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Evil | 1611 comments Name:





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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Elaine "Ellie" Allaway

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Race: Human



Name: Claudas

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Race: Dragon




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Evil | 1611 comments Oooh I love them both!!

I’ll get my chars up soon! I’m running errands with my mom:)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Glad you like them! No worries!)

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Evil | 1611 comments Name: Zuzeth
Age: —
Sex: Male
Race: dragon
Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/agkoBv


Name: King Ravir Elmiv III
Age: early 30s
Sex: male
Race: human
Appearance : https://goo.gl/images/AzD5xE

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Oooh totally love them! So how do you want everyone to start off?)

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Evil | 1611 comments For Ellie and Zuzeth, maybe she’s meeting for the first time as a priestess after going through all this training beforehand (because, you know, novices aren’t special enough to see their gods XD)

For Ravir and Claudus, I’m thinking of Ravir still trying to figure himself out cause he finally realizes that he’s not attracted to women so he’s going through this crisis of his own in trying to decide what to do until he goes off discreetly (leading to a one night stand kind of with Claudus, but not until later does he find out he’s a dragon)

Does that make sense? XP

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Makes sense to me! You want to start us off or do you want me too?)

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Evil | 1611 comments How about u do the honors? ;)

Oh! One thing, do our dragons know each other? I would think so but I’m just checking

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sure! I'd say yes, kind of be like they all kind of know each other to degree.)


I pull my hood tightly around the left side of my face, hiding my scar from view. Today was officially my first real day as a priestess. After a year of training I was finally allowed to interact with the dragons. Finally start getting paid a pretty penny too.

As a priestess we are meant to interact with the dragons and be the medium between them and the human royalty. Of course we were compensated nicely for possible dangers to our job. I'd heard horror stores that sometimes we would be offered up for the dragons when their breeding season came.

I guess you could say it was the dark side of the job but regardless I needed the money for my mom. So she would no longer have to serve that disgusting half dragon lord. She could finally be free to live her life.

I take a breath as the guards open the door to the room where the dragon I was suppose to be meeting with was. I bow my head as I enter the room. "Good evening." I say softly.


I tap my fingers as I sip my drink watching the rowdy crowd at the tavern. It wasn't often that I made my way down to the human realm but I was growing bored up in my castle. So disguised I made my way down to a human tavern.

It was an interesting place filled with rowdy humans, drinking and dancing. I chuckle under my breath watching them.

Unlike my dragon brethren I happen to find them quite interesting. They were unpredictable and curious about my kind. They wanted to know everything they could but my kind didn't share our secrets often. So the humans thought of us as gods.

I sip some more of my drink as I lean back against the bar.

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Evil | 1611 comments Makes sense
I just saw new Jurassic world. I cried half the movie -_-)

I lounge happily in my large chambers in my natural form. Supposedly I’m meeting a new priestess—I’m just hoping she doesn’t die of fright like the last one. I stretch my lithe, white scales body out along the crystal clear pool in the center of my crystal rooms. As deep within the island mountains we are, the crystals reflect the sunlight from above through cracks and crevices.

My wings remains tucked loosely at my sides as two more seasoned priestesses open the heavy oak doors. I peer down to see a rather short woman in the white robing. My tail flicks in intrigue. The girl keeps her head down. I watch her favor one side of her face. I flick my tail for the two priestesses to leave.

They obey and close the door quietly in their wake. “What’s your name, girl?” I drawl as my tail swings out behind me. I lower my head and lean forward. “Come on. I don’t bite.”


King Ravir
Slipping out of the castle is next to impossible; escaping unnoticed, even less likely. But I do it, somehow. I slip out at dusk, cloaked in black and dressed plainly. It’s simple enough scaling down the castle walls to the secondary gates leading to the city. I stick to the shadows as I slip in and out of cobblestone alleyways to take in the nightlife.

Tucked into an ivy wall I find a tavern hidden enough that I’m sure no one will look for me here. I whisper through the door and go to the bar. Throwing a few silver down on the bar I order myself a mug their strongest ale. Only then do I relax enough to shed my hood and cloak. The man behind the bar takes the payment and slides me a mug without question and immediately I toss back half of the mugs contents.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Awesome! Was it good??)


I hear the doors close behind me and a deep voice drawls out asking me for my name as his tail swings around a little. He lowers his head as he comes closer to me, telling me he doesn't bite.

"Funny of you to say that when you have large teeth that could very much bite right through me." I say still keeping my head down, only catching glimpse of his dragon form. "My name is Elaine, sir." I add not wanting to disobey and anger him.


A ma slips in next to me and orders himself a strong mug of ale. He sheds his hood and cloak to reveal an attractive face for a human. He gives the bartender payment and is given a mug which he quickly tosses back half of the ale.

"Rough night?" I ask as I order myself another mug as well. "Or are you just very good at holding your ale?" I add in a more playful tone as I pay for my mug of ale and take a drink.

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Evil | 1611 comments Zuzeth
“Dragon humor, Young Elaine. Face up. Why do you favor one cheek?” I ask her under my breath as i stretch out and dip my super talons in the water. Then I finally decide just to soak my whole body in the refreshing spring. Then I reach forward to tilt her chin up but she’s stubborn. She keeps her face down.

I growl a little, rising out of the water. “Elaine, this will be the simplest thing I will ever ask of you. Turn your face up. Tell me: why do you favor one cheek?”

King Ravir
“Why not both?” I ask as I slam a few more silvers onto the bar. The bartender fills my mug and gets me another after taking his payment. I turn to face the stranger. “What do you call it when it’s too soon to be called a mid-like crisis but there’s nothing else that works?” I huff in frustration as I put away the last of my first mug.

I look at the stranger beside me and rest my face in my palm as I take in his features. Certainly not ugly—that goes without saying. Dark hair frames a nicely shaped face with a strong jawline and playful eyes.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Ellie

He says dragon humor and ask me to tilt my face up, why I was favoring one cheek. He stretches out, dipping his talons in the water before sinking into the spring. He reaches out to tilt my chin up with his talon but I turn my face away from him.

He growls and rises out of the water. He tells me this will be the simplest thing he will ever ask of me and to turn my face up and tell him why I favor one cheek. I clench my fist a little and lift my head up, my hood falling back from my face.

"Because I bear an ugly scar and I wish not to have it be looked at." I tell him. My scar jagged and red against my flesh. It run from my forehead down to my jaw. My left eye completely blind and useless. "That, sir, it why I favor one cheek." I say pulling my hood back to cover it.


He says why not both and slams down a few more silver pieces. The bartender pass him another mug and he turn to face me. He huffs what do you call it when it is too soon to be called a mid-like crisis but there’s nothing else that works.

"A drinking night from the sounds of it." I say with a laugh as he finishes his first mug of ale. He looks at me, his eyes running over my features. "Nothing wrong with it though. After all it is good ale here and the atmosphere isn't terrible."

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Evil | 1611 comments Sorry! Didn’t realize I didn’t answer XD
Yeah, it was great, but there were just sad parts where I was bawling my eyes out)

I roll my eyes. “A scar is a scar. What does it matter? I have scars a plenty from my years on this earth,” I tell her, staring at her straight on so she can see the dozens of raised marks criss-crossing the soft flesh of my throat. “To hide it only gives them power over you; your hiding tells them that you aren’t comfortable with yourself. Own it, and the staring will stop,” I advise her as I sink back into the pool and rest my head on the rim of the basin.

Before she can respond to that I ask, “Tell me about yourself. What brought you down this life path?”

King Ravir
“I don’t give a damn about the atmosphere. Just a place to escape and a good drink are the only things on my mind,” I say, barely changed in spite of the two mugs of ale I’ve downed. Why must I have a tolerance for drink?

Taking a big breath I finish my third and get to my feet. Still too sober for my liking but right now I don’t give a damn. Stepping in front of the stranger I lean in so my lips are at her ear. “Care to join me for a private discussion?”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (No worries! Glad to here I am hoping to go see it soon, just waiting for the hype to die down.)


He rolls his eyes saying a scar is a scar and what does it matter. That he has plenty of scars. He stares at me showing the scars on his throat. He tells me to hide them only gives them power over me and me hiding them tells people I am not comfortable with myself. To own it and the staring will stop. He sinks into the water resting his head on the edge of the basin. He asks me to tell him about myself. What brought me down this life path.

I huff a little. "Easy for you to say. All you have to do is give them a look or flash your teeth and they wouldn't dare to stare at you." I tell him. "Humans are kind people, believe me. Besides it is easier just to hide it then to face the stares."

I take a seat on the edge as well since it seems he wanted to talk with me. "Well I'm a human obviously. I'm twenty two years olds." I tell him and sigh not sure if I wanted to share my why with him.

"My mother. She works for a very cruel half dragon lord. I took this job to help pay for her freedom." I tell him and add. "Honestly I despise your kind. You act like gods because you are bigger then us and more powerful. You kind takes advantage of humans."


He tells me he doesn't give a damn about the atmosphere and it was just a place to escape. That a good drink was the only thing on his mind. He puts down two more drinks and takes a breath as he stands. He still looks pretty sober for having drank three mugs of ale.

He steps in front of me and leans in until his lips are by my ear asking if I care to join him for a private discussion. "Sure." I say, grabbing my mug. I throw back the last of my drink and stand myself, gesturing for him to lead the way.

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Evil | 1611 comments Make sure u go to a late showing. When I went people thought it would be fantastic to bring their babies and tots... there are dinosaurs yelling the entire time, why do they think it’s a good idea to bring them? -_- a baby started screaming two seconds in)

“Excuse me, I don’t act like a god. My ancestors weren’t the ones who decided to worship a species just because we wanted to do right by our morals,” I reply stiffly with my slitted Eyes trained on hers. “I’ve tried to convince them otherwise, but you humans are too stubborn for your own good.

Where your mother is concerned, why didn’t you choose a richer path? Say, working as a wench in a tavern? There are plenty of men looking for a woman’s touch. Not too many care for looks so your scar would not be an issue. And for that you aren’t required to wait on a big bad beast like me.” Sliding myself out of the pool I summon forth my human guise, my cropped blond hair clinging to my face and my fair skin soaked to the bone from my short lived bath. “Is this any better?”

King Ravir
The stranger gestures for me to lead the way. Rolling my eyes I lead him to the back of the tavern and down a narrow stone hall. I catch the first door open and step inside. The stranger follows suit. Then I close the door and strip off my shirt. My boots follow soon after and I look between us. I stand right before him, hesitate as I try to think—ultimately I shut off my brain and kiss the stranger fiercely.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Lol I know right!)


He stiffly tells me he doesn't act like a god and his ancestors weren’t the ones who decided to worship a species just because they wanted to do right by our morals. His silted eyes trained on me ad he adds he has tried to convince my kind otherwise but humans are too stubborn for their own good.

He asks me why not work somewhere else like a tavern. "I prefer not to be a piece of meat. Besides men do care about scars. Trust me I don't have any marriage proposals in my future." I say and turn to look at him as he asks if this was any better.

I blush a little and quickly look away from him. "Well it would be if you were wearing something." I say looking down at my lap.


He rolls his eyes and leads me to the back of the tavern, down a narrow stone hall. He heads into the first door open and steps inside as he I follow him in. He strips off his shirt and his boots soon follow.

He stands in front of me before he pulls me to him kissing me fiercely. I chuckle and cup the back of his head as I kiss him back. What could I say I don't mind a hook up with a human.

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
I shudder with pleasure as he returns my heavy kiss. My tongue slips out to trace his mouth as my hand cups one of his cheeks. I suck teasingly at his lower lip, leaning into him so he can feel my stiff erection. Then my free hand slips under his shirt to feel up his abdominals and brushing his trouser clad groin, trying to urge him to take the lead.

On impulse my hips thrust into his and roll into his firm body. A soft moan whispers against his lips as I trail soft bites along his jaw.

“You may want to get used to it. I was naked earlier, same thing I am now. The only difference is the lack of scales,” I tell her and step away from the pool towards the back of the main cavern. “Come, ill show you your living spaces.”

Again I don’t wait. I just grab her by the elbow and lead her through a short dark hall through another set of oak doors to a massive living space for our priestesses, complete with private quarters branching off. “This is the main room. You’ll meet the other women here who serve the other dragons; there aren’t many but enough that you can meet someone new every day for a few weeks. Some of them do have children—half-breeds, As you may have heard of them,” I explain as I explain the comfortably furnished space, also containing a fountain in the center, fish swimming in the lowest tier.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Claudas

He shudders in pleasure and his tongue slips out to trace my mouth as his hand reaches up to cup my cheek. He sucks on my lip as he presses into me, I groan feeling his stiff hard on. His hands slipping under my shirt to feel my abs before slipping down to brush my growing hard on.

His hips thrust into mine and a soft moan escapes him before he nibbles on my jaw. I lift him up with ease and carry him backwards to the bed before setting him down on it.

"If you wish to play with me then I hope you are prepared for rough, passionate sex. I'll make you cum so many times you won't even remember your own name." I growl huskily in his ear before nipping at his earlobe. My hands running down his body to cup his bulge in my hand, squeezing it.


He tells me that I might want to get use to it because he was naked earlier the only different was he was covered in scales.

"The scales make a big difference and besides you were a dragon. You look human now and we don't walk around naked." I say. He tells me he'll show me to my living spaces, not even giving me a chance before he grabs my elbow.

"You're kind of bossy you know that." I huff. He shows me to a main room and explains that I could meet the other women here who serve the other dragons. That there wasn't many be enough for me to meet new people for a bit. He adds that some of them have children, half breed.

"Yes, I am aware they exist. Like I said before my works for a half dragon lord." I say the last part bitterly. I hated that man. He was cruel and treated his servants like dirt. Him and his damn temper was also the cause of my scar.

I glance around and then look back at him, keeping up eyes strictly up. "So what should I expect my duties to be? Cooking, cleaning?" I ask.

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
“You better be more bite than bark,” I growl against his lips as he plops me down on the bed. I bite his lips and suck lazily at his lips. Suddenly I feel something clamp down hard on my cock. I cry out into his lips as my arms lock about his neck. My fingers dig into his shoulders and my heels bury themselves into his ass.

I toss my head back as his long fingers work my flesh. Keeping one hand on his neck to support me my free hand grabs his swollen member through his clothing, groping him until his pants shrink. Then I pull down the fabric so his erection springs free. My thumb massages his head while his kisses me senseless. At the nape of his neck my fingers tangle themselves in his thick dark mane and yank his head back so I can get to his neck.

I roll my eyes at that remark. The fact that humans feel the need to wear clothes every second of every day continues to baffle me. Elaine asks if she’ll be doing mundane chores like cooking and such but I shake my head. “No, nothing like that. You essentially tend to me whether it’s a medical issue or if there’s information I need to relay to the king,” I clarify for her as, reluctantly, i pull on a robe and tie the belt loosely at my waist.

Running a hand through my hair I turn towards her. “The other priestesses here are with their respective dragons more often than not,” I add as I show her down a crystalline hall to her private room. “My dwelling is attached to yours, right through the curtains there.”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Caludas

"Always." I growl as he cries out against my lips and his arms wrap around my neck. His fingers dig into my shoulders as his legs lock around my waist. His head falls back as I rub his hard on and nip at his neck.

I grunt as his fingers reach down to cup my own hard on. He pulls my pants down and my erection springs free. I groan a bit as his thumb rubs over my head as I kiss him hard.

He grips my hair and pulls back my head to bare my neck to him a little. I slip my hand into his pants to push them down and wrap my hands around his harden member. I start to run my hands up and down, squeezing him a little as I rock into his hand.


He dresses in a robe and tells me that is will be nothing like that. That I will mainly tend to him whether it’s a medical issue or if there’s information he needs to relay to the king. He turns back towards me and adds that the other priestesses here are with their respective dragons more often than not.

He shows me to a private room and tells me his dwelling is attached to mine and it is right through the curtains. "Curtains?" I say crinkling my nose. "We'll need to talk about privacy. I don't want you just barging in whenever you like. So you need to knock or something before coming in."

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
He starts pumping me with both hands and at the same time arching into me. I groan in pleasure and buck up into him. Spreading my legs wider I wrap my hand around both of our erections, the throbbing stalks of flesh dripping precome. My fingers work his length feeling his hands gripping mine.

My breath starts coming out in labored huffs, my cock twitching with the need to release. “Oh, fuck me!” I howl as I squirm. Releasing my hold on him I grab his face for another kiss. Already his neck in covered in budding bruises from my mouth. I whine low in my throat. “I-I- g-gonna—“

I completely come undone. Semen coats my abdomen, my muscles twitch, nerves on fire as my toes curl into the sheets tightly.

“What’s wrong with curtains? It’s not like doors are much better,” I sigh. Will she be this high maintenance the rest of her natural life? Then she makes a remark about barging in on her at any time.

“You do realize that just because I’m a dragon, that doesn’t make me a beast. I’m fully aware of privacy. How about i stand on the other side and ask if I can come in?”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Claudas

He spreads his legs wider as his hand wraps around both our erections. Our hands working together as his length starts to coat us in precome. His breath starts to become labored huffs as his cock twitches against mine. He howls before he grabs my face for another kiss.

I kiss back roughly as continues to work our hard ons. He whines that he is going to come and soon he is coming hard. I chuckle watching him twitch and spasm as he finds his release.

"Mmm someone was worked up." I purr as I lick my fingers and grin. "But it isn't over yet." I whisper huskily, my own erection still hard and throbbing against my stomach.


He sighs and says what is wrong with curtains and it wasn't like door are much better. "Sure they are because you can lock them. Plus it is real easy for you to just sneak in without me hear with a curtain." I tell him.

He tells me just because he is a dragon doesn't mean he is a beast and he is aware of privacy. He suggests that he can stand on the other side and ask to come in.

"Fine." I say still not really happy about it but I would live. "Is there anything you need me to do or am I free to unpack my belongings?"

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
I only groan in response, my face red watching him lick his fingers so slowly. Damn tease... my hips arch into his once again before, unable to take it anymore, whirl us around so I’m sitting on his lap. He doesn’t seem surprised—smug, if anything—As I rub him expertly. My cock swollen again I lift myself and position my body above his hard-on. One touch there and I’m already melting into a whimpering puddle of purrs and moans. I rub myself a little harder on him until I feel his head nudging he open. “Hah...ahh...” I huff impatiently.

“Do what you wish. I’ll find you if I need you,” I tell her, taking leave of her so she can have her precious privacy. Returning to my chambers I use my reflecting pool to see the moons position tonight. Mm. Already halfway to the beginning of our next breeding cycle.

Why do they insist in introducing new women before each cycle? Not that I’m complaining, but a lot more women would survive given the time to adjust to their new environments. Maybe I should bring that up to the king. But first, I’ll find Claudas and ask his stance. Knowing him he’ll definitely have an opinion of it.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Claudas

He groans, his cheeks flushed as he watches me. His hips arch into my own and he pushes me back so I land on my butt. He sits in my lap as he rubs me a little. His own cock heavy and swollen once again as he lifts himself up. He moans as he rubs against my.

I rub the head of my hard on against his tight pucker and coat it in my precum as I help loosen him up as he rubs against my more. "Mmm don't worry. I'm going to make you feel good." I growl huskily as I kiss his neck, nipping at his skin as I slowly work him down onto my throbbing length. I groan a little feeling myself slowly slip into his body.


He tells me to do as I wish and that he'll find me if he needs me. He leaves after that and returns to his chambers. I sigh and grab my small bag from the door to unpack. I didn't have much and most of my clothes had been provided for me.

I take off my cloak, leaving me in a loose tunic and pants as I put away my clothes. I set a few books on the nightstand, gifts from my mother. Once I finish I plop down on top of the bed for a moment. It was so soft like a cloud. The room was fancy as well. I guess that's what being praised as a god gets you.

I get up and stand over by the curtain. "Is there somewhere I can bathe? It was a long journey to get here and I would like to freshen up before bed." I ask him through the curtain.

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
The stranger preps me before he begins his invasion. I arch my spine sharply feeling him hit me deeply—I’ll admit, even deeper than some of my.... other implements have gone. “It can’t get better than this...” I whisper in his ear as his teeth tear at my skin. I shiver with delight and start moving myself up and down his thick length. He stretches me to my limit with each thrust but it only turns me on more.

Purring like a kitten I drop my head and let my teeth graze his nipple as I tease the peak to attention. My hands rub his thighs and grope his body until I feel him twitching inside me. Hugging his neck I kiss him until I can’t breathe. My fingers, knitted back into his thick black hair, hold his face to mine. This time I’m not subtle with my tongue.

Not too long after Elaine asks for privacy she calls through the curtain about bathing. “You can use my pool,” I tell her, looking through the curtain. Another look of disdain. Before she can say a word I clamp a hand on her mouth. “Priestesses and dragons often use the same bathing pools. If i need to explain why, then you must’ve lived under a rock with that halfbreed your mother works for.”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Claudas

His back arches as I enter him and he whispers in my ear that it can't get better then this. I chuckle a little and he shivers before he starts to move his hips up and down. He purrs as his head drops down to tease my nipples while I rock up into him.

I groan as he gropes my body, making me twitch inside him. I kiss him back roughly as he wraps his arms around my neck. His lips part and our tongues meet as we rock together. My fingers tangle in his hair, tugging his head back to nip at his neck as my other hand grips his hips. I thrust into him hard and faster, my climax growing closer and closer.


He tells me I can use his pool and I crinkle my nose displeased with that news. Before I can even argue about it, his hand covers my mouth and he tells me that priestesses and dragons often use the same bathing pools.

"You don't need to explain why." I say with a huff crossing my arms. "Doesn't me I like it. Better not spy on me." I tell him turning to go gather my bath stuff to wash up and change for bed.

I come back and head over to the pool. I set down my night gown and my soap on the edge of the rocks. I undo my braid and make sure he isn't around before I start to undress and slip into the water.

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
He has better control than I thought. He’s on the brink yet he continues to draw this out. He yanks me back by my hair to get at my neck, tearing my lips away from his skin. He coaxes a whimper out of me. Rolling my hips into his hands I grind my body against his and move in time with his thrusts. My fingernails bite into his neck when he strikes my prostate and sends my body into tingling spasms.

“Fine,” i agree, and show her to the first room with the spring. Then I return to my private room and, returning to my natural form, stretch out for a brief while in the comfort of an alcove. My ears prick listening as Elaine splashes about in the water as she bathes.

But as I lay resting, it occurs to me That I never told her my name. She had told hers. I hadn’t. My eyes pop open and, staying out of sight by the entrance to the cavern, I call to her, “Should you need to get my attention, my name is Zuzeth.”

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Claudas

He whimpers a little and rolls his hips into mine as he grinds against me. His fingers digging into my neck a little as his body jerks just slightly with each thrust. I nip and suck on his neck greedily as I continue to thrust into him.

My hand slipping down between us to rub and tease his hard on. I wanted to come once more before I find my own release. "I know you are right there with me. Come for me again." I growl against his skin, stroking him in time with my thrusts.


I jump a little as I hear him call out to me if I need to get his attention, that his name is Zuzeth. "Thank you, I'll keep that in mind." I tell him before I go back to bathing. I grab my soap and start to wash up my hair.

The light lavender scent of it, relaxing me a little as I unwind. The water was nice, not too warm but no cold enough to catch a chill from it either. I sink under for a moment rinsing my hair out and then wash up my body. It isn't long before I'm stepping out to dry off.

I wring out my hair and try to get rid of the snarls as my body dries off. It was a pretty place to bathe of course minus the dragon just around the corner.

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Evil | 1611 comments King Ravir
He jerks me off until my skin is raw and sinks his teeth deep into my neck. I cry out in pleasure. The stranger, still working my swollen length, urges me on trying to get me off. I cling to him desperately just so I won’t fall over. His fingers probing my head is what finally tips me over the edge. Muffling my cries into his throat semen splatters is both, making even more of a mess. All the while he doesn’t stop pumping me full of his rod.

Finally tapped out, my limp dick rests against my thigh. The tender skin burning from all the... affection. The nerves throughout my neck buzz from all the love bites and he still continues his assault. “Ahhh...nnnhaa,” I whimper as I squirm within his arms.

While Elaine takes her time bathing and after I take a nap i spend the rest of my evening asking around about the other priestesses. While a few frankly “don’t give a damn”, the majority expresses some concern. I know during our last breeding season we lost almost half of the women—hence the few we have now.

Now I just need to speak with Claudas, wherever he is. No doubt he’s playing with humans again... summoning another woman so that Elaine may rest tonight, I send her off in search of him.

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He cries out and soon is falling over the edge as he covers our stomachs with his seed. I grunt and groan a little as he clamps down on my length as I continue to pump into him. I chuckle thinking it was cute though watching how he came undone like that.

He whimpers and squirms in my arms as I continue to thrust until I finally feel my balls tighten to the point it hurt. I groan against his neck as I come, holding him close to me as I do.


I finish drying off and get dressed in my night gown before I head back to my room. I don't hear Zuzeth next door so I guess he was either sleeping already or doing something. Either way I wasn't concerned after all he told me I was free for the rest of the night.

I curl up under the sheets in my bed and grab one of my books I was rereading. I read for a bit before I blow out the candle and roll over. I lay their for a bit just thinking about things. If this was really worth it. I mean I had heard horror stories about this job, especially during breeding season. Priestesses were killed because a dragon would get too overwhelmed by their needs and most humans couldn't handle that.

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His seed fills me like that. I groan loudly as I fall backwards on the bed with my legs splayed and my arms thrown up above my head. It takes some for me to catch my breath again, and another couple to recover once he pulls out. I wince. My cheeks flush feeling the excess wetness drip from me to stain the sheets. “God, hell—“ I curse under my breath in one huff.

A light tapping at the door sets me on edge again so I almost jump out of my skin. “Claudas? Are you there? Zuzeth sent me, he says it’s important,” a chirpy female voice calls through the heavy door.

I frown and prop myself up on my elbows, reaching for the sheet. Then the doorknob starts turning but before the girl on the other side can see anything I shout, “Stay out!”

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He groans loudly as he falls back against the bed with his legs splayed out and his arms above his head. I chuckle as I catch my breath and slowly pull out of him. His cheek flush and he curses a little under his breath.

I hear a tapping at the door and the man nearly jumps off the bed. A girl calls out to me asking if I was there and that Zuzeth sent her to find me. It was important. The man shouts for her to stay out.

"One moment and I'll be out." I call out to her. I look back at him as he tries to cover up. "I wish I could stay for round to but I have to go." I tell him and give him a hard kiss before I get dressed.

"Maybe I'll see you around again." I say with a wink before I slip to see the priestess. "I'm coming. Go tell Zuzeth I'll see him in my chambers." I tell her as I head back to the dragon castle.

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I pout when my lover has to leave. I watch him get dressed and everything but before he leaves he gives me one last rough kiss—a promise of what we’ll finish next time. I growl against his lips and bite him back before he slips out to leave alone in the room.

Cleaning off with the already dirty sheets I slide my own garments back on and peek through the curtains to see dawn approaching. I sigh. It’s going to be hell getting back now without being seen.

The young priestess returns just before dawn to tell me she found Claudas. Thanking her I dismiss her and start for my friend’s rooms.

Just as he said, he’s back, but the heavy scent of sex lingers. Mixed with human. I roll my eyes and just shake my head as I switch back to my human form. “Priestesses aren’t enough for you, is that it, old friend?” I taunt.

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Zuzeth enters my chambers and rolls his eyes before shaking his head. He taunts me about priestesses not being enough. "I prefer not to sleep with the help the humans provide us. Isn't nearly as fun." I say with a smirk. I kick up my feet on a foot stool as I sit down.

"The priestess said you wanted to talk and it was important." I say and gesture for him to take a seat. "What seems to trouble you, my old friend?" I ask him.

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I stretch out on one cushioned couch. “I believe we need to discuss the women with the king. A new girl came to me today. With each cycle, it seems he sends them closer to the start of breeding season. He knows without the time to adjust to this life there’s no hope of them surviving. If this continues we’ll have a serious problem on our hands—cut it too close and humans may think we need their women as sacrifices,” I explain.

Normally I don’t care what others think of me but when to comes to humans... I like to stay cautious. They’re unpredictable, and violent, generally speaking. It’s common knowledge we could wipe them out with a flick of the tail but I rather not. Not when we’ve come this far in our cohabitation.

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I listen to my friend explain his concerns for what the king was doing sending us new girls so close to breeding season. That the humans where going to think that they were being sent as sacrifices. I shake my head a little with a tsk.

"Humans are such fickled creatures. I swear." I say and look at him. "The king does it on purpose. Haven't you noticed that all the females they send are of a certain type. A certain age. Wide hips. They are all ripe and fertile. Can't blame our guys for getting a little worked up."

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I just look at my friend with narrow eyes. My cheek rests in my palm. “But wide hips don’t make up for time,” I point out with a sigh. “If you haven’t notice, humans can’t acclimate to a dragon cock like females can—our females, I mean. They aren’t built to handle us.”

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He looks at me with narrowed eyes as he rests his cheek against his palm. He tells me that wide hips don't make up for time and that if I hadn't noticed humans can't acclimate to a dragon's cock like the females of our kind can. That they weren't built to handle us.

"Oh I know they aren't but that doesn't stop them from sending more girls to us." I tell him and sigh. "They want more half breeds now that they know it is possible but the problem us they don't understand that is it rare cases to have a half breed." I explain to him.

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“Then we need to tell him that! And speaking of halfbreeds, we need to check in on one. The girl that came to me today says her mother is working under one. I’ll have to ask her for a name—maybe then we can speak with the site or I pay him a personal visit,” I start planning, scratching my chin in thought. First thing today, I’ll send Elaine off to fetch the king for a meeting—top priority. “Is there anything else we need to speak with him about?”

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He tells me we need to tells the king that. He brings us that his new priestess said her mother is working under a half breed. He wants to speak with him or pay him a private visit. He scratches his chin a little and I raise an eyebrow surprised.

"Private visit, huh. You haven't been interested in what the half breeds are up to before why now old friend." I ask him with a cheesy grin.

He asks me if there is anything else we need to speak with the king about. "Not that I can think of. Like you said our main concern is dealing with this issue before another girl gets hurt."

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“Well I’ve never heard of halfbreeds keeping humans and their poor treatment,” I say, glaring at the cheeky bastard. Then I clap him on the shoulder and hop to my feet, starting back to my quarters. “Be Ready at noon, Claud. I’m sending my girl out as soon as I can do we can get this cleared up.”

I could feel my rounded human pupils sharpening to catlike slits as a result of my emotions. Without another word I return to my rooms. I wait until I know Elaine has gotten a bite to eat before I go to her.

“Elaine,” I call before entering through the curtain. “Please go to the king and tell him we request his presence at noon. We are I’ll be waiting in our council chambers. And I want you there as well. Understood?”

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I frown a little hearing that a half breed was keeping humans and treating them poorly. That was not something to take lightly. It could reflect badly on our kind. Zuzeth claps his hand on my shoulder as he stands and tells me he is going to send his girl out as soon as possible to clear this up. To meet him at noon.

"Sure, see you then." I say and chuckle as his eyes turn to slits in his human form. If I didn't know better I would say he is already fond of his new priestess.


I fix my hood before I hear Zuzeth call out to me. He enters and tells me to please go to the king and tell him they request his presence at noon. That they will be waiting in the council chambers and he wants me to be there as well.

I'm a little confused on why I had to be there but then again I am suppose to act as the middle person between the king and the dragons so I guess it is normal.

"Yes, Zuzeth." I say with a nod and gather my things to head out to make the trip to the king's castle.

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I barely make it back before they send a fucking search party. Quickly, i get dressed in a black vest in gold and red embroidery over a cream colored shirt and pull on my black pants, then boots with red cuffs. A long black jacket with matching threading follows over that before I start making my way to the council chambers.

I can barely sit, let alone walk right as a result from last night. I do my best to hide the twinges of pain. The priestess Elaine had mentioned it is serious business they want to discuss. She insisted that it’s urgent.

I shove the pots open to the chamber open— and pale seeing the stranger from the tavern. I freeze in place a minute before I force myself to move forward. “Uh-um—Morning,” i stutter as I stare at the floor.

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I tap my fingers as I wait for the king to join us. Zuzeth's priestess had returned and told us he would be here as soon as possible. She now stands over by Zuzeth. She was a strange one to say the least, always covering one side of her face with her hood.

I glance up at the doors open and the king comes in. He pales a little as he looks at us and I raise an eyebrow in surprise. Well... shit. Looks like I was screwing royalty last night. He freezes in place and then continues to walk forward as he stutters morning, looking at the floor.

"Good morning. Thank you for coming." I tell him and gesture for Zuzeth to take the lead since he is the one who wanted to call this meeting.

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The king, white as a sheet, takes a seat across from us in a high-backed chair. My sharp eyes flick to Claudas—I cant help a smirk. Doesn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2 together. Quickly forcing my face back to normal, I clear my throat. “Thank you for meeting with us so unexpectedly. We are having issues right now. It is my understanding that your people desire halfbreeds. Is that correct?”

At first the kings brows knit together in confusion. “No. Not in particular, I mean. I know the odds are against a halfbreed being conceived but whether one is born I welcome them into the world with open arms. Why do you ask?”

“Well, someone has been spreading the word that you desire only halfbreeds from our unions with our priestesses, and, as a result, women are being admitted into our dwelling closer and closer to the start of our breeding season,” i begin and watch as the king listens intently, leaning forward in his seat. “Regardless of build, human women cannot adapt to a dragon body in such little time as a female dragon could—“

“They don’t survive.” He takes the words from my mouth. I watch his eyes darken a little. Then his gaze meets mine.

“Precisely,” I respond. “During our last season, half of the women introduced passed on because of the timing. We need to change this. Immediately. We need to change the time of introductions—perhaps just after the breeding season so that the women have more time to grow accustomed to us.”

The king, his chin resting on his fist. “I agree. I didn’t realize the timing of everything and for that I apologize, but what disturbs me is this fascination in halfbreeds,” he clarifies. “Never have i expressed the intention of introducing the priestesses for the sole purpose of creating halfbreeds. I just, im trying to think of where you may have heard that.”

“I don’t know either, but whoever is spreading this gossip needs to be dealt with.”


“In addition, I understand there is already one halfbreed stirring up trouble. Elaine came to me yesterday and, speaking with her, I found out her mother is currently employed by a halfbreed. Both Elaine and her mother have been subjected to inhumane treatment at his hand.” I meet his eyes and hold his gaze. “I will be frank with you, halfbreeds may be your citizens, but being of our descent they should be punished according to our laws.”

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I listen quietly as Zuzeth talks with the king about how the priestesses are being introduced closer and closer to the dragon's breeding season. That they are not getting enough time to adjust and that there is a rumor going around wanting to create more half breeds.

I freeze a little as he brings up the half breed that my mother works for. I glare at him a little, feeling betrayed slightly. I told him that because he asked for my reason for being here. I never expected him to do anything. No one ever did. But now out of the blue he wants to deal with him.

I shouldn't be upset about it. I mean if they punish him, my mother would not have to work for him anymore. But at the same time it makes everything I have done up to this point feel useless. I clawed and scraped for years on my own when he casted me out on the streets. I managed to get accepted to be a priestess and I spent years in training for it. Now at a snap of a finger my goal I had been working for was being granted.


I watch the king as he talks to Zuzeth chiming in from time to time with my two cent. I was glad to see he at least seem to understand how important this issue was and he wasn't a part of this rumor about trying to increase the half breed numbers.

"I'd like to volunteer to help investigate who is driving these rumors and sending these girls so close to our breeding time. None of our kind wants to see anymore of these girls to die." I tell him with a little nod. "I'd suggest looking into the training areas for the priestesses first. After all someone from there must notice that they are sending girls far to early in the cycle compared to in the past."

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“I will certainly do my part in this investigation as well. I want the families of these women to be able to trust us when their daughters and sisters come into my care here. We could even start today, going through the novices’ quarters as well as teachers’ and the classrooms. There are afternoon and evening classes scheduled so the mentors will definitely be present,” the king says, then he looks to me.

“As for this halfbreed, I cannot give you full jurisdiction over his punishment. He is half human, after all. But I will tell you this, where halfbreeds are concerned, let this be a joint effort and as any criminal trial begins, I will need proof before I can charge him with anything.”

“Is the word of a priestess not enough?” I question with narrow eyes. He keeps his cool and raids his hands.

“I do not mean to offend. I simply ask for solid evidence. Anything that proves only he is at fault,” he replies calmly. I bristle in my seat, my fingers digging deep enough into the arms of my chair that the wood splits.

“Why would she lie?” The question comes out in a harsh growl. “How would she benefit?”

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The king agrees he will do his part and he wants the families of the women who are sent here to be able to trust that their daughters and sisters are taken care of. He suggest they could even start today and then looks at Zuzeth.

He tells him that he can't let him have full jurisdiction over his punishment since he is half human after all. That a trail would have to take place and he needed proof before he can charge him of any crimes. Zuzeth doesn't seem to happy about that and questions that isn't the word of a priestess enough.

Zuzeth becomes pissed to the point I can hear the arms of his chair cracking as they spilt. He growls at the king and I reach out to rest a hand on his.

"Enough." I say and look at the king. I push back my hood revealing my scar to him. "I was given this scar after the lord went into a fit of rage. I was ten at the time and I had accidently knocked over a precious vase of his. He became very mad and in his anger struck me, but didn't seem to notice his hand had shifted slightly so he had dragon talons. I am lucky to still be alive." I explain.

"My mother has been a servant to him for over eighteen years now. Anyone there could tell you he is cruel and has a temper. Everyone is afraid to stand against him. He casted me out into the streets at seventeen because I threaten to go to the knights after he broke my mother's arm. I took this job to pay for her freedom."

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