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message 1: by Iris (new)

Iris Darshi (iris_darshi) | 13 comments Hi, I have been away for few months and am now picking up new books to beta read. I enjoy all genres under romance - especially love paranormal and historical. My TAT very quick and i provide detailed and thorough feedback. i can even line-edit and proof read your novels. I do prefer finished books to partial chapters, but i am open to all.

Please reach out if you need help with one

message 2: by Lilith (new)

Lilith Pan (lilithpan) | 6 comments Hello Iris,

I'm working on a queer fantasy romance and am looking for beta readers to read the first 10 (short) chapters over the break.

All Yoonbae ever wanted was to make music, while Jiyo desperately longs for control over his own life. In a fantasy world with a magical minority and magically engineered hybrids, they and their friends try to conquer the music industry. But while they are undeniably drawn to each other, Yoonbae's inability to communicate his feelings and the toxic thoughts in Jiyo's head don't make it easy to fall in love.

Please message me if you're interested, I'd be delighted to work with you

message 3: by Shelly (new)

Shelly | 18 comments Iris,

Not sure if you'll be interested or not but I have a three part book that is finished and needs an outside perspective. I have had a few people read it and currently one beta reader is going through the second two parts. I will warn you it is long, but if you're interested i can send you the first part.

It is a thriller/romance. I'd like to think it has a style of Sandra Brown and Linda Howard.


message 4: by Nicolina (new)

Nicolina Martin | 8 comments Hi Iris. I’m in need of a beta reader for a 80k romance. Sub genre would be suspense and a bit thriller. It contains explicit sex and graphic violence. It has been thoroughly edited and should be pretty clean grammar-wise.
I would need feedback within four weeks.


Nathan has a job to perform, a small army of dangerous men to lead, people to kill. Any distraction can literally mean death. Sydney Lewis was a pretty little thing he meant to toy with for a few hours, but he just can’t stop thinking about her beautiful smile, her soft curves, the light inside her. If he can just own her once more, take her and be done with her, then life will go back to normal. Right?

Sydney needed to get away for a few days from her stressful job at a popular Miami hotel. All she wanted was to relax in the sun, sip umbrella drinks, and read. But when she is tossed into a whirlwind of emotions, the hottest sex she has ever had, and an increasingly growing suspicion that there is something dangerous behind the smooth facade of Nathan Murphy, she has to make a decision that can alter her life forever.

None of them had counted on meeting someone who would make them toss all precautions overboard and dive head-first into the unknown.

Anything can happen during the hot nights in the Dominican Republic where life and death comes together in an eternal dance. If they get out, will it have changed them too much?

Or not enough?

message 5: by Izzy (new)

Izzy F | 9 comments Hey, Iris,

I have a YA romance at about 90k and I'd love some feedback.

A blurb about it:
The place is: Monroe, New Jersey, a small town just outside of New York City.
The people are: Maxwell Johnson, a writer, a mechanic, a reader caught up in one piece of literature; Carolina Campbell, the golden girl, the cheerleader, and lost beyond measure; and Terry Jenning, Max’s uncle, the entrepreneur, the black sheep, the falling-short replacement father.
The problem is: Max is torn between a faraway life of possible failure and loneliness, while Carolina struggles to escape her cycle of confusion and indecision. And Terry – he can’t live up to the memory of Max’s father, and it’s killing him.
Fish Bowls is a story of telling the truth, of dizzying uncertainty, of guilt, of what it means to be home, and of deciding whether a dream is worth saying goodbye to the ones you love.

Let me know if you'd like to read it!

message 6: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Lynne (valerielynne) Hi Iris,

I just sent a PM.

Have a great day.


message 7: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Benna | 3 comments Hey Iris,

I don't know if a Pride & Prejudice inspired novel would interest you, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Here's the summary:

Echoes of a Storm: A Pride & Prejudice Variation"

In Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet first meets Mr. Darcy at a Meryton assembly. But what if their first encounter occurs two years earlier as a blizzard bears down on Derbyshire, forcing the two together in order to survive the storm. The consequences of their fortuitous meeting haunt them until they cross paths again, as first (and sublimely) envisioned by Jane Austen.

Unexpectedly faced with the man who first saved her life and then left her in shame and disgrace, Elizabeth Bennet must wade through a battle of secrets, betrayal and most inconveniently, unsettled affections. Shielding her family from infamy begins to consume Elizabeth, drawing her further away from those she loves most in order to protect the greatest of secrets. And then there is Mr. Darcy, a man she only wishes to forever escape, yet he always seems to be near, tugging at the seams barely holding her together.

When Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are once more separated, it might indeed be their last. Misfortune strikes in the most daunting of manners. They are sent on a journey down dark and life-altering roads. Passion and need press against conscience and duty. The strength of one must save the other.

Mild scenes of sexual content, not explicit.

You can email me at if you'd like.


message 8: by Rose (new)

Rose | 23 comments Hi Iris,

I have a Fantasy Romance complete at 116K words that needs eyes on it. I have never written a romance before this so I need a lot of help on making sure it flows naturally. PM me if you think you might be interested.

message 9: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 3 comments Hello Iris!

I have an untitled manuscript (~71k words) set during the Golden Age of Hollywood and am looking for a new set of eyes to give it the once-over.

It's a fiction about Nora Frances, Epsilon Studio’s golden girl and shining star of Hollywood’s Golden Age. However, even sex appeal and talent can’t keep away every actress’s worst nightmare: aging.

As Nora prepares herself for the end of her Hollywood career and rise of ingénue Faye Ellis, she finds that life off of the studio lot is just as complicated as the one behind the golden gates of Epsilon.

Nora is forced to choose between her desires and what’s best for her career and her personal life before she loses everything.

message 10: by Maya (new)

Maya | 37 comments Hi! Your book seems like it would be a good read. If you are interested in me beta reading it you could send a couple of chapters to my email

message 11: by Jen (new)

Jen Morris (jenmorrisauthor) | 4 comments Hi Iris, not sure if you're still looking for books to beta-read but I have a romantic comedy that's almost finished if you'd be interested?

message 12: by Hollee (new)

Hollee Mands (holleemands) | 3 comments Iris wrote: "Hi, I have been away for few months and am now picking up new books to beta read. I enjoy all genres under romance - especially love paranormal and historical. My TAT very quick and i provide detai..."

Hi Iris, conscious that you've published this a few months back - wondering if you still have the bandwidth to beta read? My MS is paranormal/fantasy romance at approximately 100k words. Let me know if you have the time - thanks!

message 13: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Brooks | 9 comments Hi Iris,

I've just completed my first novel, it's a contemporary erotic romance novel and approximately 160k words. I would love to get your feedback.

Please let me know if you're interested. I'm on Betabooks. Thank you!

Brief description below:

Angela is a thirty-two year old successful young woman struggling with some significant self esteem and trust issues, a stressful career and the melancholy of the bar hopping scene. After a chance meeting with Isandro, a handsome and very successful attorney who is much older than Angela, the two begin a whirlwind love affair that takes them far beyond their initial expectations of casual sex. Accustom to men her own age who tend to act indifferent and noncommittal, Isandro’s demeanor while persistently courting Angela teeter-totters between sweet and depraved, which only further fuels Angela’s intense attraction.

After three dates and Isandro’s swoon worthy courting skills, Angela recognizes this as something much more meaningful than steamy sex. Angela nearly falls off the face of the earth, ignoring her family and friends in favor of spending all her free time with Isandro, who is all too happy to monopolize her time. Practically living together after only a week, they embark on a month of marathon dating and sex that turns two people both struggling with some of their own issues, into two vulnerable people desperately in love with each other.

As quickly as the two fall into their fiery relationship, they quickly lose sight of their prior routined lives, their priorities and reality. Slowly but surely they begin to discover significant pieces of each other's pasts that they weren't open and upfront about from the onset. While Angela's past provides an explanation for her deep seeded emotional issues, Isandro's past and his omissions make Angela question his sincerity. An already vulnerable woman becomes more and more frail as their journey continues on.

message 14: by Demetra (new)

Demetra Georgiou | 20 comments Hello there!!
I don't know if you are still available but if you are I would really love it for you to read my first novel!
I will have it published in two parts (duet).
The first part is 85k words. It is a contemporary romance set in modern Greece and contains erotica.
Let me know if you can find the time!!!

message 15: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Nairn Hi Iris, are you still available to beta read a novelette?(genre : romance) I have just finished a 10k word novelette which is a follow on from my previous novel, A Sorry Affair. Abbi was left in tatters when she found out the man she was in love with was engaged to another woman. She was ostracised by family and friends who didn’t believe she had no idea that she was ‘the other woman.’ Life with Me picks up Abbi’s story from there.
She retreats to the New Forest, more than 400 miles away from her friends, family and work, to lick her wounds, forget her past and start afresh. Her life is in turmoil but she is clear about one thing. She has vowed she will never expose herself to that level of hurt and humiliation again and will never continue a relationship beyond six months. In short, she will never have a serious relationship with any other man. She is resolute in her decision until Dan arrives on the scene.
He’s kind, funny, but most of all trustworthy. Dan knows the score and has vowed to wait for her until she is ready to accept him in her life but can he persuade her to let go of her hurt and resentment and follow her heart. Can Abbi ever learn to trust anyone again? Or is she too broken?
Let me know if you are interested and have the time. Thanks. K

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