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Great American Read
Shannon Shannon Jun 23, 2018 05:26AM
Hey fellow worms! I work at one of my local libraries and we are all over this PBS Great American Read challenge! First of all- I am really curious how and why the 100 that they chose for this made the cut and then I'm really REALLY curious who is going to actually win. Wondering if any of you have voted, on what and what are some of your opinions on the list. I got 37 out of the 100 (not terrible) and since then I've read three more. I have to say- I was NOT impressed by 1984 but that maybe just me? Anyway- looking forward to your thoughts!

Hi Shannon, I think a better title would be "America's Best-Loved Novels by 21st Century Readers" because this 100 appears to be aimed at current readers. Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys are missing. Updike's "Rabbit Tetrology" missing (massive sales and 2 pulitzers). And I don't believe for a second that Americans love War and Peace more than Anna K, Tolstoy's true masterpiece. That's just 3 of many items I didn't care for. I guess I'm not the target audience for these 100 books.

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