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For monthly challenges we will read books with reference to the commemorative days of each month.

For this years July Challenge we will read books for these commemorative days:

1.Canada Day 1st July
For this day read:
a) a book that is set in Canada
b) a book in which a character is Canadian
c) some part of the story takes place in Canada

2. National Doctors Day (India) 1st July
In honor of this day read:
a) a book in which at least one character is a doctor
b) a part of the story takes place in a hospital
c) a book which takes place in India at some point, or has an Indian character.

3. World Chocolate Day July 7th
For this important day wink read:
a) a book while eating a chocolate
b) a book which has brown color in the cover
c) a book in which at least one character is a chocoholic

2018 Complete Lunar Eclipse 31st July
For this read:
a) a book that has moon, lunar, night, space, sky, nocturnal etc. in title.
b) a book from the Lunar Shelf or the Nocturnal Self or the Eclipse Shelf or from the Night Shelf
c) a book that has stars, moon, the night sky, planets etc. on the cover

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