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message 1: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 10 comments Hi everyone! I was on here a year or year and a half hour ago, and I’ve done a ton of editing since then. I’m looking for a reader for a medieval fantasy series, titled “Sacrifice”.

The Sacrifice is a medieval fantasy series, set in the fictional kingdom of Valla. The pilot takes place in two countries: Acana and Trystyl.

There are two storylines in Acana. The clergy storyline and the royal storyline.

The clergy gets news of the yearly sacrifices, an astronomical number of humans that must be met or else the gods will wreak havoc on humanity. Xalavador and his Bishop do what they can to get the terms out, while other traitors seem to have their own motives.

In the royal castle, Mesa Magival, a young girl who has become engaged to the Prince of Acana, Amel Thiel, is slowly figuring out the ins and outs of how to survive in her new world of betrayals. She learns that the people closest to her aren’t really who they seem.

In Trystyl, Griffyn Emory and his little brother are hunting for food. He’s teaching his brother, Henry, how to do things like their father taught him. When they arrive back to their village, their mother, Ivy, tells them a woman came into the village crying and saying that a barbarian had killed her baby. Their father, Gerald goes to investigate. When he comes back, he tells his family that he found one barbarian, and before he killed him, he told Gerald that there will be an attack on the village. What comes next leaves the family and the village in shambles, and nothing will ever be the same again.

It isn’t in a traditional novel format, it’s actually formatted as a pilot television episode script. However, it reads pretty much like a novel. (There are a few things to know if you don’t know about scripts, however. The beginning of a new scene starts with “INT” or “EXT”, interior or exterior depending on if it’s inside or outside, and then says where it’s located. And then underneath, the next line is normally action, which is just the description of what’s going on or what the scene looks like. And then when a character speaks, their name will be centered. If it has “V.O it’s a voiceover where you don’t see them talking. Under that sometimes is parenthetical which is where it explains, at least in my script, how they’re saying something. And then under that is the dialogue. If there’s a parenthesis that says “beat” then they just briefly pause. There are one or two times where it says “intercut” and that’s just going back and forth between two scenes without doing the whole “ext” and “int” thing) I’m not looking for any formatting help, so if you’re not familiar with scripts, that won’t be an issue at all. All I would like to know is if there are any typos, weirdly worded description or stiff dialogue, characters, whether they feel real or not, if the story is interesting, etc. whatever you feel like giving feedback on.

If you’re interested, you can message me on goodreads and we can figure out how I can send it to you (it will be in pdf format unless you want something else) I really appreciate whoever has made it this far and whoever is interested! Hope you all have a good night!

message 2: by Avreigh Noelle (new)

Avreigh Noelle Watson | 12 comments Hey! I was reading up on your project and it sounds really interesting! What’s the word count and how much would you expect to be read weekly?

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