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A place to post your under-construction characters, if you wish.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Name: Sally Meep

Age: 18


(This girl here will portray her, except, my character won't be caught studying.)

Personality: Sally is a fun girl to be around because she is very optimistic and bubbly, and loves to do anything fun. She would do just about anything if you promise her that it would be fun, and she is fast to agree with everyone. She is a child at heart, and hates anything that has to do with unpleasantness. At the same time, she is also very gullible and easy to trick. She is scared of many things. She is also known for being kind of naive about real world topics, like she lives in her own happy bubble. She hates to do anything that is difficult, and always tries to find the easy way out of things. Sometimes the things she does aren't morally right either, like cheating in class instead of spending hours studying. She is very dependent on others, and requires people to look out for her even though she thinks she can do things herself. She is very lazy, and prefers to hang out with her friends than do anything productive. She is a big procrastinator, and leave many tasks to the last minute before finally doing them.

Likes: Talking to friends, shopping, getting dressed up, eating sweets, eating delicious food, lying around, watching movies, using the computer, splashing around in the pool, looking at guys in the mall or in school, doodling in class, passing notes in class, playing or texting on her cellphone.

Dislikes: Exams, chores, walking, running, exercise, doing unpleasant things.

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