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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. PNR/fantasy woman who make people feel great if touched. Spoiler ahead.

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Melanie | 556 comments Read on kindle unlimited. Im not sure if this book is ya, na, or adult as i cant remember much of the book. Read in the past 3 years so the book was written within past 4 years. Its in a series and this is the first book. Ok it has supernatural elements. I can't remember if its vampires or werewolves, I'm leaning towards werewolves. The girl is about 18 and is in the foster system. She has the ability to give people good feelings or make them super healty. When she was growing up her family is killed and put in the system. When she was a little girl she went to this werewolf council compound with her dad, when she was there her mate (which is an adult) see her but obviously doesnt say anything bc shes a kid. He's like ok I'll just keep an eye on her while she grows up and when she's an adult I'll claim her. But when her family gets murdered she gets put in the system and the council losses track of her. Fast fwd yrs. Shes almost 18 now, the weres find her again. Her mate finds her and brings her to the council compound, she meets all of her mates enforcers. They end up training her. These enforcers all have a story and thats what the other books r about i think. So she gets kidnapped by the social worker and their friend. He holds her captive in a room with a tub that he insist on washer her. He touches her while he "takes care" of her. He only takes her out the room when social services come by. He's obsessed with her bc i think when he touches her he gets a boost of something. She shuts down emotionally when she back in captivaty. I don't remember if she kills him or if the mate kill him but mate and his friends finds her at the end.

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Melanie | 556 comments I remember the following too (with possible spoiler)
-When we escapes the first time from his clutches and ends up with the Wolves, I know her Mate is high up like he should be the king/alpha of the compound. But he doesn't want the job so he's just the head enforcer. His uncle is the bug wig of the compound.
-When the girl trains with the enforcers it's strictly just with him and his close enforcer friends. I believe each of them may have a "special" gift. I recall one of them is all messed up (scarred) and looks mean and speaks very little but he's a teddy bear with her.
-It's not a reverse harem but the enforcers friends treat her very well bc she's his mate.
-When she gets kidnapped by the Stepdad (foster guy), there's a war/battle going on at the compound I think this is how/why it's easy for her to go missing.
-When he's back in the foster house, he ends up killing the social worker. The social worker's dead body is in his room.

********-spoiler: The uncle at the compound is the one who's started the war/battle with the enforcers. He doesn't want the enforcer Guy to rule so he's trying to kill and his team. Fyi, I believe one of the team mate gets very injury (unsure if he dies or not).

It sounds like it might be a dark fantasy. I don't recall them getting into too much graphic detail (like the "touching") but I'm not sure.

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Melanie | 556 comments I've found it. The Devil Inside
The Devil Inside (Wolf Guard #1) by Roxanne Lee

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