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Name: Slush
Age: 14 moons
gender: She wolf
Rank: Loner

History: Slush never knew who her parents were, as she was abandoned to fend for herself at a young age.

Personality: Slush is a very happy wolf, but can get lonely. Her dream is to explore.

Family: ????
Mate: OPEN
Pups: OPEN

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||•| Wren |•||
||•| 19 in dog years |•||
||•| she-wolf |•||
||•| loner |•||

||•| Appearance |•||

||•| Personality |•||
Wren has a fiery spirit and always has a small light in her eyes. When that light is gone you something isn't right. She normally has a very friendly and cheerful attitude, but don't let this fool you. She could easily switch from kind to mean. Along with her fiery spirit, Wren also has a hot temper. When angered she can get very mean and unapproachable, but once she does calm down, Wren usually feels awful.

||•| History |•||
Wren and her family were attacked almost three moons ago. Both of her parents and three siblings were killed by a bear. Wren had almost died as well. What saved her was when the bear had flung her against a tree, knocking her unconscious. When she woke up she had no memory of her family or what happened. She didn't even remember her name or who she was.
She regained the knowledge of who she was through dreams she had gotten when she slept. She had dreams of a silvery she-wolf who would call out her name faintly, but then would disappear and Wren would wake up.
Wren is now wandering near the border of Forest Pack with a long gash across her side. She received the injury when another loner had fought her for the rabbit she had caught.

||•| Family |•||
She doesn't remember them.
||•| Mate/Crush |•||
Please ask before creating
||•| Pups |•||
Wants them

||•| Other |•||
She doesn't remember her past.
She is injured by Forest Pack.
Her howler name if she ever joins a pack will be Wrensoul.

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Name: Eclipse
Age: 27 moons
Gender: She wolf
Rank: Loner


History: Eclipse was abandoned from birth, and she set out to adventure for herself. She found a small groups of wolves who invited her along with their travels. At one point, they went through a very dangerous forest, but no body one why. Suddenly, hunters exploded from the bushes and started firing at the group of wolves. Being scared, eclipse fled from the scene, rest of the wolves falling down behind her. She was able to escape with a shot to her shoulder. She collapsed next to a large lake, where she found another wolf approach her. The wolf was silent, and started putting herbs on her shoulder. She left, all she said was "Lake pack"
Many moons later, she is lost along the mountain, hoping to find this so called "Lake pack"

Personaily: Eclipse is a very kind wolf, a little shy, but adventurous. She is also quite pretty.

FAMILY: ????
Mate: OPEN
Kits; OPEN
Other: She is going to join Lake pack

Crimson_Indigo | Moonshine (backinblack) Name: Blaze
Age: 29 moons
Gender: she wolf
Rank: loner

A dark ginger she wolf with green eyes. Slender build and short, soft fur. She has black toes and ear tips. She is pretty, and has a scratch along her shoulder, running to her mid back.

She was born alone, as she was abandoned. She couldn't remember any family and scavanged for food. She was nice, and never hurt any wolf except rouges trying to steal from her or hurt her. She learned about the packs from a misalanius wolf. She steers clear form the territory, but it is hard, as they have a large territory. A twoleg tried hunting her and she bit him, fleeing onto Snowpack territory until she could narrowly escape.

Personality: kind, fierce, loyal, on alert, sensitive, and secretive. She will help just about anyone. She cares so much that she has been lead into several traps made by rouges.

Family: Unknown
Mate: OPEN
Pups: OPEN
Other: she is the wolf who saved Leafstar.

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Rock Name: Haze, but goes by two nicknames: "Coyote" "Gash"
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Rank: Loner

Appearance: Coyote is a huge, muscular, broad bodied black wolf. He has a large "gash" going from one eye to the other, long legs and tail. Big ears, and deep green eyes. His fur is considered by most to be longer than most. While that may cover up most of the scars on his hide, his face still has more than the rest of him.

History: Coyote had a name that he can hardly remember that was given to him by his mother. This is because the first thing he remembered was being called coyote by his kin. Coyote was the smallest of his litter(If wolves come in litters) and was always forced to play as one in there games. He was usually pinned first, and always being dominated by his family. Once he was old enough to leave, he did. Not even noticing he had outgrown half of his family. Soon he was alone in the world and had to learn to fend for himself. While stalking an elk one day he was tackled to the ground by a very angry she wolf. SHe bared her teeth in a snarl and told him to stop hunting in the forest hillside pack's land. At first Coyote, leaving his real name Haze behind, didn't take her that seriously. He had grown quite large in his time alone, and had gained muscle from hunting alone, but this she-wolf was something else. Despite being larger than her, she sent him running with his tail between his legs, and a gash for him to remember her by. After that he tended to stay away from pack territory.

Personality: Haze puts the lone in loner. He likes to have a lot of time to himself, and usually tried to avoid any wolves at all cost. Not to say he hasn't tried to bully a few wolves for getting in his way, or fend himself off from rogues, but he still tends to try to have the quiet life. Although when faced with socialization he is calm and collected, or just not putting enough faith in the person he's met.

Family: To far to worry about.
Mate: Tots open!
Pups: None at the moment.
Other: I need a someone's she wolf to be the one that gave him the gash across the eyes.

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Hey, would you like Eclipse and Haze to be mates?

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||•| Omorose |•||
|• Means Beauty •|
|• Fourteen Dog Years •|
|• Loner •|

||•| Appearance |•||

||•| Personality |•||
She is generally a sweet-tempered wolf. She use to be very close to her brother, Storm because he came with her to live with their father instead of staying with their mother and sister. She is saddened by his passing and wished that he was still with her. However, she does have a temper and if you know what she hates the most, you would set her off very easily. She loves to hunt and prefers not to fight, but will if she has no other choice.

||•| History |•||
Omorose was born to Rust and Star. Two wolves from completely different pasts. The were complete opposites, so it wasn't a surprise when Rust left his children and mate. Though after they were weaned he came back and this time Omorose went with him. Though before they left Storm decided to come with.

After that she grew very close to her brother. Sadly though their father left them on their own. By this time they had just turned fourteen dog years old. Omorose and Storm had tagged along with another loner family. This family soon after got attacked by a bear. Storm had told his sister to run and that was exactly what she did, well more like she hid in a crevice where she could watch.

What she watched has been sheared into her mind ever since. There were only two survivors in this attack and sadly the second was not her brother. No, the second was on of the children, a daughter. Her name was, Wren.

||•| Family |•||
• father • 49 dog years • (view spoiler) • rouge
• mother • 44 dog years • (view spoiler) • loner
• brother • 14 dog years • deceased
• Sister • 14 dog years • (view spoiler) • loner

||•| Mate/Crush |•||
Open for creation, please ask first.

||•| Pups |•||
None, yet

||•| Other |•||

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Name: Shade( use to be Shadewhisperer. but t was to long. if she ever joined a pack that would be her name )
Age: 14 Dog years
Gender: Female
Personality: shade as a loving personality. she is loyal to her family.she is the little, gentle, and calm one of the family. she hates to kill anything even prey. but she has to eat to survive, so she has gotten over killing prey. but she has to help any wolf who is dying.
History: all she had growing up was her mother and her father. all of her siblings are dead, she only had 2 a brother and sister, they were tripelets. one day when she was only 3 years old( in dogs years ) her parents died because of a family of rogue wolves. the Snowpack had a patrol that was close by they saved her but they were to late for her parents. she ran away when no one was watching while they led her back to the pack. she has been grateful to the snow pack for as long as she could remember. she has been watching them for awhile now. she has started to notice another strange wolf watching the pack.
Family: father and mother died so none
Pups: none yet
other: she really wants to join the snow pack.

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