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message 1: by Alice (new)

Alice (paperwhales) Hello, I'm Alice!

I'm available for reading some manuscripts over the summer! I have previous experience and also write myself.

I enjoy reading fantasy (urban and traditional), sci-fi, historical fiction (especially pirates, Ancient Rome or WW2) and LGBT romances! Also, political fiction is great for me as I am a prospective politics student!

Feel free to message me here! Then I'll give you my email!

message 2: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Sawyer | 75 comments Hi Alice. Do you do beta readings of individual chapters or are you only doing beta readings on completed works?

message 3: by Alice (new)

Alice (paperwhales) Hailey wrote: "Hi Alice. Do you do beta readings of individual chapters or are you only doing beta readings on completed works?"

I can do individual chapters!

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice (paperwhales) Amanda wrote: "Hello Alice,
I have a short horror/dark fantasy story that's about 3,130 words that I would love feedback on. If you're interested let me know :)"

Sorry, I'm not a big fan of horror!

message 5: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Sawyer | 75 comments Alice wrote: "Hailey wrote: "Hi Alice. Do you do beta readings of individual chapters or are you only doing beta readings on completed works?"

I can do individual chapters!"

Okay. I'll send you the details about it in a PM.

message 6: by Wayne (new)

Wayne (waynemeyers) | 5 comments Hi, Alice, hope all is well.

The link to my WIP description is here:

Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

message 7: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Steward | 2 comments Hi Alice,

I have a completed Historical Fantasy/Alt History/Political Fiction novel that I think is a good fit for what you're looking for.

Let me know if interested and I can send over the first 10k in a manuscript or you can have the whole thing if interested.

Look forward to hearing from you, CJ

message 8: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine Chang | 7 comments Hi Alice,

I have a completed YA fantasy that I am planning on submitting for traditional publishing, and would love a second set of eyes. You mentioned you like urban fantasy - would you be open to taking a look?

If yes, please let me know if you would prefer the entire manuscript or chapters, etc. Thank you so much!


message 9: by Martin (new)

Martin Christensen | 1 comments Hi Alice

I have a completed children/YA fantasy novel of about 93000 words that I'm looking to get published. Would you be open to having a read.


message 10: by Bazinga (last edited Jun 27, 2018 08:16AM) (new)

Bazinga | 7 comments Hey Alice,

I am a french writer translating my MM romance in English and I could use some help to see if everything is correct or could be improved ! Would you be interested ? I have some chapters ready.
Thanks !

message 11: by Lilith (new)

Lilith Pan (lilithpan) | 6 comments Hello Alice,

I'm working on a queer fantasy romance and am looking for beta readers to read the first 10 (short) chapters over the break.

All Yoonbae ever wanted was to make music, while Jiyo desperately longs for control over his own life. In a fantasy world with a magical minority and magically engineered hybrids, they and their friends try to conquer the music industry. But while they are undeniably drawn to each other, Yoonbae's inability to communicate his feelings and the toxic thoughts in Jiyo's head don't make it easy to fall in love.

Please message me if you're interested, I'd be delighted to work with you

message 12: by Peter (new)

Peter Bingham-Pankratz | 2 comments Hi Alice, I've got a sci fi adventure novel that you might be interested in. It's a sequel to my first book, The Fifth Civilization, but you don't necessarily need to have read that one. Though it's long, at 180,000 words, I promise it reads very fast.

Message me here if you're at all interested in reading it!

message 13: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Lawrence (joshualawrencepike) | 9 comments Would you like to read HUMANITY IN THE DEEP? it's an 86k word novel, it has the hard Sci-Fi feel of The Expanse with strong character growth and elements of romance.

I am getting ready to start looking for Agent's and want feedback. Anything and everything wrong except for minor issues of proofreading (which I know I need to have done). To be clear I am looking for beta read's not for editing or anything else. I am most interesting in thoughts on the story structure, character growth ect.

When Roger can no longer make a living on his home planet he is forced to choose between lobotomizing himself, so a corporation can use his brain as a computer, or leaving his home. He is hired onto the Erikson, a city size construction ship heading to an uninhabited system. When at the build site the star goes nova, the Erikson is damaged and forced to flee.
In a system every record said was uninhabited they find a large human population. They assume it to be a dark colony, but this colony knows no earth language and lacks technology freely available when the first ships left earth.

First three chapters:

message 14: by Zack (last edited Jul 23, 2018 01:07AM) (new)

Zack | 13 comments Hiya Alice,

I'd love to have you take a look at my completed Sci-fi/Fantasy novel. It's an interesting mix of sci-fi and fantasy, with a fairly heavy romantic leaning with lots of character development and world building.
Here is the working blurb:

To Walk Amidst Savages:

Phereniki Nix is one of the most respected astronauts of her generation, and finds herself tasked with finding a new habitable planet for her people. When she and her partner Kai are sent on an exploratory mission into an unknown spacial rift, they are suddenly transported to a star system hundreds of light years away. In this system lies Relekep, a world seemingly perfect for them. The only problem: it's already inhabited.
A young Relek named Adriel dreams of adventure and exploration, something very uncommon on his tranquil world with its predictable people. But something new is starting to happen. A group of Releks called the Vappa have begun causing disturbances, disrupting the peaceful society with violence and hatred.
What can the peace loving Releks do against the Vappa and their vicious new leader?
Can Phereniki co-exist with the Releks and prove to them that her people can live alongside them in peace? And can Adriel win Phereniki's heart despite their interplanetary differences?
Thrust into a perilous new world full of powerful enemies, Phereniki and Adriel find themselves working together - unlikely hero's in a race against destruction.

It's 129k words, but we can go a few chapters at a time until you know you like it. Let me know :)

message 15: by Jinny (new)

Jinny Hawkins | 5 comments Hi Alice!
I wrote a sci fi young adult novel, and I've shown it to a few people who thought it was pretty good, so I don't think it TERRIBLY written. I'd love your feedback . Please PM if interested and I can give you the summary. Warning though, it is a complicated storyline

message 16: by Evette (new)

Evette | 43 comments Hi,

I have a finished manuscript which is YA realistic fantasy which bends toward the literary side. The world is basically the same as ours. The time period is different. The society is theologically based. The protagonist is female. It is a mixture of adventure, tragedy, mystery, politics, and hope. There are supernatural elements toward the end but nothing over the top. I need to know where I have flaws, be they developmental or with the plot itself. I prefer sending the file and not copying and pasting.

Very briefly it is a book about a girl looking for her father but becomes entangled in a political conflict which may lead to war between her home country and their enemy to the south. Those living there are runaways who decided to flee south and forge their own country after facing persecution. There's some action as well with smuggling and traveling and stealing.

There is no sex, cursing, or gratuitous violence. I thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it. If you have time and are interested, please let me know.

message 17: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hi! I'm seeking a beta reader for a Gothic ghost story. It's a short piece at only 1,800 words. It's a dark story with measured pace, teasing the reader to the twist ending.

My issue with the story is something feels off. I can't pinpoint what the issue might be, and I hope a beta reader or two can help remedy this. I'm too close to the work, and I need a second pair of eyes,

Please message me here, or email me at katdevittauthor (@) gmail (.) com.

message 18: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Whitted (notafunsucker) | 15 comments Hi Alice,
Are you still looking for projects to beta read?

My concept:

There’s an urban legend that people born precisely at midnight experience a 25th hour in their day normal people are unaware exists and freeze during; however, contrary to what’s typical—that this extra hour is a time for unsupervised and unpunishable adventure and mischief—my spin on the myth is that the 25th hour is a curse due to violent monsters that attack anyone awake during this time each night. As a result, all Midnighters, those born at midnight who experience the 25th hour, must be taught to survive it starting at age six.

A blurb:

Quinn is an eighteen-year-old Guide who receives his assignment of a Follower, a six-year-old he is given the task of protecting and training during the 25th hour each night as is required by the Midnighters organization. All Quinn wants is to move on from a past that plagues him and find inner peace, to not look in the mirror with complete abhorrence, but when he finally begins to make progress by developing a romantic relationship, he is sucked into an escalating series of events. Quinn is left questioning if perhaps there’s something going on behind the scenes that he never knew about. He unknowingly uncovers deception, hidden motives, and a whole conspiracy he never dreamed existed, all while trying to pilot his way through emotions he’s suppressed for far too long.

And some disclosures:

The underlying theme throughout the novel is self-acceptance combined with navigating the perils of love and loss. My completed novel is the first of a science fiction-romance series I call “Midnight’s Curse”. Its specific title is, “Midnight’s Curse: The 25th Hour” and my intended audience is New Adults (late teens-mid-twenties). The book itself is 102,000 words and contains curse words, sex scenes, and violence.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please send me an email to Thanks so much!

message 19: by Djj (new)

Djj Mizzi | 7 comments Hi. I have an 82,000 medieval YA fantasy. Please message me if you're interested or e-mail me:

If you finish the MS all you'd need to do is fill in a short five minute survey for me. That's the only feedback I ask. It's really easy.

Anyway, here is a short synopsis: Naphtali is an ordinary boy, who lives an ordinary life as a blacksmith’s apprentice with his aunty in the city of Aldun. Naphtali hates it, he yearns for adventure. But Naphtali has no overwhelming skills, nothing that makes him stand out; there seems to be no way of escaping the mundane grip that life has on him. The Dragon Slayers are quiet and mysterious although their skills are renown throughout the land. They keep to themselves. They don’t talk about their guild. They don’t talk about their training. Torin is one of those Dragon Slayers. One night, Naphtali finds himself locked outside the city gates with his cousin Korah. Torin is also sent out that night in hunt of a dragon causing trouble in the farmlands. When the dragon attacks Naphtali, Torin watches unseen from the shadows, curious as to how the boy will handle the situation. There was nothing special in the way that Naphtali moved, nor in his fighting technique and ability; but Torin sees something in Naphtali that cannot be taught. Absolute persistence. Torin saves Naphtali, and leaves him with an offer to join the Dragon Slayers.

message 20: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hi Alice

I have a Gothic historical in need of a beta reader. It's approximately 14,000 words long, so it's a shorter read. I'm looking for someone with an eye for plot, condensing words(I can be verbose sometimes), and overall character development.

Please email me at if you're interested! Thanks :)

message 21: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Lasica (jdlasica) | 17 comments Hi Alice, you still taking beta reading queries? If so, let me know and I'll DM you. Thanks!

message 22: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 80 comments Hello Alice ,

I'm needing a beta reader for a novella/short story that's about 12,100 words. Here's a brief synopsis:

When a psychic boy's father is murdered, his long lost mother takes custody of him. But she isn't human and he fears he may not be either. The murderer seems to know this too.

If you're interested drop an email at Thanks!

message 23: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Hi, I need Beta Reader to review first 6 chapters of a Family Saga/ Historical Fiction.

message 24: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Keast (christopher_keast) | 18 comments Hi Alice,

Would you be interested in beta reading my 90K-word sci-fi dystopia novel?

A little about my story:
In the not-so distant future, as the digital world’s freight-train steam rolls right into its inevitable threshold of physical data storage limits, strange things begin to happen. At the same time, Kicis and Anna are each at a philosophical crossroads of sorts. For Kicis, his knowledge of history cannot yet help him decipher what the future holds regarding the limits of humans’ Earthly data aggregation and smartphone obsessions – including his own. For Anna, it’s what to do next with her life after a major career change from law to photography, followed by a provocating breakup with her former lover. The two of them collide into one another under most inauspicious circumstances: the world’s most reveled structural human artifacts begin mysteriously disappearing. As the rest of the world tries to find the meaning and reasons behind it, the two of them become transfixed on this new problem, trying to solve the final riddle plaguing humanity. Despite world leaders outlawing such detective work, someone needs to figure it out, as global worries peak. Has a tipping point been reached within the bounds of Earth’s physical constraints? Or is it simply the beginning of the Datapocalypse?

Please let me know if this is of interest. I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

message 25: by Martha (new)

Martha | 82 comments Eighteen-year-old Ludik’s heart broke last spring when saving the world caused him to miss his own wedding day. He made it home despite the odds, and discovered his darling still waiting for him. Now it’s finally time to marry his beautiful sweetheart.

Right before the ceremony, an encounter between a villager and a shapeshifter from a neighboring kindred ends in their accidental deaths. The tragedy threatens to spread when a witness returns toward his home with a mistaken tale of murder.

Now Ludik and his outkindred friends must hunt the witness through the forest before he calls his people to revenge against Ludik’s home. If he can’t catch his quarry in time to prevent war between the kindreds, his wedding will be postponed– indefinitely.

message 26: by Kat (new)

Kat Devitt (kat_devitt_author) | 103 comments Hello, Alice!

I'm looking for beta readers with a love for fairy tales. This one, called "A Most Charming Couple," is a fairy tale but with a feminist take. Think of Prince Charming doing all he can for his lady love, but what happens when he leaves her?

If you would like to beta read, please contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kat Devitt

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