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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Possibly YA/Romance- Young woman is kidnapped/sold/traded to be a bride to a man in a Plains Indian/horse tribe

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AllieMae Campbell | 1 comments I remember very little from this book, I read it almost 14 years ago (2005). It was in the library at our high school but I remember thinking it shouldn't be due to the innuendo/sex scenes. Vague memories in parenthesis.
Young woman (maybe chiefs daughter) was (kidnapped/sold/traded) to a man from another tribe (horse people) (Indian?). She ends up falling in love with him. I seem to remember they finally get back to his village and there's a whole piece about a mud bath/lodge with the women (removed hair/impurities). Then she is (chosen) for a sacrifice/ritual that involves her (husband) pure white/black horse and if the horse chooses to mount her.. Some ridiculous rain forecast or crop growth or something... The horse is given drugs though so he's always willing to mount. She ends up running away/escaping with the horse and heads back to her village. En route she gives birth to a child (it dies and she buries it under a tree). Makes it back to her family and possibly her husband finds her and they live happily ever after...

I know, vague.

I always thought the title was like the Horse Whisperer or something similar.

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Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Sounds more like adult romance than YA.

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