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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA/ contemporary romance: Rock star/lead singer of a very famous band in Hollywood meets journalist (who has lost her husband a few years ago), journalist gets set up by her best friend to interview said rock star for a magazine. [s]

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Celine | 2 comments turns out journalist has already met the rock star many years ago when he wasn't that famous yet, I think they already kissed back then, (but not sure) she then feels guilty for betraying her boyfriend, when she gets home to her boyfriend she finds out that he is cheating on her with some chick, he feels very sorry and they make up and he proposes to her, she says yes and shortly after he mysteriously dies.
A few years later she meets the rock star again in said interview, they reconnect and he tells her that he always tried to find her, they decide to have a fling in some hotel room and afterwards they have a romance, he takes her to a lot of concerts ..

Spoiler ahead:
her dead husband then comes back from the dead and it turns out that he just had to be "fake dead" because he was writing an article about something dangerous and he had to die in order to protect her. He comes back and wants his wife back but she's head over heels in love with rockstar dude and theres trouble in paradise

Book plays in Hollywood or California I think, read it 1-2 years ago, male character has brownish hair and heroine has I think blond hair and always wears these band t-shirts, hero lives in beverly hills in a beautiful house overlooking the hills
Its a book series with a lot of follow up books and spin offs with the friend of the journalist

been looking for this book all day, help please??

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Ayshe | 4323 comments Connected by Kim Karr maybe?

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Celine | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Connected by Kim Karr maybe?"
yesss!! thank you!! You're the best!!

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