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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments Hi,

My name is Rick. I'm looking to meet like-minded people. Write back!

message 2: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments It seems that this group is dead.

message 3: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Yeah, it seems so.

message 4: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Hello everyone,
It would be helpful to know what each one of us are doing or are interested in ...

message 5: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Well, I'm currently working at the University of Texas at Austin in a managerial/administrative capacity, but with aspirations of one day making a living as an academic/scholar. Interests are dangerously wide and varied, but I enjoy history, philosophy, etc, and a specific interest in the motivations and impact mass media has on our culture and individuals.

message 6: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Hello again, I am third year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. My current academic interest lies in Machine Learning.

I love science and engineering. Got a hang for books the past year when I found goodreads through one of my friends; devouring books since then. Playing basketball is an escape.

Joined this group to meet like-minded and 'better' minded people. I have learned more in my college-life from seniors than books, profs or colleagues.

Paul Erdos: "Here I am; My brain is open".

message 7: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Pleasure to meet you. I also love books AND basketball, so we got that in common. lol. And I feel you on the motivation for being in a group like this: better minds allow us to sharpen our own views.

message 8: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Nice to meet you too !

Allow me to start by asking, which book has influenced you the most? (or maybe which 5)

message 9: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Media Control (Noam Chomsky), Alice in Wonderland, Lolita, and the Lost Years of Jesus Revealed.

message 10: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) And you?

message 11: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments Hi guys, I’m a PhD student in food science in New York. My background is in Chemistry. I read widely, and am interested in literature, history, food essays, biography, etc. Hard to pare down my list of favorite books, but some that come to mind are Melville’s “Moby Dick”, Plato’s “The Republic”, Watson’s “Ideas: A History of Thought”, Jack Gilbert’s “Refusing Heaven” (poetry), and Anderson’s “Winesburg, Ohio”.

message 12: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments And Baudelaire’s Paris Blues.

message 13: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Cool. Thank you.

And when you say food essays, can you give an example of what that would be like? I'm assuming it's not a review of a restaurant or particular dish but more of what someone like Michael Pollan does, right?

message 14: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments a.The Last Lecture b.Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman! c.The book theif d.The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin e.The Kite runner
These are the books I enjoyed the most uptill now :)

message 15: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Hello @Arkskier !

message 16: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments Hi Eric and Abhinaba! Where are you guys from? I liked that book about Erdos, too, “My brain is open”. Eric, yea something like Pollan (whose talk I was able to attend when he visited my campus). I would include in this list MFK Fisher, Harold McGee, Anthony Bourdain, Brillat-Savarin, and my favorite, Joseph Weschberg.

message 17: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Nice!

I currently live in Austin but I consider my hometown to be San Antonio. Also spent some of my childhood in Southern California, born in Orange County.

message 18: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) And it's Erick, with a "c" and a "k" at the end. 😊

message 19: by Rey (new)

Rey | 2 comments Hi peeps! I am Renu, an undergrad maths student looking forward to do a PhD in algebraic topology! And I am from India, the whole of it (my dad was in Indian Navy and so we shifted to a new place every 3 years!)

I am re-reading Contact by Carl Sagan these days; its one of my favourites.

message 20: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Welcome, Renu! (and I have that same book on my shelf)

message 21: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Hi Renu! Where do you study?

What 'are' your current interests in mathematics? And what are the trendy topics in maths nowadays?

message 22: by Francesco (new)

Francesco Ducci | 5 comments Hi guys, my name is Francesco, glad that the discussion had a spark. I'm from'Italy but currently studying Engineering in Switzerland I'm also working at the University at the System Design Chairs, working in the field of quantitative social sciences, notably Agent Based Modelling of Social Systems . Some books I'm currently reading include "Gödel, Escher, Bach", "Understanding Power" and "Human, all to Human". In general I red more or less everything, especially the great classics such as Dostoevsky or Sartre, some non-fiction, some easier (for now) Philosophy and, when I have time, also some science-fiction. Some books that had a great influence on me ? "Memoirs of Hadrian", "Lolita", "Notes from Underground" and "The Leopard".

message 23: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments Ducci, the leopard is also one of my absolute favorites! What other books do you like?

message 24: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments Rent, welcome. Are there any Indian books you can recommend? Have you read about Ramanajun?

message 25: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments I meant Renu. Sorry spellcheck. Apologies to Erick too.

message 26: by Francesco (new)

Francesco Ducci | 5 comments Hi Arkskier, feel free to call me Francesco, rather than Ducci ; the latter is my family name :)

Anyway, yes I absolutely loved the Leopard. Especially if you're southern Italian, as I am, the actuality of the book is disconcerting. The author really does an exceptional work in combining a still relevant social critique, with an timeless description of human emotions.

Other than that, I guess you could see in my ratings which book I loved :)

What about you, what books do you feel influenced you the most ?

message 27: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments Looks like my comments and this group is alive. As this group says, I learn for learning sake.

@Abi: Everyone is doing ML.

@Renu: I am beginning to like Mathematics through the lens of Philosophy.

message 28: by Rey (new)

Rey | 2 comments @Rick: That's great! Good luck with the endeavor.

@Arkskier: Yeah, I have know and have read about Ramanujam. When you say Indian books, what do you exactly mean-- books by Indian authors, books on India, books on Indian mathematics or any other combination?

@Abhinaba: I am a math undergrad at IIT Kanpur. I am learning more about topology of fibre bundles of a topological space. Its basically a generalization of vector bundles over a vector space. Well, homotopy theory is one of the topics which has influenced a lot of new results in mathematics. Also, after Perelman solved the Poincare Conjecture, a lot of research is put in to crack Riemann Hypothesis.

@Erick: Thank you! I hope you liked the book.

message 29: by Arkskier (new)

Arkskier | 7 comments Renu, yea by indian I mean either written by an indian or written about India or Indian mathematics. Any recommendations?

Francesco, I just assumed that the leopard was about a feeling in the past. I didn’t know it is still a current critique? Any Italian books you can recommend?

message 30: by Francesco (new)

Francesco Ducci | 5 comments @Arskier, there definitely is some dose of social critique in that book, although under a veil of melancholy and that critique, unfortunately, is very valid also still today. If you enjoyed the Leopard you may definitely try "I Viceré" from Federico de Roberto "I malavoglia" from Giuseppe Verga.

message 31: by Rick (last edited Jul 24, 2018 10:11AM) (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Franceso: It seems that you were reading Ryan's book. STOIC is popular 😅

message 32: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments I don't want this Group to die!

message 33: by Francesco (new)

Francesco Ducci | 5 comments @Rick, yeah that's definitely a very interesting book ! I hope to use it as a bridge for more deep lectures, such as Marcus Aurelius and Seneca. Did you also read it yourself ?

Concerning the group, I guess as of now it feels a bit pointless ? There is not much activity, but in order to make people be more present there should actually be something to do ...

Perhaps, what about an online book club ? We could organize in a group, pick a book, red one chapter per week and discuss it and give our thought on the forum ?

message 34: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Francesco: Thanks for responding: Yes, I have read Aurelius. I think around 5 years ago: As I was dabbling in metaphysical meaninglessness, Stoicism gave me something to hold my life. However -- I found that it was all about me and focused on myself. Aurelius is extremely popular.

That is a good idea. As a Polymath group, we could talk about different books and earlier Polymaths.

How does that sound? Maybe we can have a format.

message 35: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments @Rick what is professional focus as of now? (or, if i want to learn something, to start with, from you what would that be ?)

message 36: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments *is your

message 37: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Yeah, maybe start off simple with a book discussion.

message 38: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Abhinaba: Computer Scientist.

message 39: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Erick: Book discussion about the book we read?

message 40: by Abhinaba (new)

Abhinaba | 9 comments Let's start with a book then.
For now, four people are active (@Francesco, @Rick, @Erick, me). How about picking up on a common genre between us, read it, discuss it and then attack newer ones?

message 41: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Sounds good.

message 42: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments Common Genre? That's hard -- Perhaps, you can read the genre that you are interested. After you read it, you can share about it. We would ask questions from the book due to our curiosity.

From your readings/understanding -- I can learn/understand, rather than reading the same book [Renu, Eric, Abhinaba, Francesco].

Now -- you could argue that we would have four different perspectives on the same book (or) idea.

But I don't think we four would have the same book in common.

For a Polymath, one has to branch out to many different slices of human knowledge. Next, master them and create a new form of knowledge. Look into reading habits of Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Da Vinci, Leon Alberti.

message 43: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @all: Thoughts, comments?

message 44: by Francesco (new)

Francesco Ducci | 5 comments Sorry guys, I've been very busy lately with exams and work ; hopefully I'l be more free in September but, as of now, I am on hold.

message 45: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments Ah! This thread has died! Oh no, Why?

message 46: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) Well, I can't speak for the others but I've been busy. Preparing for a trip to Washington D.C. on the 11th and I'm trying to read as much Founding Father/American history as I can before I go. lol

message 47: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments Let's grab a coffee or something? I live close to D.C.

message 48: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Renu: Disappeared :( I wanted to get my feet in mathematics. You were the only person I came across.

message 49: by Erick (new)

Erick Romero (ericknogueiraromero) That sounds great, Rick! Let's do that.

message 50: by Rick (new)

Rick Sam (gottfried_leibniz) | 39 comments @Renu: Absconded 🤣

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