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This is also pretty simple. I will give you some names of songs and you have to read books with all the words of the song (name) in the title (of the book).

Song Names
1. Revolution (By diplo)
2. Heart by Heart (Demi Lovato)
3. All We Know (Chainsmokers)
4. I Did Something Bad (Taylor Swift)
5. On My Mind (Ellie Goulding)
6. Naturally (Selena Gomez)
7. Sorry not Sorry (Demi Lovato)
8. Roar (Katy Perry)
9. Dark Side (Kelly Clarkson)
10. Attention (Charlie Puth)

The Heart Wants What it Wants (Selena Gomez)
Change of Heart The Heart Wants What it Wants
Wanted The Wants What it Wants
Wanted The What it Wants
The Fault in Our Stars The what it
It what it
What Should Be Wild what

NOTE: You can use different forms of the verbs and nouns
wanted----for want is okay
succeed----for success is okay
scare----for scary is okay

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Tahmina (tpopal) I'm In:

Do I do all the songs listed above?

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Tahmina wrote: "I'm In:

Do I do all the songs listed above?"

Its up to you.

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