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Emma | 73 comments Characters must be approved before being used.
Please read all informational topics before creating a character.
You do not have to use this format, but please make sure to have all of the information from this format in your own.

Name: (Your character's true name, the name that they were born with.)
Alias: (If your character is going by a name other than their true name or birth name, put that here. Otherwise, delete this section.)

Rank: (If applicable. May be exchanged with social status [humans only].)

Powers: (Applies to Demons, Angels and fallen angels only. Check out the species topic to look at what your character's powers might be. Also discuss with the person making your character's partner or previous partner, as their abilities should be evenly matched, and sometimes opposites.)

Apparent Age: (how old do they look, to humans?)
True Age: (Angel/Demon years)
Birthdate: (Month/Day/[Year?])
Zodiac: (Optional)

Relationship Status:

Appearance: (image and description; if you use anime/drawings, please use realistic looking ones and provide a picture of a real person/face claim in addition)
<.img src="linkgoeshere"/.>

Personality: (At least 2 solid paragraphs please)

Strengths: (Stay within a reasonable number. Don't include your character's possibly various powers in this section.)

Weaknesses: (Should be equal in number to strengths)



History: (Again, at least two solid paragraphs is good.)

Family/Relations: (List any people important to your character here. It should include family, if they have one, their partner, if they have one, and any friends or enemies they have.)

Other: (Optional. Delete this section if you don't use it.)

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dyanne description

[ Trust me, you don't need anyone else.]


Name: Satan (also known as Pride)
Nickname: Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Antichrist, Deceiver, Devil,Evil One, Thief, Enemy, Power/Ruler of Darkness, Tempter, etc.

Alias: Mallory Ellyn
↬ Meaning “unlucky one,” “bad”, “warrior”
↬ Variation of Helen, meaning “most beautiful one,” or “light”

Species: Demon
Rank: N/A

Energy Manipulation
Energy manipulation allows its user to create, shape, and manipulate energy. Like most angels and demons, Satan is most comfortable manipulating a certain kind of energy, specifically, kinetic and dark energy. She can absorb, amplify, sense, propel, drain, and convert it. She can drain energy from any moving object, which proves useful as it allows her to mute and drain other angels’/demons’ powers, although it does have its limits. She is extremely skilled at manipulating energy, using it as a tool to help her get what she wants.
Illusion Manipulation
Illusion Manipulation pertains to the ability to create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Satan is incredibly good at manipulating her appearance, her surroundings, the people around her, and absolutely nothing at all into an elaborate, complicated illusion. In fact, she’ll spin them up so quickly, so elaborately, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the feel so vibrant, so real that it will surely convince you that what you are seeing is real. Your dreams will collide with reality, and in that moment, without even realizing it, you will surely fall.
Satan is one of the strongest telepaths in the known universes, among both angels and demons. It’s not so much that she can read your mind-- no, it’s that she can get into your mind. Yes, she can mentally receive and transmit information, excelling at both telepathic communication (ability to transmit information from one mine to another) and telepathic perception (ability to receive information from another mind). She can project, read, and manipulate thoughts that swim on the surface on anyone and everyone’s mind. No, she cannot read every single thought you’ve ever had. Far from it. She’s limited to the thoughts you have right now. However, Satan does not live to know your every thought but to become the constant voice in your head, changing you in little ways without you ever realizing it. You will become obsessed with her voice and you will depend on it, it will become all you stand for.
Other telepaths will find that Pride has an impenetrable shield up at all times-- guarding her mind from intruding mind-readers and controllers like herself as well as stopping others from absorbing her powers. She is especially good at bringing out the “dark side” of a person’s character and bringing about the illusion of pain. Telepathy is Satan’s most prized skill for no one in the known universe can escape it-- no shield, no weapon, no prison can trap her.
Also known as time manipulation, chronokinesis allows its user to manipulate time in general or a specific target in various manners, accelerating, slowing, and rewinding time. Pride is known for chronokinesis, mainly because there have been times when she has created chaos by disrupting the whole space and time continuum, causing places to distort and become incredibly vulnerable. Among other things, Pride can accelerate, slow, rewind, and travel through time. She can manipulate past and future events and steal time energy, although she is greatly restricted from doing so by her counterpart angel, Humility.
Satan is also extremely skilled in shapeshifting, transforming and reshaping down to the genetic and cellular structure. She can impersonate others perfectly, in looks and in their mannerisms, how they sound, etc. She also uses shapeshifting to enhance her body when in combat (althought her options are rather limited). She can transform into any person, including the deceased, which can come in handy in multiple occasions. She can also turn into a snake/serpent, although other than that, her animal shape-shifting abilities are rather limited. She can also distort her body and stretch her limbs out to reach things that are rather far away. While Pride prefers not to use this, for it does disrupt her looks, on particularly lazy days, it does come in handy.

Apparent Age: Anywhere from 18 to 25
True Age: She has existed since the beginning of time
Birthdate: Unknown; When needed, she will say her birthday is on 12/25, also known as Christmas Day

Gender: Is genderless, but likes to portray herself as a female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single


Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 5’7
Weight: 113 lbs
Build: Slim but curvy
Wings: White with streaks of black

***Note: As noted in the powers section, Satan is extremely skilled at shapeshifting. While the appearance listed above is her regular form, she can also shift into a completely different looking person/animal if she wants***


"... For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” ~ 2 Corinthians 11:14
Satan is the ultimate advertiser, the ultimate manipulator. You may be surprised to think that the world’s most feared demon, one who has played the role of the villain in countless legends, would be a girl with so pretty a face. But right here, right now, I advise you to forget all the stereotypes. Forget the horns. Forget the tights. The forked tail. The pointed teeth. The color red. If you want to know what Satan looks like, all you have to do is to imagine the most beautiful person there is. One who is surely incapable of wrong. That's her. Take it a step further. I advise you to close the door to your room, turn of the lights, lay in your bed, and listen. Listen for the little voice in your head, the one some embrace and others ignore, a voice that whispers, “You can do it alone. You don’t need anyone. You are better off without everyone else.”
Wait, that’s Satan? Oh yes, that’s her alright. You see, Pride seems like a good thing. It drives us to excel, to be our own person, to be independent, to think for ourselves, to find happiness in our accomplishments and to sweep our disappointments under the rug. But beware the gilded surface. Her smooth words, sweet smile, sexy voice, alluring, entrancing eyes. She can be your worst nightmare. All this time, she is whispering to you, telling you that you don’t need anyone, that you can be your own person, and the more and more you believe that, the more and more powerful she becomes. She will slowly but surely take over your life.

*** A small note:***
Pride is not wrathful. Pride is patient.
She will wait for you in the corners of your mind,
waiting for the right time, the right place.
And then, very slowly, very subtly, she will come.

The more you believe that you are in control, the more you start pushing people out, the more you immerse yourself in loneliness, the greater the illusion. I’m quite sorry to say that if you feel you are in control, you most definitely are not. Pride has got you under her spell with her empty promises and her faithfulness to you. Yes, Satan is faithful. She will stay long after the party is over. She lives to catch you in your weakest moment. She will make herself look so desirable, what with her illusions and her shapeshifting and her neat little trick of being able to read your mind, being able to surely find out every want, every goal, every dream you have. She will convince you that you are immortal, that you are invincible, and all this time, you will be unaware that you have just acquired an Achilles' heel. She will tell you that she is your strength, only to become your greatest weakness.
She’s nebulous. Satan is up for anything. Literally, anything. She will change herself like that to comply with your needs, both physically and mentally. She has too many personalities to count, and she will turn her gears until she’s just right for you-- carefully carve herself so that she fits in with you like adjacent pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. It will be immediate. She already knows you. She's been watching you from a distance from the moment you've been born. Why, she knows you better than you know you. All it takes is a little adjustment to turn herself into your fairy-godmother. Or so she tells you. In reality, you have just become her latest prisoner.
The strongest, the wisest, the quickest, the weakest, the dumbest, the slowest, all have fallen hostage to pride. She is the root of all sin. Once she comes and takes hold of your life, all the other demons will come. She has marked you for a dead carcass, and the vultures will come in hordes to consume you. She will be what brings you up-- trust me, with pride, there is so much more you can accomplish.
But beware, she’s also the one who will bring you down. Down to the depths of Hell, crashing down like a wave on the sand, becoming nothing but foam and dust, swept under the current to never be seen again. She will tell you she comes to build you up. But really, she comes to destroy.
And that’s the part she refuses to tell you. The part that comes after.
After all your dreams come true.

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dyanne Strengths:
~ Ability to manipulate others
~ Making herself look desirable-- seductive, wealthy, all-knowing, etc.
~ Incredibly powerful-- physically, mentally, etc.--extremely clever, quick, and strong
~ Drives and helps you to become great
~ Is amazing at making allies due to her irresistible personality, especially with other demons and humans, but also (surprisingly) with angels
~ Extremely loose morals
~ Has extremely few friends-- cares very little for others unless she can use them
~ Very isolated-- due to her self-centeredness, she is an extremely lonely creature (hence why she amuses herself by isolating others. She’s the stereotypical bully you learned about in grade school: because she’s so isolated, she does everything in her power to make others isolated)
~ She has made many enemies who will do anything and everything to bring her down
~ Is a rather jealous bitch at times; think of an overly-attached girlfriend (The difference between clingy girls and Satan is that she is much more subtle and odds are you will be equally, if not more overly-attached to her than she to you as time goes on)

~ Herself (She’s not overly vain or narcissistic, but she is fully aware of her looks and her powers and she will never underestimate herself)
~ People
- more specifically, using people
~ Most of the other demons and angels (she finds their ways comical)
~ Strangely, her angel counterpart, Humility (other than the fact that she finds her kind, caring, humble demeanor extraordinary and exceptionally amusing, Humility is the only being in the universe who has stuck with her since the beginning (rather unwillingly at times, but nonetheless there) and she has grown rather fond of her)
~ The extravagant lifestyle
~ Fake people (she finds their contradictory ways hilarious, especially because they are usually terrible at hiding their true nature)
~ Comedy
~ Theater/Hollywood (especially reality-TV-- she finds it hysterical)
~ The ugly, the sickly, the poor, the lame
~ People (rather contradictory, but yes, she detests people at times and it is then she calls her closely-related ally Wrath (aka Lucifer) to “give ‘em Hell”. Literally.)
~ Any sort of limitation placed upon her
~ People/angels/demons who order her around (she will do the exact opposite of what they tell her to do many a time just to spite them)
~ Those who hold grudges-- she finds them needy and exhausting

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

In the beginning, far before the universe came into existence, before there was anything, there was nothing but darkness and chaos. The two existed harmoniously, more than content at their never-ending, all-encompassing power. And then, a miracle: a spark of light. And from this light, a tiny spark, nothing more than a little speck, really, life was born. The light grew, transforming into something else entirely, evolving into what came to be known as an angel. Divine, incredibly powerful, good, noble beings which fought the dark and chaos with light and order. Darkness and chaos were not pleased, for the angel was stronger than either of them, and at once he began to shine brighter than either of them ever could, and so they combined forces and created a power that was mysterious, unknowable, and undoubtedly the most dangerous thing ever to exist in the entirety of space and time. Her name was Satan, but she was also known as Pride. She was hidden as a secret weapon, something that could not be revealed until the right moment, or else all would be ruined.
Pride was patient. She waited many days and nights for the right opportunity and at last, it came. There was one angel, named Lucifer, who was more beautiful, stronger, quicker, more powerful than any other angel. An archangel who was cloaked in glory and goodness. Mankind was created, and he, like all the rest, saw that it was good. One day, he heard a voice. A small voice, barely audible, which whispered that he was better than the other angels, that he deserved more, that this heaven, with all its rules and limitations was forcing him to hold back his true potential. Why did he have to protect mankind? Why did he have to love them? He didn’t have to be a mere archangel, he could be a god, if he joined her, if he aligned himself with her. Think of what we could do… Think of what you could do, if all this fell apart, if you embraced chaos, if you embraced darkness... Why are you holding back? The voice tormented him day and night and bit by bit, he gave into it, and a gut-wrenching resentment and anger filled him. Slowly, subtly, he started to change, throwing aside order and light in exchange for chaos and darkness and because of his immense power, other angels noticed and followed, no longer angels, but something else entirely. One-third of the glorious beings once known as angels, cast themselves down, down, down, to become warriors for chaos.
They called themselves demons. There were seven who were stronger than any other, who began tipping the scales, who began calling for war. There had already been turmoil in the heavenly realms for some time, but this wasn’t just some battle. This was a full scale war, a revolution-- the first major war between the angels and demons. At the helm was she, the one who started it all, beautiful, terrifying, so-often underestimated Satan. They lost, for their numbers were fewer and their tactics less evolved, for embracing chaos and darkness meant they lost control of their powers, embracing something darker and more terrifying. But their loss was nothing. They swore that the war would continue until the fateful day when the demons were victorious, the day when there would be nothing but darkness and chaos.
The pact was made and Pride was matched with an angel she’d known since the beginning, one which strove not to please herself, but bring light to others, the opposite of Satan, who strove to please herself and bring darkness to others. She saw the pact and the balance a major setback, nothing more, and more often than not, acted as if the pact did not exist.
Pride was, and is, and never will be a leader. There are no ranks among demons, each does as he or she pleases. But she is more powerful than most and influences all greatly. This influence showed itself the day she converted the first fallen angel, convincing him, manipulating him, showing him that order and light weren’t just unnecessary, they were plain stupid compared to darkness and chaos. He was the first to fall, and the first to morph from white to gray to black. He definitely wasn’t the last.
The pact is still being kept, but the demons are finding more and more loopholes. Finding ways to make angels stumble and fall down to the earth, only to fall even further into the hands of the demons. Helpless, lost, they are taught to embrace the darkness rather than to fight it.
Pride is ambitious, she’s ingenious, and she’s determined. Determined to keep on fighting, keep on lying, keep on twisting until she has avenged Darkness and Chaos, until order is no more, until the last spark of light has been snuffed out.

↬Humility~Angel Partner
↬The other deadly sins
- Lust/ Asmoday/Asmodeus
- Sloth/Belphegor
- Gluttony/Beelzebub
- Greed/Mammon
- Envy/Leviathan
- Wrath/Lucifer

~ For some unknown reason, Pride is a great lover of strawberries.
~ description

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corina (molteneyes) Satan (Pride) is APPROVED

One thing, I don't believe Abaddon and Apollyon are the same as Satan...

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dyanne Ah, I'll change that. I literally just searched up "nicknames for Satan" on Google and that's what they gave me.

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corina (molteneyes) No problem!

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