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message 1: by Haaze (last edited Jun 23, 2018 10:34PM) (new)

Haaze | 3 comments I noted that the librarians have created a NOT A BOOK category as an author to cover items that do not qualify as books even though they have ISBNs. Some bright individual/s seems to have included the numerous Teaching Company courses in this category (a series of lectures on many different topics - history, science, literature etc) as they are issued on CDs or in a streaming format. However, I do not see much of a difference between those and the numerous audio books that exist in different formats (read, acted out etc) via tapes, cds, streaming, mp3 etc. I argue for that the Teaching Company works have as much a right to be viewed as books as the "audio books" and should be included in the regular author category. It is a bit absurd to not do so. They are not different compared to a number of books out there including texts, essays, how to manuals etc. Shouldn't the whole barrage of audio books be removed as well? Besides, they are often intellectual works of excellent quality well worth listening to. Often better than many audio "books".

message 3: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11543 comments The policy for lectures has recently changed, see here
But that means a lot of works that were marked Not A Book under the old policy are not jet edited to reflect the new policy.

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