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message 1: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I was just wondering who enters for books on the goodreads giveaways and what books have you won so far?

I actually didn't even know about the giveaways until about 4 months ago, so I thought that this would make sure that everyone that's part of this group knows about them! If you've never seen the giveaways, go to www.goodreads.com/giveaway

As for me, so far I've won 4 books.

* Erec Rex The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley (Really enjoyed that)
* Knight of Desire by Margaret Mallory (It was good but I probably wouldn't have bought it myself)
* Our Boys A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen by Joe Drape (Just recieved it a few days ago and have only read the first couple of chapters. It's non-fiction, so different from my normal. So we'll see)
* Rebel Yell A Novel by Alice Randall (I just found out today that I won it.)

For those people that do win a lot of books, any tips or strategy that goes into it?

message 2: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) I've only won one.

Evermore by Alyson Noel :D

message 3: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) I won one that turned out to be a YA romance. Passed it on to one of my nieces because I would have never read it. She liked it. I thought it was a mystery as I had met the author at a Bouchercon a couple of years ago and had read some mysteries she wrote.

message 4: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 93 comments I didn't even know about this section on the site thanks!

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 437 comments I won Naamah's Kiss, not realizing it was book seven in the series. I signed up for several more give aways yesterday though, so fingers crossed! =)

message 6: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I won one book.. but I don't remember what it was and it took the guy like 4 months to send it to me.

I read the first few pages and it sucked so I put it down and i don't know where it went lol

message 7: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 1831 comments I've won one. Can't remember why I entered that particular giveaway though, as I'm not all that interested in the book! I got it within 2 weeks of winning it.

So far, Kelley Anne, I think you're the big winner. I guess you should be giving the rest of us tips!

message 8: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I think that the big thing is that I've posted a review on each one, no matter if I liked the book or not. In the little terms and conditions thing that you have to agree to when you enter, it says:

You are not required to review the book if you win a copy. However, we encourage you do to so, as it's the reason the publishers are giving us free books in the first place. People who review the books are also more likely to win more advance copies in the future.

So, basically I make sure that I at least give the book enough of a try that I can write a review of it. Other than that, I have no idea why I've won books! The one thing that I find really funny is that it also says that one thing that they take into account are the types of books you have on your bookshelves, but the last 2 I've won are completely different from what I usually read.

message 9: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 326 comments I have entered a couple but I dont know if I have won any!! Im gonna go check now....

message 10: by Ria Lize (new)

Ria Lize (rialize) | 18 comments Wow, I didn't know that section existed! lol. Thanks for the notice.

I just entered one for now, but you never know. ^^

message 11: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I just wanted to share. I just won another book through the goodreads giveaway section. And the author was kind of enough to let me know that she was going to sign it for me. How awesome!!

I'm getting: Red Kiss A Gods of Midnight Novel by Deidre Knight

message 12: by Kelley Anne (new)

Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I love it when the authors sign the books that you win! The first book I ever won, Erec Rex The Dragon's Eye, was signed to me by the author! Congrats!

message 13: by Tonya (new)

Tonya I have won two non PNR books on goodreads but neither author has offered to sign them. I have only read one so far. I really need to read the other one and review it. It's so fun to win books!!!

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