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Wanting to become a monster

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Lilia Greetings ^^
in the Twilight series, Bella shows interesting reactions towards the monsters. She's curious, fascinated and then wants to become a monster herself. I need help with other books where the protagonist (or another main character) a human wants to become a monster for a reason or another. Their wish doesn't necessarily need to be realized, Bella was turned out of necessity.

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Daan Bella's reasons here just selfish. She wanted to be a vampire, she wanted to F Edward, she wanted... that is the whole reason.

That sadly doesn't give much room for the existential angst of someone who was turned and didn't want to. Or now had to deal with changes and a whole new more predatory nature. Will they attack people? Will they not? How long can they fight their new nature?

I mean it Bella has it easy, she gets everything she wants and doesn't have to work for it. She doesn't have to deal with losses, she doesn't have to sacrifice anything.

While in many other books and movies, being a monster means something. Not being human anymore, not being able to go out in daylight or eat normal food. Not being able to enjoy normal human things, not aging, always returning to the state you were as you were turned, with all the flaws that came with it.

In many books and movies being monster means you are F-ed. Yes, you might get some nifty powers but at what price?

In Twilight, again, Bella just got everything she wanted and didn't have to sacrifice anything. ANYTHING. No losses, all gains. Not a fan of that kind of writing.

It might feel a bit old, but try Anne Rice. Good writer, her vampires are quite different and have much deeper personalities ;) You'll find out what I mean.

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