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The Talisman (The Talisman, #1)
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Rachel N. | 1614 comments Jack Sawyer is a 12 year old living with his mother, a former actress, in the Alhambra hotel in New Hampshire. Jack has come to the realization that his mother is dying from cancer. Jack meets Speedy Parker who tells Jack he needs to travel to California to get the Talisman to save his mother and the Queen of another world, the Territories, that Jack can travel too. Jack is pursued by his deceased father's former business partner Morgan Sloat who can also travel to the Territories.
A lot of people seem to love this book but I found it to be a pretty run of the mill fantasy novel. The first half drags along and a lot could have been cut out of it. About halfway through when Jack reaches Indiana events begin to finally pick up. I wish the book spent more time in the Territories, the authors didn't spend much time exploring or explaining this alternate world. After the nearly 600 pages it takes to get there the end seemed rather anticlimactic and rushed. I'm surprised there is a sequel to this book but I will eventually read it since I'm making my way through all of King's books. King was my deceased husbands favorite author and he got me hooked on King's books.

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Meli (melihooker) | 3682 comments I've tried to read this book 3x at least and finally gave up for good. I couldn't get through the first quarter. It dragged, was confusing (for me) and I was just bored. I finally let go and gave the book away :(

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Susie | 4488 comments I absolutely adored this book in my late teens. I wonder if I still would. I suspect that my reading tastes have changed too much.

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