneath Mateo’s shirt and she traced his abs slowly. Lungs gasping for air, she pulled her head away from him, the feeling bittersweet. Mateo’s lips found her neck, leaving a trail of kisses, moans leaving her lips, when he sucked on the sensitive skin. Subconsciously, her hand slipped down to his pants, hoping he would understand what she was trying to do. Odessa knew Mateo had been anticipated this for a long time and she would be lying if she said she didn't know. But Odessa liked to play with people and this is why this whole thing was toxic. But somehow, she felt like despite all that, whatever this thing she had with Mateo was right. No matter how wrong it looked in the eyes of others.

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It took a lot of effort, but Everleigh managed to muster the courage to step out of the car she was in. Her dress was navy with a white collar, and hit just above her knee. The perfect mix of classy yet fun, even though she felt neither of those things. She wore flats for once, her recent suspicions about herself causing an aversion towards high heels. There was always a risk of falling in those, no matter how used to them she was. As she walked up towards the door of Mateo’s estate, she had a hand over her stomach, almost subconsciously.

As soon as she realized where her hand was, she dropped it to her side and scowled. Ever couldn’t be doing this right now, acting like the cliché pregnant girl when she wasn’t even sure if… god, she couldn’t even bring herself to think about it. There was a test that she had her maid go out and get for her sitting in the depths of her purse, but Everleigh couldn't do it alone. She felt physically sick every time she saw it.

With a hand running through her dark hair, purse slung across her shoulder, Everleigh made her way to the door. A butler was standing there, as if he’d just opened it up for someone else. She knew it wasn’t the best time or place, but she had to tell Mateo. It couldn’t stay hidden, it was eating away at her insides, slowly killing her.

Entering the house that she’d been in before- that night, the night where her whole life changed- she tried to keep her cool. She greeted the butler and prayed that there would be people there. Ever wanted Mateo alone, but was still terrified of the looming prospect of the whole thing. Of course, bursting in on Mateo practically fucking Odessa in the middle of the living room wasn’t what she expected. “Get a room.” She said, announcing her presence.

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This was nerve racking. Sure she had went to school with these kids but, compared to all of them she was simply a fetus while they were full grown adults. Salem was called innocent more than a few times, and naive, and stupid as well, but now she was actually emersing herself into the world that was extremely chaotic. Picking out her outfit, he couldn/ help but dance as she placed the final touches of her makeup. Wow, this was really happening. Her first, real highschool party. Her parents could never know. Though she couldn't stop smiling, people dancing and having fun! Thats all it was and it sounded great. Before walking out of the house, she checked herself in the mirror before putting on her shoes and bouncing out of the door.

Today was her chance to actually engage with her fellow seniors, especially because she was going to be on a trip with them, and probably stuck in a room with someone she didn't know. The least she could was try to get to know them better. It was already bad that she was new to these closely bonded students, but the fact that she had been sheltered most of her life was not going to help in any case either. Sliding into the drivers seat of her 'Infinity', Salem couldn't help hut wonder if she was being naive again. Would her classmates honestly accept her for who she is? Would they even give her so much of a second glance? Was she genuinely over thinking a stupid party? But it isn't stupid. This is my first party. My chance to make a mark in this ecosystem of Constance. Okay. So maybe she was being slightly dramatic, but could she really help it?

After a short fifteen minute drive across New York, with a couple of detours seeing that she was new to the whole driving by herself thing, (sad, she knew) she was finally here. A real party, though as she sat in the driveway, there was one thing that Salem had forgotten to consider. Being the first damn person to arrive. "Are you fucking kidding me! This is absolute bullhockey!" After half an hour of sitting Mateo's driveway, she decided to get out. Though lucky for her, someone else had come to save the day. Getting out of her car, she placed her feet onto the concrete, before nervously strutting over the the doorway where someone else was standing. What was wrong with her!? He was simply a human being... with perfect cheekbones and the perfect complexion. God just say hi you idiot. "Reese, right? Hi, I'm Salem." See! How hard was that? Taking in a deep breath she was about to knock on the door before a slight breeze blew it open. As she walked in, Salem couldn't believe her eyes. Out of all of her 18 years never did ahe ever walk in on intimate acts like these. Her cheeks instantly turned to a shade of beet red while standing next to Everleigh. She wanted to die.

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The temptation was so great. How could it not be? The sounds of her moans were the greatest sign that everything Mateo was doing was right. She was revealing how she felt, enthused by his touch enough that she was moaning out. His mouth left her lips and found her neck, pressing open mouthed kisses all up it, drawing across of her jaw as well. At the same time, he could feel as Odessa pushed upon the waistband of his pants, wanting to dig under and, at one point, she had found her hand underneath the fabric and pressing skin against skin. A shaky breath slipped from in between his lips, hitching against her neck when he felt her cool touch. Their bodies were pressed so tightly against one another that it was impossible from afar to tell just how twisted they had become in one another.

Perhaps they would have gone further. Perhaps Mateo would have finally gotten what he wanted from Odessa, finally gotten her out of his system. Just one fuck, that was all he asked! He wanted to be with her fully, all night long, just once. Was that too much to ask? He'd always been kind to her, a genuine friend, and he knew that, deep down - or perhaps not deep down at all, perhaps she showed it on the surface as much as he did - that she wanted him just as much if not more. But, unfortunately for him, fate was not in his fortune and things took a steady turn from the first interruption of the night.

Bristling, Mateo's face snatched away from Odessa's when he'd heard entry. "What the fuck!" he groaned, obviously irritated by the entry of others into his house. "What's the fucking time?" he hissed, not even acknowledging the few people that had decided now was the time to be punctual. Seriously? Who actually came to a party on time? It was only fucking eight oh two. No one should have actually shown up until at least nine thirty.

"Get out of this one instead," Mateo scowled, not quite ready to let Odessa go. She seemed to slacken her grip on him and he could already feel her hand starting to slip from out of his pants. Leave it to Everleigh fucking Elizabeth and whatever entourage she had brought along to keep him from fucking the possible girl of his dreams.

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Not knowing exactly what she was feeling- Jealousy? Anger? Both? Neither?- Everleigh shook her head. “Or you could, you know, actually host the party that you planned instead of trying to get an easy fuck out of yet another girl?” Her voice was steady, but she felt everything but that. For some reason, the sight of Mateo so close and wrapped up in Odessa reminded her of the night they spent together, the way he made her feel... it had been her first time being with anyone, and Mateo had awakened something in her, hit nerves she didn’t know she had, nearly drove her crazy with the noises he was making, the touches of his fingers, the life he was breathing into her.

She supposed it made her angry because she didn’t want Odessa to end up like her- probably knocked up by one of the school’s biggest man-whores. But even as her breathing fell short with her anxiety, she couldn’t bring herself to express it. It was probably her own fault, choosing to get intimate with Mateo Hernandez, of all people. Ever didn’t know what had gotten into her. Whatever it was, though, it had messed her up big time.

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A disappointed groan left Odessa’s swollen lips as Mateo pulled away. A curse left her lips, pissed off that someone interrupted them. Heart still beating face, her hand slipped out of Mateo’s pants. Her hand still on Mateo’s shoulder and her body still straddling him, she turned to look over her shoulder to see Everleigh standing there, looking as uptight as ever. She rolled her eyes, ready to just continue what she was doing but then the words that left Everleigh’s mouth hit her. Easy. Another girl.

Odessa found herself getting up, her legs slightly wobbly from not standing on them in a bit. She began to sober up a little as she took in what she was going to do. Mateo probably thought she was just some other girl now. Yes, they were friends but he had a lot of friends that he slept with and he began to think they were easy. Of course, she knew this. She practically witnessed it first hand during all the times she had to make out with him in public just to get rid of them. And she wasn’t going to be one of those people. She’d be damned if she was only viewed as desperate.

Sending a glare to Everleigh that could send chills down anyone’s spine, she fixed her shirt that had gotten pushed up during the heavy make out session. She could still feel the remnants Mateo’s kisses on her body but she tried to ignore it. Suddenly craving a drink, she moved to her bag and took out a bottle of red wine and pushed past Everleigh, making her way towards the pool where she might be able to get some silence. She couldn’t be near him right now especially if she was drunk, because alcohol seemed to make her walls fragile, especially when it came to Mateo. “He’s all yours.” Her voice called out as she made it to the end of the hall. And for some reason, her own statement made her heart ache.

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Salem didn't know what to do. She hadn't even been here before. Now she had witnessed a heavy makeout scene and multiple people being absolutely brutal towards each other. Still beet red, her freckles looked like a hot pink, and hidding in her hair, she grabbed what looked like a cream soda before backing out of the room. "I'll give you guys the floor. I'll be...not here." And just like that, she dissappeared to another level of the house. Outside. She needed to leave, everything felt so closed in and as though it was becoming smaller.

Quickly strutting up the stairs, Salem couldn't find her way through the house completely confused about her whereabouts, and her emotional state. Since she couldn't find a balcony, she went to the next best place. The bathroom, a small place to just calm down and be alone. Salem threw the door open and slammed it closed before sitting down on the toilet seat her face burued deep in her hands. "Oh. My. God. What did I just see? I'm going to go to hell." Okay so she was definitely being dramatic, but she hadn't even had her first kiss yet, how was she supposed to see other people about to have sex?

Standing up on her bright cherry red Gogo boots, Salem reluctantly looked at her clearly flushed face before sighing once more. Her parents really were the worst. She was eighteen. How was she like this? Now, she was angry. Years of keepinf her locked in her bedroom, not letting her go out. Not letting her to go to a regular school. Not letting her socialize with others her age! Resentment had built up, and now it was all going to be released. Tonight. As she shoved the door open she confidently walked out to find a balcony, though she swiftly made sure that she didn't dent anything before jogging away towards the hallways.

Using the end of her jacket, she opened up the cap of her supposedly 'cream soda' before taking sip and immediately spitting it out in a nearby pot. "Cheese and crackers! This tastes like... shit." She sounded like a glorified Disney channel. Did those two sentences reslly just come out her mouth? As she turned the bottle over to the covering she realised that she should have read the label before drinking it. A beer. Her very first beer. She couldn't help but smile. Wow. She was actually acting like a teenager. As she sat down, she couldn't help but smile before noticing someone else was in her presence. The really hot one And he had just seen everything. Well. That was attractive. As more people filled the house, Salem got up to look around, and also save herself from embarrassment.

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He hadn't really expected a response. It had been his belief that if he expressed any kind of anger or annoyance that the two of them would be left well enough alone and that they wouldn't be further interrupted. Mateo could return back to giving Odessa the time of her life, finally fulfilling the fantasy he had about her. That fantasy had been alive since his freshman year of high school, though over the years, it had definitely gotten more advanced than the more innocent idea he had when he was only fourteen. Now, at eighteen years old and with a fair bit of experience, Mateo no longer had fears of not being able to impress the beauty that had been his friend all these years. He'd gotten the muscles, the chiseled face, the deep voice, and the popularity that he believed she wanted - that he knew he didn't have before when he first asked her out. He had it all now, yet she still didn't seem to want him. What else was there for him to possibly do?

But, he didn't have the chance. It had been snatched away from in a matter of seconds. Odessa had climbed off of him, fixing her appearance in a very unashamed manner. Then, she'd walked away from him, leaving him to confront their interruption all on his own. And he couldn't help but wonder, was this the last that he would be seeing of Odessa tonight? Would she even remember that any of this had happened? And if she did, would she come to regret it?

Mateo's scowl deepened. "What the fuck is your problem, Everleigh?"

Because he honestly didn't understand why she did what she did. He knew that there were girls or guys that he'd been with that yearned for more even after he'd lost interest and they'd dropped from his radar. Everleigh was one of those people in his eyes. She'd become irrelevant to him after their one night together, satisfied that it happened, but not particularly interested in doing it again. She was only momentary fulfillment. And now? Well, she straight up cockblocked him out of pure jealousy and he wasn't just going to let that go unchecked.

His glare still remained though he seemed calmer. Controlled, Mateo simply jerked his hand over to the patio, "Bar is over there. Pool is open. Don't fuck anyone in my bedroom. If you throw up, clean it up and then get out. Got it?" With those "hostly" instructions, Mateo left her, making his way to the patio bar himself. If she really wanted to talk to him, she'd have to follow him, but he wasn't going to make it easy.

Meanwhile, other people began to arrive. The timing wasn't too late after what he'd spread around, so by the time Mateo had even made some progress through his bottle of whiskey, the house was already starting to get crowded.

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Standing there like a deer caught in the headlights, Everleigh tried to stay calm. She did a pretty good job of it, even though she wanted to literally slap sense into Mateo and tell him everything that was going on. Keeping all of this to herself couldn’t be good, and she felt like he needed to know.

In that moment, Everleigh wanted Eva to be there. Her alpha always knew what to do, and she was so used to doing everything that Evangeline told her to do. It had become hard to learn to do things on her own, without Eva. Of course, she couldn’t tell Eva that she was most likely carrying Mateo’s child, someone that she was supposed to stay away from.

Mateo’s instructions only succeeded in making her even more queasy. The combination of her anxiety and the possible baby in her made her slightly lightheaded. She walked backwards until she got to a couch and sank down into it, head in her hands. She wasn’t exactly sure what her problem was, to be honest. What was it that she wanted, for Mateo to settle down and help her through this? Very unlikely. He wasn’t the type. She was planning on getting rid of the possible baby anyway, there was no point.

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Alec entered the party, still a bit nervous even though he had tried to hype himself up in the car. Just because there are alcohol and drugs, doesn't mean I have to partake he re-assured himself, swiping his palms on his khakis. God, khakis? Who wore khakis to a party? And with a polo? Alec looked like he was going to church, not a party. He was usually nothing but confidence, the aura of confidence just radiating off of him, but parties were most definitely not his scene.

Grabbing a red solo cup and filling it with some Coke intended to make rum and coke, he sipped his drink as he waited for Thomas to arrive and give him some sense of security. When would Thomas arrive? If he didn't arrive soon, Alec was pretty sure he'd start nervous sweating or do something stupid like do a keg stand.

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Half a wine bottle later, Odessa achieved the sweet intoxication she craved. She ambled around the pool, her body swaying to the music as she had her own party on her own until others arrived. This is what she did when she became too confused. She drowned her feelings with alcohol and relished the bliss of all her worries being washed away even if it was temporary. However, everything eventually comes to an end. Tomorrow morning, all of this would either rush back with full force or she wouldn’t remember any of this. And she found herself struggling between which scenario she actually wanted to play out.

Freshman year was genuinely not a good time for Odessa. She just moved back from London, still bitter about her mother’s controlling attitude and her father’s death. Quite frankly, she didn’t want to be around people. She had constantly been deceived by people into trusting them because of her family’s wealth. In the high society of London, no one was really friends. They only socialized for their own personal gain. So when Mateo asked her out, she immediately rejected him. She was so used to being played and manipulated with, she didn’t give it a second thought. But over the years, she began questioning her decision. But she realized it didn’t matter anymore. The Odessa and Mateo from four years ago didn’t exist anymore. So she convinced herself it was pointless to bring up the past when things were going well in her life, which is why she was so frustrated as to why she felt that way when Everleigh caught them. She saw that familiar look in Everleigh’s eye. She had the same look as all Mateo’s past conquests. It never bothered her before but maybe it was because this time she was actually about to sleep with Mateo instead of putting on a show.


For once in his life, Reese didn’t arrive late. He walked into Mateo’s house, eyes scanning over the growing crowd of people. Some people greeted him as he walked and he simply smiled as he made a beeline for the bar. He noticed Mateo wasn’t in the living room so he decided to check there. But he was interrupted by a pair of hands dragging him into the living room and onto a couch. Reese rolled his eyes as some random girl, whose name he didn’t even remember began flirting with him. As she talked his eyes wandered the living room, scouting out the crowd for someone who might interest him.

His eyes landed on a girl sitting on the couch with a beer in her hand. He smirked played on his lips as he watched her take a sip of the bitter beverage and reel at the taste it. Usually, Reese didn’t go for seemingly naive people but he was about to make an exception. It had been a while since he actually had any physical contact with anyone albeit Mateo due to his annoying swim coach and his rigorous training schedule. The girl, which he realized was Salem Mitchell, seemed to become aware of him looking at her from the way she shuffled in her seat and got up in a hurry. So Reese pushed off the talkative girl’s hands, not up for the constant yapping in his ear and followed her. He managed to catch up with Salem, who was doing her best to escape. “Salem, right?” he called out as they entered an empty hallway, the background noise of the party faint in the background.

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So. This was a party. Everyone making out with everyone, everyone taking shots with everyone, and everyone having sex with everyone while music blasted in the background. This was a party, and for some reason she was slightly intriuged by it. Of course she still had much to learn about being a proper high senior, or just a teenager with a lot of money in general, but this was a start. A scary crazy one, but nevertheless a start.

As Salem began to wander the halls looking for a sweet drink than whatever the hell this was. It wasn't even bitter, bitter was the taste of black coffee. She could handle bitter, this was straight poison. Entering an empty hall, she gave out a sigh of relief not even being able to hear anything, and reading people's lips was an absolute nightmare as they tried to talk to her. All she could hear the entire time was the heavy bass of whatever song was playing. Out of the sea of bodies she began to fiddle with her many rings, as a nervous habit. Salem wasn't normally nervous but seeing that her parents made sure that she never even had a chance to be, that didn't leave much room for her to explore experiences like these. Finally her ears adjusted, though Salem was immediately startled hearing someone call her name from the other end of the cavernous hallway. "Y-yes? That's me." Turning around she noticed that it was the boy she kept running into. He was also the one who saw her practically sink into herself after tasting the 'creme soda'. He also happened to be one of the most popular seniors, in the world. "Hi... Reese?" She prayed hoping she got it right.

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Evangeline entered the party with Julian, cursing silently that she had chose to wear a pair of mules, but this was a casual party, so they would do. Spotting Everleigh in the middle of the party looking a bit distressed, she glided over, wondering what had caused her to look so distraught.

"Everleigh?" Evangeline questioned, looking around to see who was present. She saw Odessa looking mopey by the pool, and Alec looking nervous, but nobody else. Standing by Everleigh, Evangeline wondered what caused Everleigh to be like this. Evangeline didn't have much experience with consoling others, but she did have experience in revenge.

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Thomas was trying his best to get his driver to hurry the hell up so Alec wouldn’t be alone, but it didn’t seem to be working. After what seemed like forever, he was dropped off at Mateo’s and all but darted in. He caught sight of Alec pretty quickly, and went straight to him. “Hey there.” Thomas felt bad, he was the one who made Alec come and he looked miserable just standing there.

In attempt to cheer him up, Thomas massaged his shoulders with both hands before resting his chin in the crook of his neck. “You okay?” He asked, biting his lower lip. He felt guilty, something he’d been doing a lot lately. For some reason, he was certain that Alec was trying to take their relationship to the next step- the sex step. But Thomas had his fair share of trauma over the years, and didn’t know how he’d get through it. Of course, he wished for nobody but Alec to figure things out with, but this was going to be his first time getting consensually intimate with anyone at all.

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The second Eva’s voice reached her ears, Everleigh perked up. Finally, someone stable. “Hello.” She greeted, although her voice did sound a bit strange. She stood up and gave her alpha a hug, trying to clear her brain. “Hey Julian.” Ever didn’t let her eyes linger on him and didn’t engage with him any more than she had to. Julian was Eva’s property, and she would never intentionally do anything to mess with Evangeline and her things. She was territorial.

Ever couldn’t tell Evangeline about what was going on. It simply wasn’t going to happen. As much as she wanted to open up to her leader, she knew that one wrong move would get her kicked out of her social status. Sleeping with Mateo was considered way more than one wrong move. Mateo was another one of Eva’s things that the girls couldn’t touch. He was her close friend, and the rule of “no sleeping with Mateo” had been established from the very beginning.

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“Hm.” Eva replied, circling Ever like a wolf would circle its prey. She wouldn't press the issue for now, but Eva would find out eventually. Eva always found out. A little surprised at the hug, Evangeline nonetheless reciprocated. Popping open a bottle of expensive champagne from the butler’s pantry, Eva poured herself a large flute full of the fizzy drink, and one for Julian, but not one for Ever.

Ever seemed nervous to be around Evangeline, or was it simply the party? Ever, at least since Eva had met her, had enjoyed partying, but not to excess— Evangeline didn’t want to hang around with a bunch of drunk floozies all the time after all. That was one thing Americans were horrible at- not drinking until they were ridiculously shit-faced. Nothing was ever in moderation at Constance Billard. Such new money tackiness simply everywhere. “Odessa’s drunk already?” Evangeline noted dryly. Odessa was wonderful to be around, but when there was a party, she was already tipsy before she arrived.

“Oh, get a room!” Evangeline scoffed at a couple who had practically fallen through the entrance making out. While Mateo was promiscuous, at least he had set himself some sort of standard. “Half the female population has seen your dick, I don’t care to.” She said airily, goving the couple a scathing look. Excessive PDA was also another distinctly American thing that she abhorred. Mateo’s home had at least a dozen bedrooms, and surely one was available for extra-curricular activities.

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Alec visibly relaxed when he felt Thomas massaging his shoulders. It wasn’t even the massage, it was knowing the fact that he finally had something to do at this alcohol laden hell hole. “What? Oh, yeah, totally.” Alec fibbed, glad that Thomas still had his head in the crook of his neck so that he couldn’t tell that Alec was obviously lying. Alec may have detested parties, but he didn’t want to ruin his boyfriend’s evening just because he was a buzzkill. Alec hoped he could get through the evening without disappointing his boyfriend.

Inhaling the scent of Thomas’ Yves Saint-Laurent cologne, Alec centered himself. He was just going to have to man up for the night.

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Is there even an order anymore??? If there is not im totslly cool w that because i am impatient as hell

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(( i personally dislike orders bc it slows down rp-ing, i say toss it out ))

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cool so i guess there is any more rping order

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“Whose dick?” Odessa’s questioned as she walked back into the living room. A relaxed smile on her face as she moved towards Eva. From all the drinking she was so prone to doing, Odessa’s somehow made drunk look good. Her lips were still slightly swollen from earlier events. She subconsciously stiffened when she saw Everleigh, but she played it off well. She knew how Eva got when something was going on when she didn’t know something. She waved to Julian and Eva, happy to see the two of them here. “By the way, are you coming to my art show at school?” Of course, Odessa actually sold art as the famous painter Icarus but no one knew that. But that didn’t stop her from putting on fundraisers for the school where they auctioned art.

Her eyes wandered to Everleigh for a second, a seemingly genuine look of concern on her face. “What’s wrong, love?” She questioned, tilting her head slightly as she pretended to be confused because she knew that Everleigh was probably hiding something from Eva. Odessa wasn’t really hiding her problem, she just didn’t want to talk about it right now and she didn’t want Eva to get any ideas about her and Mateo. She could barely figure out how she was feeling, so she didn’t want any misunderstandings to take root.

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“Oh, just some boy.” Eva replied, waving off the question with one manicured hand. Partaking in some champagne (Mateo’s mother had brought it back from France, so it was bound to be the best), Eva narrowed her eyes at Ever. Hm, so she wasn’t being paranoid, there probably was something going on with Everleigh.

“And of course!” Eva assured Odessa. “I do enjoy those little events.” She said absent mindedly. Evangeline was used to buying extremely old, famous, and expensive art: not something a school child would paint. She had a Botticelli in her bedroom, a Monet in the dining room, and a Titian in the parlor— who would need the artwook of a teenage girl when you could have a master of the Renaissance? Crossing her ankles, Evangeline observed the patio area, where there was already a spilt bottle of wine.

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Thomas got his fill of being buried into his boyfriend, if there was ever such a thing. He could stay like that all night. He came back up and faced Alec, their eyes locked together. “Alec Demopoulos.” Thomas accentuated every syllable of his boyfriend’s name. “I am completely, totally, utterly in love with you.” He snaked his arms around his shoulders, bringing them even closer together. He didn’t care about the loud and rowdy atmosphere of the party, he had Alec with him. That was all he cared about.

Hearing someone say something about getting a room, Thomas looked up. It was Evangeline Vanderbilt, but she wasn’t talking to them, thank god. Alec already seemed uncomfortable enough, he didn’t need to hear things like that. “We should go out to the pool.” He suggested. Alec was wearing khakis and a polo, not ideal for swimming, but boxers were totally a thing.

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Confrontation was not Everleigh’s favorite thing. At all. She hated being put on the spot, and between Eva and Odessa, that was exactly what was happening. “Nothing’s wrong.” She said innocently, keeping a poker face. Total lie. Everything was wrong. Her perfect reputation that she had worked so hard to keep up could be crumbling down into pieces around her. And it was Ever’s own fault.

“Excuse me.” Her voice was loud enough to be heard over the crowd, but still managed to be soft at the same time. As quickly as she could, she escaped to go find Mateo. He was probably extremely annoyed with her right now, because of the incident with Odessa, but she really needed to see him.

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On his way to the hallway, Reese managed to pick up a Coke from the cooler, predicting this was what she was looking for. Reese could tell this was her first drink, her first party. She looked like a deer in the headlights. He wondered why he never noticed her before. He made it his job to know every attractive person in this school, for obvious reasons. He found it slightly amusing to see someone from Constance uncomfortable at a party. All the people he knew treated parties as their natural habitats. Mateo with owning the art of hooking up with someone every time. Odessa had a talent for getting drunk even before the party started.

Reese’s long legs carried him to Salem, the height difference showing as he stood closer to her. He raised an eyebrow at the hesitation in her voice. “You sound so unsure. I’m hurt.” His voice feigned sadness, with a hint of a teasing tone. He gestured towards the beer in her hand. “First time?” He questioned her even though this was obvious to him but he had a unhealthy habit of teasing people. He took her hand and placed the cold bottle of Coke in her hand. “That should help.” The words left his mouth in a slight whisper, a grin on his face as he winked at her.

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((I'm crying there are a bunch of children outside my window chanting ya yeet, and im just dead))

Salem wasn't really expecting anyone to start the conversation with her, but it happened, and she wasn't really prepared for that. Though she definitely didn't expect someone of Reese's popularity to talk to her, but at this point, her expectations as just flown out the window. She expected that beers were supposed to be fun, seeing as everyone inhaled it as if it was oxygen, but it wasn't. At all. As he walked closer to her, Salem was sure he was speaking, but couldn't exactly read his lips in the dimly lit hallway, expect she could clearly make out his tone of voice. "Are you... teasing me?" It was a genuine question seeing as she could still feel the bass pumping through her veins as if the music was the heartbeat of the house.

Finally he got closer to her, and she found herself staring up at him seeing now that the optical illusion of the halways had tricked her severly. Salem hated being looked down on, and seeing as she was usually taller than most girls her age, she wasn't ever really. The guys sure, but she wore heels so she was usually the same height at least. Though even in three inch heels, Reese still had a couple of inches on her. "Yep. First time... ever." She mumbled the last part she was sure he could still hear it. As the beer was suddenly slipped out of her hand and replaced with a coke she quirked her eyebrows slightly, and chuckled. Salem had become more comfortable with this party in general, so with a little pep in her step she turned around. She may not have been to parties like these but she had seen enough people to know what that wink and smile meant, and if he actually wanted to talk to her tonight, he'd have to do more than just take away some drink. "Well... thanks for the help, and I'm gonna go dance, but seriously thanks. That stuff was absolute poison." An innocent smirk danced on her lips still confused about if he was flirting or not. Taking off her jacket, she tied it around her waist, revealing a little more skin than she was used to. But, it was party, she was supposed to let a little loose.

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“Good to know.” Alec chuckled, kissing the top of his boyfriend’s head. “I, for the record, am also completely, totally, utterly in love with you as well.” Sipping his Coke, Alec observed the scene of the party. It was’t as horrible as he expected, as there weren’t people doing lines of Coke or doing keg stands (yet). It seemed more on the chill side, with the exception of the couple that was oractically having sex on top a pool table— a bit too much for Alec, not lkke he could do anything about it. “Thomas Torres, how did I get so lucky to have you as a boyfriend?” Alec asked, intertwining their hands.

“Oh, sure?” He replied to Thomas. Alec was a decent swimmer, and the pool had a gorgeous view of the city. He had spent most of his childhood in Greece, swimming in the Mediterranean every soare chance he had. On the beaches by his home, he had his first kiss with a girl a year older to him after a swim. Needless to say, swimming was a fond memory for Alec. A pool was a poor substitute for the cerulean blue waters of Greece, but it wasn’t half bad by any standards. “I don’t have a swimsuit though.” Alec pointed out, sweeping a mess of curls off his forehead.

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Surprised by Everleigh’s sudden brushing off of the topic, Eva smelt blood in the water. Was she hiding something? Eva wouldn’t press the matter further, for the sake of the party at hand, but when she fond out what was going on, Everleigh would be dearly sorry. Or maybe it really was nothing, and Evangeline was just being a paranoid freak.

Taking a sip of champagne, Evangeline shrugged at Everleigh’s disappearance. She wasn’t Ever’s keeper, but it certainly was odd how quickly she seperated herself from the group. “Julian?” She asked, peering out the glass wall that seperated the main area from the patio. “Would we like to acquaint ourselves with the others outside?” Evangeline figured that she was an important enough person that people would approach her if they really needed to talk, but the air inside was a little stale and already faintly stank of vomit: God, who had vomited twenty minutes into a party? Ridiculous Americans.

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He thought about finding Odessa again. And he did find her rather quickly once a crowd of people had come in. But, she was already downing alcohol without regard and he knew he would not face her well if he did approach her. Not wanting to risk what he envisioned as his death, Mateo thought better and found himself at the bar. With his bottle of whiskey still clamped tightly in his hand and a solo cup filled with coke, he thought, he began to mix and match, trying out the different flavors to see which one he would favor the most.

Mateo didn't heed any attention to the others that arrived at his home. They had all come enough times to figure out how this kind of thing worked. Everyone knew the dos and the do-nots with a party like this one and he expected everyone to uphold those rules. They weren't hard to follow and didn't impede on any of the fun that people could have here. Mateo encouraged excessive drinking and he thought it was absolutely necessary to hook up with someone at some point. So, drinks were always provided and there were tons of bedrooms in the estate for people to lock themselves into if they wanted to. He really didn't mind at all. It was probable that he'd find himself in one with someone as well at some point in the night.

He thought about striking up a conversation with someone new that he hadn't met before or finding Evangeline or something because he was sure he had heard her voice at some point. Unfortunately for him, however, his plans were foiled when another familiar voice could be filtered through the loud music.


And Mateo was less than kind, still a bit triggered that she had so rudely interrupted his time with Odessa earlier. And he certainly wouldn't let it go when she'd confess whatever her reasons were. "What do you want?" he scoffed, turning away from her briefly to refill his cup at the bar.

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A laugh escaped Thomas’s throat when he heard what Alec said. “You? Lucky? That’s me, babe.” He kissed him right after he took a sip of his drink, keeping his mouth closed. “Who cares?” He didn’t mind getting wet, but for the sake of Alec’s outfit, he would definitely stick to sitting by the edge of the pool with their feet in. “Come on.” Taking Alec’s hand, he practically dragged him out to the pool area. The view of the city was amazing, but not nearly as gorgeous as the view Thomas had of his boyfriend.

Once he was situated, sitting by the pool with his feet and ankles dipped in, Thomas looked up at Alec. His boyfriend’s hair was falling over his face again, and he couldn’t wait to play with it and press their foreheads together and kiss him slowly, lazily, making them both feel all warm inside... gah. He really was a hopeless romantic.

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Ever knew that he actions would have consequences later. She shouldn’t have completely blown Evangeline off like that. But finding Mateo at this point was a must. He probably hated her right now, and his original plan was to just have sex and never speak again. Which Everleigh was initially mostly okay with. But things had changed, big time.

“Mateo?” She tried to keep her voice low, a nearly impossible task with the music so loud. He heard her, though, because Mateo’s response was short and snappy. Everleigh inhaled deeply, and stepped closer to him. “Look, I know that you really probably don’t want to hear this right now, but we need to talk.”

Teeth having ahold of her lower lip, she kept her breathing steady. As steady as it could get with her anxiety this bad, anyway. Praying that Mateo would actually listen to her, she started talking. “You know how we had that night together and it was great and no strings attached? Um, well, yeah. It was great, but there kind of were some strings attached? I…” She closed her eyes for a second. “I’m late, Mateo, like really late. It’s never like this, and I’m scared. There’s a very high chance that I’m pregnant.” Peering up at him, trying to delay his reaction, she rushed out with more words. “It would be yours, before you even ask, and yes, I’m sure, because I haven’t… with anyone else... “ Rambling at this point, Everleigh tried to calm herself down.

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He was being petty, he knew, but Mateo also had no mind to listen to Everleigh mope on and on about how she wanted to be with him again. He’d been very clear the morning after their night together - after all, he hadn’t even said goodbye or really talked to her after it. She should have recognized that he didn’t want anything else to do with her when he’d left the bedroom in the morning before she ever woke up and left it up to his butler to make sure she got out of the house.

“You’re right, I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses, Everleigh,” he scowled, snatching up the cup he had just filled and dumping back the contents in his mouth. Mateo was already buzzed but he needed to be tipsy. He wanted to be drunk, wanted to have a good time tonight and so far? Well, he kinda wasn’t.

She began talking, began moping as he expected she would but he wasn’t paying attention to her at all. A flash of white hair caught his eye in the patio from behind the bar and while Everleigh’s words brushed by his ear, only hardly audible, Mateo had ignored her to call out, “Roman Campion! Yeah, you! I see you. Play beer pong with me!”

As soon as the grin slid up to his lips, however, he’d heard the last of what Everleigh was trying to tell him and it quickly lowered. His hazel eyes turned towards her, looking into the depths of hers. Mateo was unreadable in that moment, silently looking at her. But, then, in characteristically Mateo fashion, he’d brushed he issue off again without much regard, “Fuck off, Everleigh. You weren’t that great a fuck that I wouldn’t pull out. And we used a condom.”

Mateo didn’t add on his thoughts that she was acting delusional and like a crazy bitch for trying to make him hers by pretending she was pregnant and forcing him to be with her. No way, this was all a big joke and Everleigh? Well, like he said, she wasn’t that great a fuck, and he never really liked her from Evangeline’s minions. She was just the only one that he knew wouldn’t be loyal to a fault to Eva and her rules. An easy fuck was all she was.

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Feeling tears prickling her eyes with frustration, Everleigh grabbed onto Mateo’s arm. “You asshole. You have no idea how hard this is for me.” Her time was accusatory, trying to get him to listen to her. She was acting crazy right now, probably, trying to make him pay attention. But she knew what Mateo was thinking and it wasn’t like that. He was so self-centered that he was probably convinced that she was making this up.

“I want nothing to do with you anymore. I don’t want this to be happening but it is and I can’t deal with it. I don’t know how, you used a condom and pulled out and everything but... Mateo, I really think this is happening and it’s scary and please listen to me.” She had to admit, it hurt to hear that he thought she wasn’t a great fuck and that she was basically nothing to him. It was her first time, after all. But honestly, Ever was convinced that she had just done it with him to get it over with and to say she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

It had backfired, big time. She was always on time, perfectly in sync with her schedule, but she was late. Almost two weeks late. After doing some googling, Everleigh knew that she was ovulating at the time that they had sex, and now, a full five weeks later, she still hadn’t gotten her period. “Mateo, please listen to me...” She practically begged.

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When Odessa dismissed herself from talking to Eva to get another drink at the bar, she had already suspected Everleigh and Mateo were out there. From what happened earlier and Everleigh’s obvious discomfort around Eva, she knew Mateo and her must have slept together. Even if she wasn’t apart of their group, not one to partake in their social ranking, she knew about the rule. She hated being told what to do so she wasn’t going to go insane with “having a leader”. She loved Eva as a friend but she knew how she could get sometimes when things didn’t go her way and with Odessa, that was bound to happen all the time.

When Odessa pushed open the patio door, she certainly didn’t expect those words to come out of Everleigh’s mouth. “Wow.” Her voice trailed off as the whole scene sunk into her mind and she finally recovered from the shock. A short laugh left her mouth as she stared at the both of them in disbelief. The alcohol in her system betrayed her as tears began to form. Odessa ran a hand through her hair as she used a finger to collect the tears before they could fall. “Why the fuck am I crying?” She mumbled to herself. She smiled at the both of them, wanting to get away from this situation. “Sorry for the interruption.”

When Odessa arrived to this party, she was expecting the usual. She was going to get drunk and have a good time with her friends. But she should have anticipated this entire thing. In this social group, there was always some new drama. It was like their lives were a soap opera.

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Mateo's features wrinkled into a frown, his eyebrows furrowing together and his expression showing general displeasure. He wasn't particularly fond of these kinds of scams. After all, there had been an extremely emotional and traumatic time in his life last year where someone that he hooked up with had claimed she was pregnant with his kid. She'd constantly be harassing him, sending him texts and coming by his house. It all escalated even further when one day she called him - he hadn't picked up the first few times - and then left a message on his phone. Along with it was a picture - she was holding a gun and she had it pointed at her very apparent stomach. In the end, he'd called the police and it turned out that the kid wasn't even his and she didn't even go to their school. Mateo had been so traumatized by the experience that he was not prepared for a rerun of that episode to occur now with Everleigh.

"You really need to go -" he started off, his hands rising up before them to keep her from coming any further. Mateo didn't want to hear it, didn't want to even consider that this was a possibility. From what little he did know about Everleigh, Mateo was familiar with the fact that she was a virgin when they slept together and if she did end up being pregnant, he was the only that could be the father. But, after what happened last year, he couldn't allow this to be true.

But, he couldn't even get his rejection and denial out. Their conversation had been interrupted by Odessa and from the expression on her face, he knew that she had heard everything. "Dess, wait -" he called out to her, turning around completely from Everleigh to grab onto her arm and keep her from leaving. "This isn't what you think. She's just lying. She's a fucking liar," Mateo scowled, getting in between the two women.

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Angry with Mateo, Ever felt a tear streak down her cheek. Now she was angry with herself, too. She swiped it away and stepped back, trying to calm herself down. “I’m not lying!” She insisted. Seeing Odessa there just made her more mad. The last thing she needed was for this to get out. If Eva knew about this... she would be so screwed.

“I have literally no reason to lie to you, Mateo.” She cast a quick glance at Odessa, which only succeeded in making her more panicky. Her voice, usually soft, was rising in pitch. “I just wanted you to know- I’m not even going to keep it if it’s there-“ Ever was trying to stop herself from having a full on panic attack right then and there. Odessa wasn’t helping either, with her drunk emotions. Everleigh wished that was her, drinking and getting buzzed to forget about everything that was going on.

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”You’re not pregnant!” Mateo insisted, throwing his hands down as he flipped on Everleigh. This was crazy! His eyes were dark and angry. Mateo wasn’t one to get angry often and it took quite a bit for him to get that far. People from school, like Everleigh, hadn’t ever witnessed his anger, didn’t know that his easy smiles and charming smirks and his cute winks could be capable of turning into a frown or a scowl. But, Everleigh had pushed him in a place that he didn’t want to be in, didn’t believe that he should be in.

His face was warm with embarrassment and he was running high on emotions. Odessa needed to just stay right here, Everleigh needed to go the fuck away.

Everything was loud, loud, loud.

Mateo was sweating now, his red flashing around to anything besides the two girls next to him. He yearned to find Reese, to get out of this crowd. He wished that Eva could just take him away from this situation. God, and where was Rolland? Didn’t he say that he was on the way?

“Okay, fuck this. You’re ruining this party for everyone, Everleigh, so I think you should leave me the fuck alone,” he hastened, shaking his head vehemently as he grabbed at anything, his bottle of whiskey, the red solo cup. “Dess...you know what? I don’t want to talk to you either.”

Grumbling and severely disoriented by both of the girls, Mateo shrugged by them, brushing his shoulder roughly against one of them as he did.

Fuck them. Fuck girls.

With no mind to talk to anyone else right then, Mateo slipped back inside the house, instinctively going anywhere that he wouldn’t run into anyone. It was a bit impossible with how many people had arrived, but he adamant about getting to his room without running into anyone else.

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Mateo’s words made Odessa laugh in disbelief. He was telling her off when he was the one that stopped her from walking back out the door. No one asked him to grab her arm and keep her in here. Mateo’s constant hot-and-cold game he was playing with her made her exhausted and she wished she had actually stayed home instead of coming to this party. “No one asked you to stop and explain any of this to me.” She seethed, tired of the bullshit. “I was well on my way out the door. Not every girl is begging for your attention, Mateo.” Her words were loud enough to follow him out the door. This was typical Mateo. He always tried to seem like everything going on was someone else’s fault.

With one last look at Everleigh, Odessa left the room, adamant to leave. She didn’t care if Mateo was mad at her just because she didn’t sleep with him or because she happened to walk in on them. Frustrated, she dialled her chauffeur’s number, mentally cursing herself for how worked up she was, blaming the alcohol. She blamed herself for almost having sex with Mateo. If she just had said no, none of this crap would be happening right now. She moved past Eva and Julian, not even bothering to say goodbye as she walked through the living room to get to the front door.

Odessa wasn’t going to play games anymore. It was bound to be end up messy and she knew that. But her twisted personality overcame common sense. Mateo and her had something wrong with them. This entire thing they had going on where they made out all the time was a bad idea from the start given the whole thing that happened in freshman year. The night air chilled her skin as she shut the door behind her. She walked quickly to the car and hopped in, telling her chauffeur to leave as quickly as possible. She just wanted to go home and paint.

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Nervous and confused, Everleigh looked around frantically. She needed to get out of here, she couldn’t deal with this. Ever had thought that telling Mateo about this would help her feel less alone, but it only succeeded in isolating her more. She had never seen Mateo angry before. Nobody had, at least not to Everleigh’s knowledge.

Odessa was pissed too. At least Everleigh wasn’t the only one. It didn’t do anything to make her feel better though. Now that Mateo was gone, she was able to breathe slightly easier, but still wanted out. Just as she was turning to leave, her attention was captivated by someone else.

Rolland. Ever couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen him. “It’s fine.” Another lie. She half mumbled it anyway, Rolland probably couldn’t even hear her. “It’s a long story.” She accentuated better now, glancing longingly at the alcohol at the bar. She couldn’t drink, as much as she wanted to. Bad for the baby. Everleigh shuddered at the thought.

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He’d stomped inside a few feet in his house thinking that he’d find some release from the mess that happened outside. Mateo was spent, his stomach feeling twisted and queasy from the news he had learned. News? Was it real? Or was this a prank? Some horrible, nasty prank?

And what if someone had heard too? That had been a huge problem at thi school for the past year or so. There was a huge gossip problem that couldn’t be controlled and everyone’s phones were always blowing up with new gossip from a source called Gossip Girl. And who did she like to talk about the most? Him. She called him “King”, a name that he wasn’t too pleased about and she loved to spread all of his personal and impersonal details all across the internet. What were the chances that she would spread this news?

With that fear in his mind, Mateo whipped back around towards the patio where he’d left Everleigh and Odessa - she’d really told him off too, hadn’t she? - and found Everleigh now with someone else.

“Rolland?” he questioned, gasping when he saw that familiar head of bronze hair. And well enough, it was his best friend after all.

There was some kind of teasing conversation happening between the two of them. It was discomforting to see and witness, so Mateo quickly broke in, “Don’t tell anyone about what we talked about. I swear if it gets out...” he warned her, that frown reemerging across of his lips. The fact that Rolland was there too didn’t completely comfort him, but it was a relief to know that he could talk about this new pregnancy scare with him once they were alone.

Then, his phone buzzed.

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Alec smiled fondly at Thomas as he was dragged out to the pool. Placing his golf le fleur converse carefully by the edge of the pool and stuffing his socks inside, Alec swished his feet throughout the water. The water was refreshing, and thankfully there were no skinny dippers in it just yet.

Swinging an arm around Thomas' shoulders, Alec pointed out the Guggenheim. "I still can't believe New York City has these amazing views, and I've been here for three years!" He laughed, bringing his drink to his mouth. Even after three years of living in the city, there was always something he hadn't tried: a food cart, some hipster shoe store, a museum. Looking at the skyline relaxed Alec and almost made him forget he was at a party. Almost. That was, until he saw Mateo yelling and off. "Weird." Alec remarked, swirling his solo cup. He had heard a buzzing noise, one that was rather loud actually even amidst the din of the party, like a bunch of phones going off at once. "Is something going on?" He asked Thomas worridly.

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Isadora nervously entered Mateo's home, after politely greeting the butler. She absolutely detested parties-- was she nervous sweating already?, but parties would be an essential element to fitting in at Constance, and she was going to try her best to fit in.

Fiddling with a frayed edge of her purple suede skirt, Isadora prayed that the subway wouldn't be full of sketchy people when the party was over. Pushing her glasses up the bridge her nose, an old habit she had been trying to break for the past four months, she walked outside to the bar area, just to give her something to do. The only sort of friend she had was Roman, and he hated parties as much as her. Pouring root beer into a red solo cup and hoping it looked like the real stuff, Isadora milled around by the pool area. Drinking alcohol would cause her to become a flushed, drowsy mess: she didn't need any of that at her first party.

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Continuing to breathe had gotten easier for Ever, now that she had Rolland near her. That was, until she saw Mateo come back. Trying to stay calm, she reached for her phone, which had unmistakably buzzed in her dress pocket.

Looking around, she saw others at the party reaching for their phones too. That could only mean one thing- Gossip Girl was back. Her head immediately started swimming, her breath short. Everleigh had a nasty feeling about this. Once she read the message, her suspicions were confirmed.

Lap Dog. That was her, a nickname earned for her ability to follow and cling to people. She stumbled backwards a bit as she tried to shove her phone back away, turning away quickly. Everleigh wasn’t sure if it was widely known that she was Lap Dog, but she wasn’t chancing it. Without looking back, she took off, one hand on her forehead, shielding her face.

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“You’re the best view here.” Thomas closed his eyes and leaned into Alec’s arm. Playfully, he splashed at his boyfriend’s feet on the water, successfully getting his ankles wet. Once his eyes were back open, he leaned up and kissed Alec’s cheek. All was well, that is, until he heard the familiar buzz of everyone’s phone going off at once.

Reaching for it, Thomas shook his head. “It’s Gossip Girl. That’s why everyone’s phone went off at once.” He was a quick reader, and understood the message right away. Lap Dog and King. Everleigh and Mateo. It was common knowledge, especially the part about Mateo. “I’m guessing our Golden Hoe got our innocent little minion pregnant.” He translated. “Evangeline is going to be so pissed.”

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