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It had been a long 3 months on the road. Every person she knew and cared about are dead and trying to eat her. As is everyother one of those---those creatures. Could I be the last one? Will I survive? What is left to lose? These are few of the many questions going threw Jasmines head.
The 17 year old had no family, friends, or anyone left. She needs to live and find other humans- not zombies she's seen plenty of those, but- real live humans who have thd ability to talk, run, smile, cry, or breathe without cracking and groaning noises. Her only purpose now was to live, kill zombies, and hopefully find other survivors.

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Jasmine looks around her- nothing, but pure destroction. Beside her lay a dead body, one that belonged to her friend, Jake. They had only met hours before. He saved her life, then she had to end his- for he was bitten and turning. With tears in her eyes she piled rocks on his body and pulled and arrow out of his skull. saying a sorry prayer she left. She loaded the arrow into the bow and held it at ready on her side. No sound left her mouth but tears streamed down her face. She's had may killed, possibly the last other survivor, a survivor sure knew.

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Jasmine looks up and lifts up her bow hearing the sneeze. "Hello? Is anybody there? " she worshipers thinking she's going crazy.

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Gasps as she sees the girl, "are you bitten or scratched?" She keeps her bow raised and watches the girl. Ok? Am I seeing things? Is All she thought, for sure really beloved they were all dead, the humans.

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((I'm loving of for about six hours so I can get some sleep I'll reply in the morning))

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She smiles at her. "I'm Jasmine who are you? " she is stunned to see another survivor. She lowers her bow, but keeps it ready for any zombies that may hear them.

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Jade | 21 comments I would like To join

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Jade | 21 comments Come show me how

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"Pleasure to meet you Dezrae. I can't believe there is another survivor! " She sits down next to her smiling.

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"C'mon we can't stay here." Starts walking and stabs a zombie in the forhead. She looks around and sees a GIANT herd of walkers. She climbs through a broken window and scout the first floor. "Let's stay here for a day or two until that herd passes."

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"I'm going to check the 2nd and 3rd floors. " she disappears up the stair case bow and arrow in hand ready for anything.

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Jasmine enters a small room and sees a vending machine walking toward it. She looks around for a key but cant find one. She slants the glass South the bad of her bow. Jasmine takes all food and quickly puts it her bag moving to the next room. As soon as she finishes searching the second floor she climbs the stairs to the 3rd. She runs right into table making a loud groaning noise. She saw zombies comment toward her. Too many to kill herself, as she turned to ruin down the stairs one of the walkers grabbed her shirt collar. "Dezrae help!" She shouted as she reached back and stabbed the wallet with her arrow. She stabbed more zombies awaiting Dezraes assistance retreating toward the stair case.

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Jasmine stabs another zombie with her arrow kicking its face in. She looks at the boy then continues to stab the zombies. As she works her way toward the boy she kills 5 more. Reaching the boys side she huridly says,"stay back to back." She grads another zombie and twists its head all the way around decapitating it.

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"Im sorry, didnt know you were here" she growls back at him. She slings her bow over her shoulder grabbing another arrow stabbing 2 zombies at a time. Jasmine kicks another zombies head in crushing its skull killing it. The boy appeared to be younger than her , but not by much. Or maybe even her age, it didnt matter though all she could afford to be thinking at this moment was killing zombies.

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She places the arrow in the quiver grabbing her bow.she blew her bangs out of her face kneeling beside the zombie feeling in its pocket, "empty" she huffed stand7ng back up facing the boy. "How long you been here?" She wasnt to fond of intoductions, most of the people shes met, shes had to kill.

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Jade | 21 comments Hazel walked in "hi I'm hazel

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Jade | 21 comments Hazel talks "do you think theres more

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Jade | 21 comments Hazel talks" I hope my sister is alive

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Jade | 21 comments Hazel talks" yes she's 18 to we got separated from our parents when we were 6 and we got separated when we were 14

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Jade | 21 comments It's not your falt

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Jade | 21 comments Gtg

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Jasmine shrugs, "just asking..." she bends over a zombie and sighs standing back up. "I guess there were more survivors than I thought, Ikilled one early today before he turned and this one here hasnt been a zombie for too long a day or two." She kicks the side of the zombie then readjust her back pack on her shoulders.

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"Im sure we could find a minivan or something to hotwire to get out of here." She shrugged walking to the window looking out.

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"Im good." She truly was hungry, but the others needed the food and she had her last resorce emergency food to eat later. Jaz stares out the window at a lone zombie sighing.

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"Im off to see if I can find a car, ill be back in about 30 minutes or less." She leaves her backpack on the ground and carries her bow climbing down the stairs leaving the building.

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Jasmine walks down the street keeping her eyes open listening for any signs of movement beside her footsteps. "I shouldn't stay with them. I dont want to kill another survivor, everyone gets bitten eventually. If I just leave theyll search 4 me."

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Finds an old Dodge Ram pickup she picks the lock and jumps into the driver seat looking under the egnition. "Ok red wire conects to the green and black. Black conects to green." She mummbles as she cuts the wires with a tip of an arrow conecting them. Roght away the truck starts with a quiet rumble, but quiets down almost instantly. "Thank god for mufflers" she puts the truck in gear driving back to the building unconecting the red and green wires jumping out of the driver seat.

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Jade | 21 comments Hazel talks :hi everybody

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((sorry I've been at fair all week))

Jasmine walks threw the door picking up her backpack, "you guys ready to go? the trucks out front." she looks at hazel and smiles "ill meet ya'll down there." she jogs down the stairs climbing into the truck starting it.

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Jasmine sits in the truck leaning her head back rubbing her eyes. They needed to leave soon, but where will they go? No matter where they went zombies will be there. Could they find a safe house or build one? Maybe they would stay on the road forever.

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Jasmine look at them, "I found a few supplies I put them int the bed of the truck. Just let me know when we're ready to go. And where should I go? " she slids her cross bow and quiver full of arrows under her seat starting the truck.

This is the truck, but it's not as new looking.--->

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((Im just gonna assume everyone got in. ))

Jasmine starts to drive west, not knowing where she was headed. "So what now? We can't done forever. " she, for once seemed relaxed a bit.

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"Do we wanna check it out? I think I've heard of it, but not sure. " she asked keeping her eyes on the road.

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"Sh*t, what do we do we can't out drive them! " she slowly accelerates looking behind her repeatedly. With one hand on the wheel she reaches under the seat grabbing her cross bow and arrows. She slips the quiver over her shoulder holding the cross bow in her lap.

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She nods and awaits his signal. She keeps a steady pace infront of the raiders vehicles.

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Jasmine slows down so she is along side the first vehicle.

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Jasmine whispers to herself "one down one to go. " She quickly grabs an arrow, "Dezrae take the wheel and slow down so we're next to that SUV." She nodds back to the remaining vehicle with Raiders in it.

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Jade | 21 comments hazel talks(hello)

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Jade | 21 comments hazel talks(hello)

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Jade | 21 comments ((ok))

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As soon as they're next to them she jumps onto the SUV pulling one of the men from the backseat out. She stabs the second man in the backseat opening the door kicking him out. She begins chocking the passenger. Once he is dead she climbs onto his lap and tries to stab the driver. He grabs her wrist and they wrestle. Soon The SUV drives off the road. Eventually sure manages to open the door and pushes him out. She stops the vehicle pushing the dead passenger out before he turns. She specs back onto the road and drives behind them.

She looks around seeing supplies and a cb on the dash. She grabs it and presses the button and says, "Can you guys here me?"
she hopes the truck cb is on the same station. As she waits for a reply she studies the entitled of the SUV.

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Jade | 21 comments ((im not rp any more

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((Why not Jade?))

Jasmine sets down her cross bow leaving her quiver on her back. She replies to Elden, "10-4, you copy Dezrae, Hazel?"
she puts a few things in her back pack throwing it onto the passenger seat. She looks at the gas gage and mumbles under her breath, "shit.... Only 1/8th of a tall left." She would deal with that layer.

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((I'm going to introduce my second charie now XD ))

Tate sits up and slides of the top bunk climbing down the ladder waddling to the driver seat chewing on a stail cookie. He starts the double decker bus and puts it in gear. He starts to drive slowly only about 20 mph running over a few zombies. He yawns and licks his lips opening the Window tossing the cookie out, "nasty, pure nasty. " he yawns once more, "I love this bus, I can take naps and not worry about zombies getting in."

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((Sorry haven't been to active))

Jasmine noticez the bus and sweats under her breath. "I'm almost outta gas. Does anybody else see that bids or am I hullusionating?" She starts at the bus, seems heavily armored, probably will stocked. She wondered how many were on it.

Tate notices the three black vehicles dicing toward him. "F**k raiders!" He mumbled as he pulled off the road climbing onto of the roof to a machine gun, not planning on using it. He also brought up his radio, in case they wanted to talk.

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"Hmm" Tate picked up the radio, "this is bus. I guess, that's not my name, but I'm guessing your referring to the bus I drive. " He has a bad habit of talking to much and giving out the undesirable details. He drummed his fingers on the roof.

Jasmine spewed to a stop out of gun range. She wasn't gonna get shot that was for sure. She turned off the truck so she wouldn't waste her gas.

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"Okay, same goes for you. " he some into the real not sure if he was heard. He opened the hatch sliding down the ladder. He walked to the dots stepping out infront of the bus. He didn't think they were raisers after all.

Jasmine grabbed her bow loading it as a precaution. She jumped out of the vehicle waiting for Elden. She kept her how aimed at the boys head, she would shoot, even if he was human.

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Tate slips on one of his wolverine claw gloves. He watches all of them noticing what weapons they posse. The boy with a sword, a girl with a crossbow, and another girl with a flamethrower. He never thought a flamethrower as a weapon, it doesn't really smash the zombies brains in, but it would of had to work fir her to be alive.

Jasmine walls up just barely behind and to the side of Elden. She pays more attention to the bus than the boy, who shared to be the only occupant at the time. She glanced back at Dezrae then at Elden. What had she gotten herself into?

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Tate didn't let his guard down although he did put his hands up. "What seems to be the problem officer?" he said sarcastically. Right now wasn't really the best time for sarcasm.

Jasmine huffed at the boys remark. No zombies were in vision so she put all her concentration on the boy and his heavily armored bus.

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"Ehhh I'm not too good at being silent unless I'm hiding from one of those. " he days motioning to a run over dead zombie.

Jasmine smirks. As she v walls toward him.

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