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Ellen | 2330 comments In 1787, Ross Poldark finally returns to England from America after fighting in the Revolutionary War. Ross had been injured which significantly delayed his return to his beloved Cornwall and the woman he hoped to marry, the beautiful Elizabeth. When he stopped at his Uncle Charles' home he was surprised to see a joyous dinner party which, he would soon learn, was to celebrate the engagement and imminent marriage of Elizabeth to Ross' cousin Francis. The family had not heard from Ross for over 2 years and they believed him to be dead. Moving on with their lives, Elizabeth and Francis fell in love. Ross congratulated the happy couple and sadly headed for his home. There he found that his father had died, the 2 servants had drunkenly allowed the family home to deteriorate to near ruin, and the family venture of tin and copper mines was sorely inefficient. Ross threw himself into his work and home knowing that this would be his life from then on. He was unaware that a young woman would enter his life and change everything completely.

If you are a fan of the PBS series, as I am (wow, that is one pretty man), you will be happy to know that the show closely follows the novel. Ross is a great character, heroic, passionate and tender when needed. There are so many well-drawn characters: Verity, Demelza, Elizabeth, Francis, Aunt Agatha, George. How their stories connect with Ross has made for a wonderful read.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 8432 comments I absolutely love the PBS series. I have a few of the books on my to read list-good to hear it follows the series well. And yes, he most certainly is a pretty man!

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