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Gavin Abdollahi  (gavthereader) | 22 comments Prologue

The Knight In Shining Armor stood in front of the obsidian gate, his radiant coverings a stark and brightly shining white contrast to the forgotten city's entrance's opaque black darkness. With both his armored hands he clasped the golden hilt of the Shining Blade, its extremely sharp tip buried within the rocky mountain's terrain.
The smell of death surrounded the warrior, rotten and horrifying and everywhere; a fitting scent for the City of the Decaying.
This was his life. Everyday he stood in front of this gate, guarding it from whatsoever might approach, making sure that nothing entered, and more importantly, nothing exited. The gate was not to be opened at any cost; for if it was opened... The world would enter yet another age of darkness and chaos, becoming an ocean of blood and shattered bones.
From behind the gate came the screams of the Decaying, shrieks of all shapes and sizes, each one heart wrenching and nightmare inducing. They haunted the knight in his sleep, in his dreams... Then again, he never had dreams; only nightmares.
Many times the warrior's resolve had faltered, and every time he had pulled it back to himself. His soul was never at ease, and his heart was always heavy; but he soldiered on, always shouldering the impossible burden laden with the million of years of torture and torment of thousands upon thousands of men, women and children.
Of course, his whole day wasn't like that. He was only on guard duty for twelve hours a day; one of the job's best benefits was that the feelings of doom and despair that he accumulated over his work time stayed at work, meaning that whenever he turned off his Light, he also turned off those emotions. Turning his Light back on, though... That was one of the hardest challenges he had to face every single day of his life, and it got harder and harder after every sunset.
"LET ME OUT!!!" came one of the Decaying's blood curdling shrieks, followed by a furious pounding of fists on the gate. The banging subsided after a few seconds; their deteriorating bodies could only hold in so much energy. The event hadn't made the knight jump, but it did add to the things that haunted his soul.
"Quiet," he whispered. "All I want is some quiet."
His eyes shut and his thoughts drifted off towards thoughts of tranquility; green fields and clear blue skies, mushy sand and salty oceans...
All of a sudden, the knight felt it. He felt the peace, so real that it drowned out the Decaying, so real that it brought a small smile to his face. So real that...
...That it was too good to be true.
The knight's eyes flung open, ripping away the sweet illusion. The City of the Decaying had fallen silent, an omen that was always followed by something terrible. Usually, it meant that someone other than the two Knights In Shining Armor was approaching.
The warrior pulled his blade out of the ground, just enough to remove it up to its tip. Sure enough, a shape was approaching through the hazy mist that surrounded the city. The knight activated his Vision, enabling his eyes to clearly see through the fog. Upon seeing the invader, he smiled and stuck his sword back into the ground. As the being exited the mist, the knight spread his arms wide, awaiting an embrace.
Instead, he got a knife to his stomach.
It all happened so fast. The knight couldn't react; he wasn't expecting an attack. Even if he was, he couldn't have done a thing.
The smile was wiped of his face, replaced by a look of horror.
"No," he gasped.
The assailant withdrew his knife, drawing forth a gush of liquid light. The knight fell onto his knees, hands clasping his wound, hot light gushing against his armored palms.
"Don't!" he wheezed, falling onto his side. His attacker kneeled down in front of him, covering his helmet's visor with a palm.
"Don't!" he repeated, gritting his teeth. The Light was already kicking in, stitching his armor and flesh back together, but not as fast as it should have. The knife must have been coated with something incredibly powerful.
"Please," he pleaded, a tear streaming down his right cheek. The attacker remained silent, palm starting to glow a dazzling white, blinding the knight.
The Knight In Shining Armor lost all his senses, as well as all his memories. He lay motionless on the ground, helplessly limp, nothing running except the vital things needed to keep him alive.

The attacker arose, sheathing the knife. Whilst walking towards the gate, an obsidian cube was withdrawn, its dimensions exactly matching the hollow space carved into the gate.
The attacker reached the gate, immediately inserting the box. The gate gave a shudder, and the cube merged into the wall. The assailant trembled with excitement; it was finally time.
The gate shuddered yet again. However, instead of crumbling away, as had been expected, two more hollow spaces appeared, one for a sphere and another for a tiny pyramid.
The attacker's teeth were ground together. A high pitched siren blared, alerting the rest of the Final Defense.
Reluctantly accepting defeat, the assailant turned around. Neither the blade nor the on the knight was where it should have been.
Things had not gone according to its plan.

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