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Tommy Sullivan Is a Freak
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA - contemporary / female narration from a teen waitress whose life starts falling apart when a mysterious boy moves to her coastal town during the summer! Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Brittany (brittanyrosina) SPOILERS BELOW!
Several years ago maybe between 2008-2012 I read a book narrated by a teenage girl who waitressed at a popular tourist coastal town. The restaurant specifically served clam chowder as their popular option due to the location of the town. She had a boyfriend but a boy moves to the town who is mysterious and tries to seduce her and she is super interested in but cautious of too. However at the end when things have gone bad for her throughout the book she realises it’s because of him and he used to attend her school and she and her school had actually bullied him. However he had returned and reinvented himself and grown up and changed physically and that is why she didn’t recognise him. There was also a beauty pageant somewhere in it, car sex and lots of shifts at this restaurant she worked at. I’m pretty sure it was during the summer. Please help me find this! It’s been bothering me for days!

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Jean (oberjean) | 15 comments This kind of sounds like The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen, I'm gonna keep searching though just in case!! I remember reading it and it has all the aspects except the clam chowder so I'm gonna keep looking!

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Jean (oberjean) | 15 comments Or it might be Keeping the Moon ??

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Brittany (brittanyrosina) I just read the blurbs for both of those books and they’re not it :( but thankyou so much anyway! I’ll keep searching too haha

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Brittany (brittanyrosina) Omg I just remembered something - I think the title had a boys name in it!

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Brittany (brittanyrosina) Yay! I figured it out - Tommy Sullivan is a freak by Meg Cabot. Thankyou for your help anyway

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Rainbowheart | 22653 comments Also pubbed as Pants on Fire, just for future reference.

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