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How about you pick who you'd like to be, and then i'll take the other two (:

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I'm good with that! Do we make bios for them?

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Oh gosh! haha yeah we have many characters now XD

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Girl A
Name: Kristen James

Girl in Roadtrip
Name: Heather Benson

Guy A
Name: Logan James

Guy C
Name: Luke Denings

Guy D
Name: Michael Tristan

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Oh okay!

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Alrighty, can you start it off? Or should I? D:

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Logan turned toward Courtney as she sat on his lap. The other girls gave quick dirty looks and left. "Hey babe," he said with a smile, alcohol on his breath. He placed an arm around her back, "When'd you get here?"

Kristen and Rose sat at the edge of Kristen and Logan's pool, dipping only their legs in. "I'm gonna miss you Rose. Who am I going to hang out with when you leave?" she asked,resting her head in her hands.


Heather walked out of her house, locking up her door then carrying her big bag, walked over to Quince's car. "You're such an ass, you know that?" she smirked, shoving her bag in the backseat. She hopped into the car and buckled up, "A gentlemen would have come to the door, Lord knows that John would have," Heather was a tad angered by this wedding, John being a good friend of hers for so long, she dreamt getting married to him. But now, she was attending his wedding.

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"Oh yeah, now that you're here," he smiled kissing her neck. Though he was drunk, he still knew that Courtney hated seeing him with other girls but he never really understood the whole relationship thing. To him, dating was dumb, but having someone on the side was nice.

She nudged back, "Shut up," she smiled, "HE can't be as good of a friend as you!" She looked over at Tyler, his little geek quirks always made her smile, but her brother was such a jerk to him that it made it hard to bring him up.


"Slow down," she said turning around and grabbing a brush from her bag. "So how far is this place?" she asked, combing her hair out.

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"Hun, I'm fine he said standing up, tripping as he did. A group of his friends and some girls were standing over toward the side, "Come on babe, let's go over and hang with them, I need to walk anyway," Some of the girls called out his name, eager to have him over. Logan walked over, wrapping one of his arms around his friend's shoulder while guzzling down another beer.

Kristen smile faded as Rose got up, dragging Tyler over. She sat up, her back was as straight and stiff as a board. She'd seen Tyler before many times, but not one on one. She watched Rose walk off with a grin on her face, but she quickly turned, looking straight toward the pool that her feet were in. "Hi," she said quietly, still making no eye contact.


"Gosh Quince!!" she said, placing her foot against the dashboard to hold herself in her seat. "Why the hell didn't I just drive myself," she said angrily, she knew this would happen, yet for some reason she agreed to go with Quince. "I don't know why I said yes to this." she said as he slowed back down, she leaned forward to get her brush off the car floor.

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Logan tugged her more toward him, "Geez, get your own." One thing Logan did hate was guys wanting what was his, though he didn't fully respect Courtney, he hated people messing with "his" girl. He kissed her head, "Don't worry about him Courtney," he said, his knees slowly weakening. His eyes weren't on her however, but rather the girl on his right.

She smiled, looking down at her toes. "Thanks, you look nice too," she said wiggling her toes in the water. Her heart beat was thumping in her ears loudly as she sat next to him. A few other people were outside, swimming near the shallow end of the pool.


"Thank goodness, hopefully this wedding is worth it," she said placing the brush back. As they drove a bit more, Heather looked over, "Sorry I'm a grouch by the way, I got zero sleep last night.."

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"Alright babe," he said letting go of Courtney's side, wrapping his other arm around the new girl.

"Uh, sure," she replied, following behind him cautiously, 'Gosh Rose, how could you do this to me!?' she thought to herself. The two walked off toward the back end of Kristen's backyard, there were a few tall oak trees with shinning lights dangling from their branches. Below the trees were a few padded chairs. "We can, sit her," she smiled, still feeling anxious.


"Hey! Who mentioned John anyway!?" she said, turning toward her window,swallowing back some pride, she added, "He's not an ass,.. or at least wasn't for a time," she said quietly.

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Logan grinned, releasing his grip on the other girl. Picking her up, he yelled back to the crowd of guys, "See you assholes later," he smiled carrying her inside the house. When they got inside, it was really dark, a few other people were inside using the darkness for their own business. Logan placed Courtney down gently, sighing as he did, "You look so beautiful Courtney.." he whispered to her, leading her to his room. His room was quiet big, a large bed, large closets, large t.v., he and his sister were well carried for. Logan sat on his bed, rubbing at his knees which were killing him from carrying Courtney. He was very drunk and was now feeling the haze ware off.

She watched her brother sighing, "Poor girl," She felt so bad for Courtney, and regularly yelled at Logan for being a jerk to her. Turning toward Tyler she grinned lightly and replied, "Thank you. Yours are nice too,... very dark." she blushed, knowing that she sounded so dumb.

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Heather turned to him, "I'm sure you know a lot, maybe he learned some moves from you." she smirked, she knew the two of them visited certain places and she knew that Quince saw John and his fiancé meet. And she held the grudge against Quince. She knew it was wrong, but she was so depressed about her own relationship status that picking her anger out felt refreshing. Truth was however, she felt something with Quince, a friendship with him that no one else held with her, and she liked him for that.

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Logan laid down along side her, wrapping one arm around her and kissing at her shoulder, "Babe, don't look so mad.." he kissed her again, sitting up so his face was near hers, "Please don't be mad with me,.." he paused again, his eyes focused on hers, "..please don't leave me." Though Logan was an ass, he was sure adorable and sincere when drunk and sober. It was definitely a family trait with the males in the family.

"Oh I believe that," she smiled, her voice growing faint as he touched her face. Her heart beat grew louder and louder. Never before had she been touched or kissed by anyone, unlike her brother, Kristen had little time for social events, always planning for college and things of that matter. "And it's alright, I.. I don't come out enough,"

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((We can add that in, shall I be another male? Possibly her new love interest?))

Logan flipped over getting off the bed, and ran to the door, "Hun, hun, hun" he said as he ran toward the door, "Please don't leave, I..." he sighed, "I love you Courtney." placing his hand on her shoulder, "Please Courtney, don't leave."

As he began to walk away, Kristen yelled to him, standing up, "Tyler.."

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Startled by the truth, Heather shut up. She'd never been yelled at, especially by her true feelings. She sat for a long time in silence. Until a half hour did she speak again, "I'm sorry," she said quietly,

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((OOOh, dur! haha I forgot to read the bottom again. Sorry! D:))

Logan sighed, hitting his head lightly against the door. "Dammit.." he whispered to himself.

"I.. I'm not sure what I'm doing", she said quickly as he approached her. She quickly kissed his cheek innocently, then stood back. Her cheeks were hot from the blush that appeared on them, "I.. I'm sorry," she said quickly, looking down at her feet.

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Logan laid in bed now, the lights were off and he laid there, holding one of Courtney's bracelets she always left over at their house. Like Courtney, Logan too had to win, and now he had to win her back. Outside were screams an thumping music of the party.

Kristen's eyes widened as he kissed her, her lips tingled as he did so. She couldn't hold her eyes open any longer and slowly closed them.


Heather nodded, grabbing her backpack as the two stepped out. She stretched her arms out then followed Quince into the main office of the hotel.

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"Well I got kind of bored at my place and you guys always have a lot to read." he replied, "Here," he said, noticing her appeal, handed her one of the blankets off of the couch. He continued to read, could care less about her, or so he acted. "So what's Mr.Perfect Teeth up to now adays?" he asked, turning the page of his book.

Kristen remained still, her heartbeat returning. She looked over toward Tyler and followed a distance behind. She grabbed her phone deciding to just call 911 to get rid of all the riff raff, she'd called them before because of her brother's carless parties.

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Luke nodded, "Bout time, guy was driving me nuts." turning to the next page, he leaned toward her, "It's better that you're without him now, he was no good for you."

Cop car lights lit up the front yard, people began to disperse quickly. Kristen followed the hurrying crowd out the door, "Thank you again Steve," she said to the cop, "You're welcome Kristen, but if your brother does this again.." "I know officer," she smiled as she walked back inside wondering if she should sit next to Tyler. She cautiously sat on the same couch, only near the very edge of her side, "Thanks for helping," she smiled. "And.... thank you."

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"Well somebody ought to, plus I wrote a couple notes inside for you. You guys have quiet the collection. I'm surprised you don't read." he said standing up, "Well I better go," he smiled, opening the door, he gave a wave back, "Bye." Though Luke was a bit hard to read, and seemed a bit rude sometimes, inside, he loved Chloe and always had. But with the rich boy coming in all the time, he chose to pop in when he could.

"Yeah, these parties are normal for me, though I'm usually tucked away," she smiled looking around the room, "It is quiet.." she said softly. Looking back at Tyler again, "Thanks."

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"Alright," she whispered as she watched him walk away. Her lips still craving more. When she heard the door close, she looked around, seeing papercups scattered everywhere along with multiple piles of trash. She sighed, walking back to her room.

Morning came, and so did their housekeepers, cleaning up the mess of last night. Logan was sitting at their kitchen's bar counter, stirring the creamer about his coffee. His eyes never drifted from the cup as his sister walked in. "Hey," she said to him, getting a bowl of cereal. "Hey," he replied, still feeling the hung over effects. "You shouldn't work your body like that Logan, it scares me." Kristen said putting the milk back in the fridge. "Don't worry about me," he mumbled. She paused, then walked on, not wanting to argue with Logan. She found a nice spot outside on the front porch, there, she sat eating her cereal. The trees swayed gently in the morning breeze. She remembered last night, still a bit uneasy on the whole situation of last night with Tyler. Would this ruin their friendship?


Heather woke up in their hotel bedroom, Quince lid in his bed quietly. She got up quickly, rushing to the bathroom to perfect her face and hair before he woke up to mock her about her giant rat nest hair. Once cleaned and groomed, Heather headed outside the bathroom, hoping that Quince was still asleep.

(Sure and Sure!)

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Michael was in a taxi as Rose called. "Hello?" he asked as the taxi stopped at a red light.

"Courtney finally left," he mumbled to Tyler, still sitting at the counter. "I've texted and apologized,.... she's gone." Kristen walked in on the two, as she put away her bowl, "Oh, sorry, don't mind me," she smiled as she noticed Tyler. She walked down the hallway back into her room.


"Thanks," she replied but quickly turned around from seeing his wardrobe. She hopped he wouldn't notice her blush. "So, uh, how much farther is their house?"

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"Yeah I see the storm, and sure, where are you at, I can come pick you up." he replied, a bit loudly, trying to get past the sound of the rain. (Michael)

"Tyler stop," Logan said strongly, finally he was breaking, ".. She hates me, I'm nothing to her anymore."he paused, stressfully brushing his hair back. "She's done,.... I'm an ass,"

Michael sat outside Courtney's house, turning the page of his recent find. The copcar's sirens made him smile, they were looking for a young man who broke into the local bookstore last night. He continued to smile as he read on.


She moaned, "Damn,". She hated long trips like this, between the constant sunlight and her car ride headaches, she did not look forward to further driving. But today was going to be different, she was going to try being the best most positive person today. And treat Quince with more kindness than she had yesterday. This too, made her moan.

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The taxi pulled over and Michael quickly opened the door. "Hey!" he shouted to her threw the hard rain. Night had come and it was quiet dark. Only the lights of the cars and buildings lit up the city now.

Logan peered down at his feet, then back at Tyler. "She's not going to like that I'm there," he moaned as he walked to his room to get better attire on.

"Well it's better than at my place, people barkin at you for sealing and smoking. Gets to you after awhile." he looked over at her, putting the book down "You better?"


She slowly ate each piece one by one out of the small bag. She sat down, watching Quince pack his few belongings. "Thanks for breakfast." she smiled, throwing away the wrapper. "I'll pay for our next machine food." she smiled.

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He laughed, "No, I've had worse experiences," He yelled to the taxi driver his home address and off they went. "So what're you doing in New York all of a sudden?" he smiled brushing some of the rain off her coat.

Logan came back out in some jeans and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. "You can stay here Tyler," he sighed, grabbing his keys. He was already so nervous and didn't need his friend there to watch him fail.

"Well maybe it needed to happen," he said returning to his book. "This could move you forward,"


She followed behind. Watching him from behind, she noticed some things about him that she hadn't before. His shoulder muscles moved as he carried the bags and walked through the hallways. She blushed, turning to look at the walls instead.

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"Oh really? Well that's great. Good for you." he smiled, placing his hands on his knees. "So you still with..?"

Startled and quickly cleaning her room she yelled back, "Yeah, I'm in hear," she threw multiple pieces of clothing in her closet quickly then sat on her bed, straightening herself out.

Luke smiled and watched her go back inside. He'd watched her for awhile now, seeing her as a sister, feeling that he should protect her. But as he watched her and years went on, he realized that these feelings weren't brotherly, but because he truly loved her. He smiled and turned back around, continuing to read.


She smiled, "Thanks," she said getting in her seat. She put the seat back so she could lay down a bit. Her hoodie that she wore kept her bundled like a blanket would. She watched him as he walked around the car and into his seat. Little details of him still playing in her mind. She looked out the window as he pulled out of the driveway .

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"Oh.. I'm sorry I asked." he paused, "No, she apparently prefers a thirty year difference in age." he smiled. "And I've been too busy ever since."

"Hey," she replied, scooting over for him. "Your eyes are so red today. You need to get more sleep." she said, stopping however, noticing she sounded to much like a mother, "Sorry, with my brother, I notice these things." she smiled, "So.. what brings you over?"


"A club? Like short dress, alcohol and music type of club? Or a football, booze, chicken wing type of club?" she laughed. Scooting up in her seat to get more into the conversation.

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"Sure," he smiled, "I'm not sure if you want to stay the night at my place, but you're welcome to.. if you'd like."

"Good, got some of my college preparations done, so at least in two weeks I can go to Yale." she smiled with some enthusiasm shaking her hands as if invisible pom poms were in them.


She smiled, "Thanks..... you look pretty.. nice today as well." she laughed, knowing that was one of the crummiest things she'd ever said in her life.

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"Oh, I don't mind seeing you. I just thought you wouldn't want to see me." he laughed lightly as the cab pulled over in front of a large building. In the night sky, this building lit up a good portion of the street.

She laughed, "Well I did graduate with you and Logan this year. And my friend is already in college."

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"Yeah, I had shared one for a while but relationships change, friends get married, you end up having your own apartment in the end." he laughed as they quickly entered the tall building. Inside the lobby was a wall of small mailboxes then a wall with two elevators that seemed to open and close so quickly. As the two entered the elevator, he punched in the floor's number and up they went, "So are you still friends with Kristen?" he smiled, trying to spark another conversation, knowing full well it would be awkward once inside the apartment.

(I'm not sure what he's questioning, haha)

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((Ooooooh, haha thanks for enlightening me XD Maybe I'll have her ask, cause she's pretty oblivious too))

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AS he turned to Rose and smiled, out of nowhere came her lips against his. The force made him step back a bit, but he couldn't help but kiss her back. He remembered all those feelings and memories again. His hand rose to her hip, pulling her closer ever so slowly.

Kristen smiled, confused from his question, "What's what?" she replied turning more toward him.

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As they kissed passionately, the elevator door "binged" open, the people outside the door smiled, some were irritated and walked to the other elevator door. The doors shut again, letting the two continue. His arms fully around her waste as they kissed, it was as if the two had finally broke and were both waning it all along.

"Oh!" she said, with a faint blush forming on her cheeks, "Um, well... I thought there was something.. do you think there's something?" she asked shyly.

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Somewhat out of breath, he turned, clicking the button again, one arm still around her waist. As he returned his other arm around her, he peered down to her, "I..I'm sorry," he said quietly, a bit embarrassed now of what he'd done.

((Sure, can you start it off?))

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He laughed faintly at her comment, "It's fine Rose, I don't mind the nicknames." he smiled as the elevator door opened up again, this time the two of them stepped out. He liked it when she blushed, and he never realized how much he had missed her quirks, and the feeling of her grip around him, her head against him. He couldn't help but smile.

She smiled as the waiter left their table, leaving them with another glass of wine. "This place looks so nice, are you sure you can afford it? I feel bad not pinching in," she said, folding her hands down in her lap.

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As Michael closed his apartment door, Rose confessed her feelings and began to cry. Michael put his things down quickly walking over to her, lifting her chin so he could look into her eyes. "Hey, it's okay." he said, wiping away the tear from her eye, "I never stopped loving you, I've just wanted to hear you say these words since we split. I was convinced that you loved him, so that's why I felt like I should move on,.. but no one could fill your spot Rose," he smiled lightly, his eyes focused on hers as he leaned down kissing her gently once more, her chin still in his hand.

She smiled, taking a sip of wine as he ordered, her eyes constantly watching him. Her smile never leaving her lips. As dinner ended, the two headed back to their room. She pulled pjs from her bag and headed into the bathroom to change, as she did she yelled out to him, "Thanks for dinner tonight! I haven't eaten like that in months!" she laughed.

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He laughed lightly, leading her down the hall to his room. It was very dark, with only the glowing of the streetlights outside. Turning to her as she walked inside, he watched her, a slim grin on his face.

She came back out from the bathroom, dressed in her plaid sweats and a tank top. She sat on her bed, feeling anxious, "Hey Quince?"

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((hahaha I can imagine Michael panicking haha XD I like it though!))

Michael sat down next to her, "I missed you," he answered, running his hand down her arm to her hand. His eyes focused on hers, wondering what this would become.

She wasn't sure what she wanted to do, here he was in front of her, but she couldn't force herself to do it. Her heart beat racing as she looked at him. She slowly leaned over, closing her eyes and wrapped her arms around him. (ha! no kiss yet! (:) Giving him a hug, she tucked her face into the side of his arm, "I'm sorry Quince. For being so mean and such a bitch." she said, her heart still craving to say so much more.

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Scooting closer toward her, he smiled, kissing her once more as night closed in. Later that night~ Michael lay on the bed, his hair scruffed up and his nice outfit bunched up on the floor. His breathing was fast still, as he looked over at Rose, "Well, it's nice to have you back," he laughed scooting back over to her.

It was weird being this close to him, her face so near his chest. She wanted so badly to kiss him, to confess her feelings, but this was good for now, at least he knew she was sorry for her past. Her eyes closed as she hugged him tighter, not wanting him to leave her grip.

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He wrapped an arm around her, holding her tighter. Looking down at her as she slept, her face shown through the small light that lit through the window. Her hair scattered amongst her face. He slowly closed his eyes as well, falling asleep to her heartbeat against him.

She looked up slowly, trying to avoid his eyes at all cost as her heart beat sped up.

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Feeling Rose get up made Michael smile, as he opened his eyes slowly. There she laid next to him, her skin still so soft.

Feeling his lips on her cheek made her long for more. She nodded quickly at his comment, "Alright," she smiled, crawling into the blankets on her bed. As he left, she laid her head down on the pillow, going over what just happened. They'd be at the wedding in a few days, but for some reason, John didn't fit in her mind anymore. She turned to her side, looking at Quince's bed, waiting for him to return.

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(You want to return to Rose and Michael later? And work on Logan and Courtney?))

Heather got up quickly and gathered her things. Following Michael quickly out to their car. Driving had become normal now, and didn't bother her as much now. But what was bothering her now was what to say, or if she should say anything.

(Same here! Nighty night!)

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Logan pulled up in front of Courtney's house, sighing as he sat in his car. Getting up out of the car, he slowly began his way up to the porch, but was startled when he saw Luke. Luke looked up from his book with a sly grin, "I thought you'd be coming," he said, turning the page. Logan was angered at seeing Luke at Courtney's house, "What the heck are you doing here?" he asked, the annoyance clear in his tone. "Well I just like to give my friends some sympathy, especially during their hard times. Wouldn't you?" he smiled. Logan took a step back, trying not to get more irritated, "Well I would if your sorry ass was blocking the door," he said back, more loudly. "Well go on in, I'm sure she'd love to see the pathetic drunk from last night." Luke said back, making way for Logan in a sarcastic manner. Logan ignored him and walked up to the door, just about to knock, "Plus if she doesn't forgive you, I'm sure you can just buy off a new one," Luke added walking away. Suddenly Logan sprang around, socking Luke in the jaw. Luke scrambled to his feet quickly getting Logan right back in the chest. The two both became a giant grenade, beating each other back and forth.


Michael looked over and smiled, "Morning,.. sleep well?" he asked, still a bit hazy.

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Logan shook out his clothes, straightening himself out, along with Luke who also tugged at his shirt. Luke's lip bled, dripping down his chin, and Logan now had a very swollen eye. Luke walked off, starting toward his house. Logan finally caught his breath and looked over toward Courtney, "I'm sorry, I just... can we talk?"

"Um, so we should be reaching there pretty soon right?" she asked, trying to spark in a conversation. She didn't want to loose their progress or their friendship over what happened or almost happened at the hotel. But she knew now, that it couldn't happen, it wouldn't be right, she told herself. She sighed at the thought.

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"Just don't date him again okay?" Luke said, turning toward Courtney, Logan standing on the porch glaring at Luke. Luke felt like grinning to aggravate Logan more, but he didn't want to start a fight in front of Courtney. Logan watched the two from Courtney's porch, curious to their relationship. "Courtney," he said walking up behind her, "It's fine,.. I don't want to bother you anymore." he said, walking over to his car.

She smiled, "More free pens!" she said sarcastically, laughing as they walked inside. Her laughter faded, however, as he walked her inside, his warm hand holding hers. The more she tried to fight it, the harder it became. She did love him, but was afraid of ruining what they had.

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Logan stood by the driver side door, he nodded at her question, waiting for her to come to the car. Luke watched her, wishing she would stay, but held up his pride.

Heather's eyes widened as she was pushed against the door. Quince's lips pressed against hers, kissing her aggressively. Her eyes slowly closed as she kissed him back, he hands still against the door.

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Logan sat quietly as he drove, wondering what he could add. Once he was out of her neighborhood, he pulled over. "Look, Courtney... what I did to you was wrong and for years I've done this to you." he paused, frustrated with himself, "But I'm not ready to let you go, out of everyone I've ever had in my life,.." he paused again, this time not adding on, he continued driving.

Heather rose her hands to the neckline of his shirt, both laying flat on his chest. She too pressed harder against him, tilting her head to the side slightly as she kissed him. She couldn't think, she wanted him so badly for so long, she was sick of the games and fighting. She wanted him.

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Logan sighed, "I don't want to scare you." he looked over at her, smiling faintly, "No more drinking." He continued driving, "I'm sorry for scaring you,.." he added quietly, his eyes still on the road.

Heather stood, still against the door. Her heart raced and her lips tingled from their kiss. She looked over at Quince, who was now sitting, focused on the floor. She knew they had crossed a line, and it wasn't going to be fun explaining what just happened. She continued standing there, unable of what to do.

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Logan smiled, as the two drove back to his house.

Luke walked back to his house, a screaming child echoed through the entry way. His sister's child was a screamer, along with his mother who complained about everything due to her mental illness. Luke's sister looked over as Luke walked in, her eyes widened, "Oh my gosh," she said coming over quickly, "Gosh darnit Luke did you steal again!? I told you you'd get caught!" "I didn't rob anything, gosh just put that kid to bed." Luke said walking to the back of the house to his room. He sat on his bed, rubbing his lip of blood. He tasted metal in his swollen mouth, but soon tasted smoke as he lit a cigarette and smoked his troubles away.

Squinting her eyes as he smirked at her, angered her, had this just been a game? "What are you taking about fallen? You're the one who kissed me," she replied walking away from his grasp, sitting on her bed. Her voice wasn't as confident as usual as she still was in a haze of what happened.

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