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We Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners, Rivals
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Amber (mommytucker) | 157 comments Mod
Well, I have finished We Two: Victoria and Albert and have to say that I absolutely found this book fascinating. It gave a great account of their marriage, opinions on childbirth, differing thoughts of placement within the household and the struggle of power over not only the household but over a country. Queen Victoria seemed to be deeply in love and obsessed with Albert until her death in 1901.

As well as I felt the book was written, I did feel that it criticized the role that Albert played within their marriage and created a different view of their marriage that I did not know were there such as Albert's extreme ambitions for power, his complaining of Victoria's extreme emotional mood swings, etc.

I enjoyed how Gillian Gill included personal letters from most parties involved to give the story a more personalized feel allowed us, as the reader, to view these 'characters' as real individuals with true feelings.

I'm very interested in how everyone is doing with the book and what their thoughts are.

Janet | 12 comments I really enjoyed the book. I’m always grateful when someone points me to sonethyi wouldn’t have found on my own. I liked how it gave a broad view of the the times and reign of Queen Victoria through a narrower subject, i.e., her marriage.

Amber (mommytucker) | 157 comments Mod
Thank you for your preview. I agree, I think the book did give a broad view of the times and reign of Queen Victoria. I also believe it did a wonderful job giving us an inside view of their marriage and felt them coming to life within the pages.

Please don't hesitate to join in on this month's book, Cleopatra: A Life.

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