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♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Place holder for BR- One Part Woman

message 2: by Harish (new)

Harish Challapalli (harishchallapalli) | 302 comments Mod
i am interested to read this book..let me know the starting time..

message 3: by Srav (new)

Srav (perspectives) | 14 comments Hi,

Currently Vamsi and I are reading Sacred Games- both of us are planning to start this once that buddy read is completed! So, mostly around July beginning we will start this book.


♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Am happy to see more members are interested to read this one as Buddy Read.

Members interested as of now:
- Harish
- Sridevi
- Sravya
- Vamsi

Inka evaraina join avutara ? We are planning to read this in July.

Uday/Priya/Eesha/Samba/Ganadeep ?

message 5: by Uday (new)

Uday Kanth (udayk) | 42 comments I've already read it last year. So I don't wanna reead it again but will be more than happy to participate in discussions.

♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Ok, that would be great Uday.

message 7: by Siva (new)

Siva (samba_siva) | 108 comments I am in the middle of few books.. I want to complete those first... i can join u all in july 1st week

message 8: by Harish (new)

Harish Challapalli (harishchallapalli) | 302 comments Mod
July first week is fine for me

message 9: by Priya (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 298 comments Mod
I read a part of 'One part woman' some time ago. I would have joined the BR, but I have a few books lined up for this month. Thank you for asking, though:)

message 10: by ♛ ѶaɱՏ¡ (new)

♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
ok, i have started 'One Part Woman' today and planning to complete by this month end.

message 11: by Srav (new)

Srav (perspectives) | 14 comments I’ve also downloaded a copy (please message me if you would link the link!) and I plan to finish by next week if all goes well!

message 12: by Srav (new)

Srav (perspectives) | 14 comments I finished reading yesterday, so I’m ready for any discussion!

message 13: by ♛ ѶaɱՏ¡ (new)

♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Am at 30+ pages only.

@Sravya, Book mottam lo meeku baga nachina ok dialogue/quote /scene cheppandi.

message 14: by Srav (new)

Srav (perspectives) | 14 comments Naaku aithe book motham chaala nachindhi, but my favorite scene is probably the ending. Asalu expect cheyyaledhu kaani I could understand. It's such a heartwrenching story.

message 15: by ♛ ѶaɱՏ¡ (new)

♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Yeah...true .. story and narration is heart touching. Last page tarvata, intena, appude aipoyinda anipinchindi.

Katha jarigina period may be around 19th Century ! So chala vishayala morality ni question cheyalemu.

English translation is good.

Evarikaina telugu lo chadavalanipiste : Olga anuvadam - try cheyandi.

Check out this as well:

message 16: by Harish (new)

Harish Challapalli (harishchallapalli) | 302 comments Mod
Been very busy at work.. no single book this month till date.. very tight schedule, work wise.. not sure if I can read any of the books from GR or BR..

message 17: by ♛ ѶaɱՏ¡ (new)

♛ ѶaɱՏ¡  TM (vamsikrishnatm) | 350 comments Mod
Ok, no worries Harish.

Wow ! 3 of us completed reading - One Part Woman, as planned. Am glad that we selected this book for BR and i enjoyed reading it. Do let me know if you know any similar writings in Telugu.

message 18: by Srav (new)

Srav (perspectives) | 14 comments Just came back to comment that One Part Woman has 2 new sequels- or, alternate endings, as Murugan has stated. So, if anyone is interested to buddy read that, I will hold off on completing those!

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