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message 1: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Ficke | 5 comments This book is an anthology with multiple authors (I am one of them). Currently, the entry is only associated with the editor. Is it possible to associate the book with my author page as well (and the other authors' too)? I've posted the author names and story titles below.

Thank you,

Aditya Deshmukh - “Sunlight”
Alex Shvartsman - “Chill”
Alison Faye - “Prisoner”
AM Kalmus - “Repast”
B.B. Blazkowicz - “Amongst Marble and the Dead”
Bart Van Goethem - “The Choice”
Brandon Barrows - “Broken”
Brenda Anderson - “The Lady on the Bus”
C Cooch - “Death Rush”
Carol Rosalind Smith - “The Devil Within”
Chloe-Helen Morgan - “Tepid Toes”
Christina Sng - “Luci”
Christina Sng - “The Future Conquerers”
Clio Nima - “The Annual Visit”
Craig Faustus Buck - “The Hatbox”
Dan Allen - “Virgil’s Load”
Daniel Pietersen - “The Ebbing Tide Calls”
Danielle DeLisle - “Body Jewelry”
David Afsharirad - “Tiny Door”
David Bernard - “Autumn Leaves”
David Bernard - “Inspiration Point”
David Rae - “What Alice Wants”
Dennis Mombauer - “The Rusted Island”
Denny E. Marshall - “The Program”
Denzell Cooper - “A Lonely Road”
Diane Arrelle - “A Small Misunderstanding”
Diane Arrelle - “Not Worried”
Douglas Prince - “A Time and a Place”
Douglas Prince - “On a Wing and a Prayer”
Douglas Prince - “The Thing in the Walls”
Edward Ashton - “The Light”
Edward Palumbo - “The Basement”
Elizabeth Dearborn - “Skin and Bone”
Elizabeth Dearborn - “Suicide Hotline”
Ericka Kahler - “The Road Warrior”
Ethan Hedman - “Lost Life”
Ezekiel Kincaid - “Alien Autopsy”
F.E. Clark - “Earth Angel”
Gabrielle Bleu - “Self-Destruction by Steel”
Gary Cuba - “Ranger Ned Comes to Save the Day”
George Nikolopoulos - “The Mirror in the Bathroom”
Hamilton Kohl - “The Waxing of a Blood Moon”
Holly Schofield - “Lesson Learned”
I.E. Kneverday - “Dr. Albie”
Jack Wolfe Frost - “The Smell”
Jade Swann - “Midnight Imposter”
James Ebersole - “Feralization”
Jan Kaneen - “Blood Will Out”
Jason Plouffe - “Tricks for Kids”
Jennifer Moore - “Poison Pen Letter”
Jillian Bost - “Iron Will”
Joachim Heijndermans - “I Slew the Blackwing”
John H. Dromey - “An Ineffable Situation”
John H. Dromey - “Enchanted Leftovers”
John H. Dromey - “Next Time Look in the Cabbage Patch”
John Kujawski - “Blood Transfusion”
Jonathan Ficke - “Dark Godess”
Jonathan Ficke - “The Thirst of War”
Karen Heslop - “There’ll Always be Tears”
Karl El-Koura - “Counting Corpses”
Karl Lykken - “All You Love Is Need”
Kim Plasket - “Grave Error”
Kim Plasket - “Something”
Lindy Greaves - “For Sale in Myanmar”
Maddy Hamley - “Techitis”
Melanie Noell Bernard - “Dirge”
Michael Balletti - “Secret Rendezvous”
Michael Carter - “The Pickup”
Michelle Ann King - “Precious Things”
Mike Murphy - “Head Case”
Mikko Rauhala - “No Rapture”
Nico Bell - “The Candy Factory”
Nora Weston - “An Undeniable Truth”
P.R. O’Leary - “I Do”
Patrick Crossen - “It’s a Living”
Patrick Winters - “Bogeyman”
Patrick Winters - “Poor Nathan”
Patrick Winters - “The Basement”
R.G. Halstead - “Love and Hate”
River Rivers - “Xi’s Beast”
Robert Dawson - “Confession”
Russell Hemmell - “Silicon Twins”
Sara Codair - “Gala Down”
Scott Hughes - “It Knocked”
Scott King - “Feasting for Gods”
Shaun Avery - “Walkers”
Shawn Klimek - “The Jealous Wish”
Simon Pinkerton - “Parasite”
Stella Turner - Retribution
Stephen D. Rogers - “We are the Glittereans”
Steve Campbell - “She’d Expected To See Some Blood”
Stuart Conover - “Pushing Forward”
Tamlyn Dreaver - “Blood Rain”
Tamlyn Dreaver - “The Woods Behind the House”
Tamoha Sengupta - “The Trunk”
Tianna Grosch - “Human in Any Other Form”
Tianna Grosch - “Saturn’s Final Rotation”
Tianna Grosch - “Six More Weeks of Winter”
Tiffany Michelle Brown - “Survival”
Wendy Nikel - “The Blackbird King”
Will Shadbolt - “Ghosts of the Past”

message 2: by Sandra (last edited Jun 24, 2018 06:36AM) (new)

Sandra | 26915 comments Unfortunately, there are 86 authors listed, according to the description. There is capacity for only 50 authors. As I don't want to pick & choose, I'll leave it up for any authors to request to be added.

I've added you as a contributor.

And I've added your wonderful list to the description, so if any of the other authors want to be acknowledged it will be easy to find.

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Ficke | 5 comments Thanks Sandra!

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26915 comments Ethan Hedman also requested to be added. Done.

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