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message 1: by D.C. (new)

D.C. Burton (dc_burton) | 6 comments I am writing a mythological fiction surrounding the apocalyptic ending of the sixth age of mankind, based on Homer six ages. The novella is a framed story with each chapter playing as a short story from a different characters POV.

I'm not looking for anything too specific, but there were a few questions I at least want to be answered:

1. Does the framed structure (with different POV in each chapter) add to or take away from the flow of the story?
2. Would you say the pieces are overwritten, underwritten, or detailed enough based on this being a novella?
3. Any general critiques on plot, language, etc.

For those looking for more to read, I do also have short stories of other genres I am looking for critique on.

Thank you,
D.C Memoir

message 2: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Roy (lucyroy) | 7 comments I'm working on a YA paranormal also based in Greek mythology. Any interest in doing a swap? I've got 12 chapters so far.

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