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message 1: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Hocking (cahocking) | 5 comments Hello. I have just launched a new book cover for "Sarah Ann Elliott Book 1" but can't replace the old one. Can you please add the new book cover for me? Here is the link:
Many thanks

message 2: by Rina (new)

message 3: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23477 comments If you want to set the new edition as the default view, here's how:

message 4: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Hocking (cahocking) | 5 comments Thank you!

message 5: by Dr. Phoenix (new)

Dr. Phoenix (phoenixangelfire) | 8 comments Greetings, I find it very difficult to figure out the process for attributing a cover. The title I just completed has indeed a hardback and Kindle cover image but not for the paperback version.

Could you please add or update an image for this as they are the same?

the book is ISBN 9780190217266

and I have placed a cover image in my profile to assist you.

Many thanks for your kind assistance

message 6: by Abcdarian (last edited Jun 23, 2018 07:15PM) (new)

Abcdarian | 23477 comments #5: Cover added from Amazon, as we are required to check that the ISBNs match before adding cover. Only librarians can add covers, except authors to their own books.

message 7: by Dr. Phoenix (new)

Dr. Phoenix (phoenixangelfire) | 8 comments Thank you for following up on this. Much appreciated.


message 8: by Leon (new)

Leon | 4 comments Hello, I have a new book cover for this book. Can you please replace this one with the one on Amazon, for both e-book and paperback? Thanks. Escape from Marcy

Here's the amazon link:

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