Vicious Circle (Hector Cross, #2) Vicious Circle question

Vicious Circle, by Wilbur Smith
Padufour Padufour Aug 01, 2014 04:59PM
This book is so bad I truly question if Wilbur Smith actually wrote it. The factual errors and dialogue don't match anything I've read from this author in the last 30 yrs. Too many examples to pick from but the worst was the court case in Texas that sounded like it was in Old Bailey. Please send me my money back.

And Sir, Mr. Smith, if this WAS you, please stop and retire.

Worst of WB's books that I've read and thought whilst reading it that he is losing it. Where do I start...well firstly every main character is either elite, handsome, beautiful or larger than life and has millions or makes millions in short order. Even the baby can walk within a few weeks ! Intricate preparations are made in hours or days and with endless and immediately available resources to the point of farsical. Interplay between lovers makes you retch at the fatuous dialogue. Seems hurriedly written with poor explanation for how events between Johnny and Carl written in the first person are so well documented in a so called abridged form in a trust document despite no witnesses to certain detailed events such as private discussions in prison, plan and execution of the African coup, pre-filming of the events running up to the family killings etc...Altzeimer style mistakes like the sudden revelation offered by Jo that an Antonov can be hijacked (not previously considered by Hector) followed by the fact that the freelance pilots were contacted the day before by Hector to see if they were available to fly it. Basic cock up ! Paying £15m per month rental for a safe house to a so called Arab Sheik friend of the Bannock Oil Corp and made rich by them following the Abu Zara oil field discovery was a joke, before then going running for miles along a beach with the baby in a pouch ripe for assassination. The unlikely reasons for demise of the relationship with Jo just smacked of confusion. One has to suspend their disbelief too many times to get through the novel and thus any sequel involving Johnny Congo will be a flop...

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