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Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Your character profile may be as complex or simple as you'd like, but there are a few required things:




Personality: (10+ sentences)



The mods will do their best to approve your characters as soon as possible.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 20 comments Name: Angie Romano

Age: 17


Personality: Angie could be mistaken for a bubblegum soda with how bubbly she is. She always tries to stay positive and make the people around her happy. She loves laughing and being laughed with, and she can usually get along with anyone. She also adores music. She loves playing and listening to anything and everything. If you asked her to pick a favorite style, it would be useless because she'd begin listing what's great about them all. And don't even attempt to ask for her favorite song. She can be a bit of a flirt, though she doesn't realize it. Most of the time, guys end up liking her because she's kind to them, but really, she likes being friends with everyone. Don't get me wrong, though! She's a huge romantic at heart, but she won't fall for just anyone.


*Being scared
*Thinking negatively.

message 3: by sel (new)

sel (lvagirl) Name: Wren Amelia Black

Age: 15


Personality: Wren is a tough, independent girl with a snarky and witty side. She’s passionate for the things she believes in. Wren is afraid of love, however. She has been on her own for so long, she has trouble getting along with others. Except little kids, Wren avoids speaking to others. She has a huge soft spot for youngsters. Commitment and growing up are two things Wren despises. She plans on living free all her life. Wren is a clever girl, and doesn't share her secrets easily. Lying has been somewhat what a habit for her over the years, and no one really knows her.

-The stars
-Windy days

-Growing up
-Speaking to others

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Name: Lillian May Collins
Nickname: Lily

Age: 16


Personality: Lily is confident, outgoing and very spontaneous. She hates to be bored so she will always try her best to come up with some crazy idea to keep herself entertained, even if it is slightly dangerous. She is always very smiley and friendly but won’t hesitate to give someone who annoys her a piece of her mind. She can pull a smile from anyone just by being herself.
Now of course Lily isn’t always smiley, and with a temper as short as hers she tends to fly off the handle quite frequently. It’s wise to avoid her when she is in one of her bad moods. Overall Lily is a friendly person with a short temper.

~Loud music
~The Rain


message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

▐▐│♥Fanessa Lee Tanner♥│▐▐
§╟╬Fanessa is very sarcastic, she hates when people tell her what to do or what to become, in a way she loves to follow her own ways. Fanessa can be nice when she wants to, though she isn't much good at comforting people. Fanessa is kind of a lonely girl, even though she has the most talking person in the world beside her... her twin brother. They could be right beside eachother and you wouldn't know they were related. Fanessa is kind of rude sadly though. Sometimes she doesn't mean too, and she doesn't even realize it's bad until after she said it.╬╟§


«Her talkative Brother (sometimes)


▐▐│♥Jasper Mar Tanner♥│▐▐
§╟╬Jasper is a loving boy. He cares deeply for everyone, he may be annoying but when it comes to that time you need someone to hug or maybe even give you a kiss, he is there. Jasper talks. He talks all the time and can be truly annoying to those around him. Jasper can be a bit of a knuckle brain though, it's true.╬╟§


«Being nervous

message 6: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Angie, Wren, Lillian, and Fanessa are all approved!! Lovely characters (and great names XD), you guys!

message 7: by Madi (new)

Madi | 8 comments Name: Lina Willow

Age: 13


Personality: Lina is very kind and very much a know-it-all. She loves to read and to climb trees. She is a tomboy, she is not at all girly. She plays piano and writes songs. She is a soprano. She loves to read so much that when she turned eleven, she thought she would receive a letter from Hogwarts. She hates skirts and dresses but loves vests. She loves musicals, in fact, she aspires to be a choreographer when she grows up. She enjoys school very much. She loves meat. She tries to be nice, but if you get on her bad side, she can go up in flames. She stands up for what she believes in, but she can come on too strong.

Likes: school, animals, music, drama, the outdoors.

Dislikes: being late, people who are late, onions, skirts, dresses, spiders.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 20 comments Name: Stephen Rowell

Age: 17


Personality: Stephen's... a bit of a dork. To put it bluntly, he's clumsy, the class clown, and never wants to grow up. He loves being friends with everyone and never breaks a promise. People warn him all the time that he's going to be taken advantage of if he hasn't been already, but he likes to be optimistic. He's also totally oblivious when it comes to girls. If you put him in a room full of girls who were stunning, intelligent, and would love him until the end of the Earth, he'd probably go about making friends with all of them before inviting every single one of them to go bowling with some other friends later that day. Not a single romantic thought in mind. He also tends to get ahead of himself. He'll be walking along to go somewhere and suddenly find himself on the other side of town because his thoughts got away from him and he didn't pay attention. Or he'll be in the middle of a conversation and without thinking, he'll blurt out his opinion. He's been trying to change, but changing who you are is a lot easier said than done.

-Joking around
-Having fun

-Insults to him or others
-Sitting still

message 9: by Katie (last edited Oct 02, 2014 08:17AM) (new)

Katie  (letsflythetardis) Name: Charlie Archeli

Age: 16


Personality: Charlie is a very quite girl if you don't interest her. If you do interest her her personality will change entirely. She tends to talk to much and often worries that people are annoyed by it. Her free time is spent reading and listening to music. That means that she is a very creative person. It also means that she is a dreamer. Her time is spent thinking about love and wishing it could happen to her. She thinks she lives a very un-extraordinary life. She is a very anxious person and questions everything she does. That is not a good trait to have when you love Improv. Charlie isn't just a romantic, she is a hopeless romantic. She has never held someones hand let alone kiss someone. She acts awkward around people that she has a crush on. Her crushes develop quickly and keep growing every time she sees a crush.

Likes: Books, Romance, Improv, theater, musicals, music, cool hair, and interesting people.

Dislikes: Doing work without music playing, boring people, ordinary life, non-fiction books, and bad hair.

message 10: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Lina, Stephen, and Charlie are approved! Wonderful characters!

message 11: by dyanne (new)

dyanne HAKUNA!!!

message 12: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 20 comments Hey, Hakuna? You still haven't accepted Jasper. - one of Lacey's characters.

message 14: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Oh gosh, so sorry about that! My eyes just skipped right over, it seems :P Thanks for the reminder!

Jasper is approved!

message 15: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) HAKUNA

message 16: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) Name: Nerezza (Rezza) Smith
Age: 17

Personality: Rezza is generally a careful person. She tries to watch what she gets herself into, but at the same time she's wreckless and does what ever she pleases. When you meet her, she will come off as confident, maybe even a little errogant. However, she is pretty far from it, she just doesn't show it to anyone, or trys not to anyway. She knows from experience that if anyone sees any weakness, they use it to try and ruin you. She also gets obsessed with things easily, weather it be people or anything else really. This often gets her into trouble, as she depends to heavily on things and people, so when they leave, end, or get lost, it devastates her.

Likes: The colors blue and black, anime(Death Note especially), drawing, reading, Marianas Trench, Reliant K, 30 seconds to Mars, countless other bands, white roses, night, green tea

Dislikes: mainstream movies, music, style, ect., the colors yellow and brown, bullies, fakers, bad mystery novels, people leaving, feeling alone

message 17: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 12, 2014 06:40PM) (new)

Name: Claire Kinley

Age: 17


Personality: Claire is a fun person. She is very popular and gets along with just about anyone. She is outgoing and funny, but also fierce, rude, or serious. At first she my be shy(and also not a conversation starter), but once you get to know her she is very talkative and complicated. She is a troublemaker and often tries to be someone she's not. She tends to get caught up in drama and gossip. Other than her negatives, she is very smart, optimistic and brave. A lot of friends would say shes crazy. Strangers would say she's shy or a troublemaker. And haters would say she's a bitch. She also falls in love TOO easily.


~Broken Promises
~Being treated like a Child

message 18: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Rezza and Claire are approved!

message 19: by Night Owl (last edited Oct 15, 2014 11:40PM) (new)

Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Name: Sally Meep

Age: 16


(This girl here will portray her, except, my character won't be caught studying.)

Personality: Sally is a fun girl to be around because she is very optimistic and bubbly, and loves to do anything fun. She would do just about anything if you promise her that it would be fun, and she is fast to agree with everyone. She is a child at heart, and hates anything that has to do with unpleasantness. At the same time, she is also very gullible and easy to trick. She is scared of many things. She is also known for being kind of naive about real world topics, like she lives in her own happy bubble. She hates to do anything that is difficult, and always tries to find the easy way out of things. Sometimes the things she does aren't morally right either, like cheating in class instead of spending hours studying. She is very dependent on others, and requires people to look out for her even though she thinks she can do things herself. She is very lazy, and prefers to hang out with her friends than do anything productive. She is a big procrastinator, and leave many tasks to the last minute before finally doing them.

Likes: Talking to friends, shopping, getting dressed up, eating sweets, eating delicious food, lying around, watching movies, using the computer, splashing around in the pool, looking at guys in the mall or in school, doodling in class, passing notes in class, playing or texting on her cellphone.

Dislikes: Exams, chores, walking, running, exercise, doing unpleasant things.

message 20: by Hakuna (new)

Hakuna Matata (hakuna_matata) | 60 comments Mod
Sally is approved!

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