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message 1: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2526 comments Four generations ago, magic almost destroyed the kingdom of Drevaria.
Now the kingdom stands fairly secure, with regulations and policies to keep magic in check. Mostly this means imprisoning those who are believed to possess such unnatural abilities, and training a select few to serve as emergency forces. Lately there have been rumors that, despite the great measures taken, magic is once again on the rise, with a growing band of misfits plotting to over throw the royal family.

Drevaria is home to two princesses, Girl A and Girl B. With tension building in the kingdom, the pressure for one of the sisters to marry becomes much more prelevant. It seems like the obvious choice for Girl A to marry the prince of the neighboring kingdom- they have been friends since childhood and have had an engagement plan of sorts for about a year.
Meanwhile, Girl B has secretly been seeing a peasant boy, a soldier in training (Guy A).
It seems like everything will work out fine...until Girl A discovers she has magical abilities and runs away a week before her wedding, making the pressure to marry fall on Girl B.
While Girl B is faced with trying to find a different solution to settle the unease in the kingdom, Girl A runs into guy B on the outskirts of the kingdom. He comes off as charming and even offers to help her learn to control her ability. Unbenounced to her, Guy B is the leader of the band of misfits plotting to take over the kingdom.

message 2: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments ((Alright, I'm good for about 25 minutes if you think that's enough time to make character sheets. Or do you already have ideas on how you want the characters to be?))

message 3: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2526 comments ((Sorry, I went to go do something and didn't turn on notifications and forgot. As far as characters I don't really have any pre existing ideas for them so however you decide to make them is fine.))

message 4: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments ((Do you want something super detailed for them? And do you have a requirement length for responses?))

message 5: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2526 comments ((I'm not too particular with detail when it comes to creating character sheets, basics with whatever else you want to throw in is perfectly fine. As for replies I will be perfectly happy with whatever you offer as long as it is not one liners. With my own posts I usually try to aim for one solidly written paragraph per response.))

message 6: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments ((I'll post something about the Rp in the noon sometime tomorrow. I have to work at 4am. Goodnight!))

message 7: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2526 comments ((Alright, sounds good))

message 8: by Mr. Flame (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments ((Do you want to start posting sheets?))

message 9: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (papergalaxies) | 2526 comments ((yes, I should have mine up in a bit as long as everything goes right. My internet connection has been temperamental today due to the thunderstorms in my area))

message 10: by Mr. Flame (last edited Jun 27, 2018 07:37PM) (new)

Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments ((Sorry, my Wifi has been acting up all day? I'm going to be working on my character sheets now because I feel kinda behind.))

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 10 comments .

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