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message 1: by Jw (new)

Jw | 16 comments In reality sword in the darkness was not a short story but a 450 page novel which was one of the first novels that king ever completed while still young, it was rejected by 12 publishers and was given up on, the story concern a gang who are attempting to start a down town riot while so that they can commit series a major down town robberys, what I assume is the main characture is coping with the suicide of his pregnant sister and the sudden death of his mother, king often refers to this novel as a downer novel. We'll any way you know the plot and all about it now let me tell you why i have added this to the short story's , a lengthy segment of the novel has been published in rocky wood and it tells you all about a rather interesting character. I will not say anymore as I will ruin it for those who want to find and read it. Also I would like it if people would look more into this and discuss it on this page. Last there is no hope of the full novel ever being published

message 2: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 4059 comments I found this: 1970 Sword in the Darkness (unpublished novel)
Sword in the Darkness is the title of an unpublished novel. It is the longest of King's unpublished works, at approximately 485 pages (150,000 words) in length. Upon its completion in April 1970, it was rejected by twelve publishers. King has said that he now considers it unpublishable and intends for it never to be released to the public. The book's plot includes a character dealing with the suicide of his pregnant sister and the death of his mother from a brain tumor, and another character, a black activist lawyer, who incites a riot after speaking at a local high school. In 2006, a lengthy excerpt from the book was published in Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished, by Rocky Wood et al. (Cemetery Dance Publications, March 2006). The excerpt related the back-story of one character, a teacher named Edie Rowsmith. It is effectively a stand-alone horror-story in the style of the early Stephen King.

I may be wrong, but I believe the reason we don't post about this or consider it for discussion here is because King himself says that not only will it never be published, it will also never be available to the public. It's stored in the Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine and can only be viewed with he permission which we are not likely to get.

Discussing it here would be a bit like us finding reference to a long letter he wrote and trying to discuss or analyze that.

message 3: by Jw (new)

Jw | 16 comments Alright but I Sam sure there are many members of this group that can discuss what they think as they own rocky wood

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