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Do you know any background information about the time, place, or people? If so place that information here.

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The few minutes I researched this takes place in Burges. Between the 12th and 15th century was the golden age. Philip the Good brought along a bunch of merchants, artists, etc.. After the 15th century there was a decline.

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Renee M | 346 comments Mod
I learned so much about the textile trade from this book. And about the finances of trade. It was all very interesting and exotic.

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SamuraiKitty | 155 comments Hello Alex and Renee!
I agree Renee, I learned a lot about the finances of trade, and also the things that were traded at the time and their importance. Also about banking. Also, learning about Africa at this time, especially Timbuktu, was fascinating because I had no idea that is was the cultural and intellectual center that it was at that time. My husband did his genetic profile on "" and it showed that he is 3% Mali - which is where Timbuktu is located, and had I not read this series, I would never have known/ been able to explain the significance, and history of the region. And it was rather cool to tell my blond haired blue eyed husband about it. :)

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that is adorable!

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Giki | 272 comments Timbuktu! I am so excited for this book now!

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SamuraiKitty | 155 comments Oops, I was actually talking about the series, not just the first book - sorry about that. Timbuktu is actually in a later book - "Scales of Gold" I believe. Again, sorry about that!
Hi Giki!

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Giki | 272 comments Hi SK - we will get there eventually then! I saw a documentary about the library at Timbuktu so I am now an expert :)

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SamuraiKitty | 155 comments Hi Giki - I don't know if I've seen the same documentary (but I did see one) - but the history of Timbuktu is sooo cool! And the Denver Post had a story a couple of years ago about the library at Timbuktu,! He did not want anything to be destroyed and how this one man was literally trying to save it from being destroyed by a radical group - not going to mention because - well - I don't want to be any sort of obscure (which I would be) lead to what he did - but his dedication to the ancient books is/was amazing! He didn't want anything to be destroyed - and the library of Timbucktu holds some truly ancient gems. I hope the library survives!!!!

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Giki | 272 comments for anyone in the UK there is a doc on bbc 2 tonight about medieval trade routes from Morrocco to Timbuktu :-)

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Giki | 272 comments I found a picture of the crane in bruges online

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