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Sarah Clay (sarahclay) | 1 comments 53,000 words give or take.
Beta readers required.

Beautiful, broken and hiding her past.

He was exactly what I should have stayed away from, after growing up the way I had; I had a plan for my life.
But sometimes things didn't go to plan and maybe running head first into Ryan Lawson wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Damaged, jealous and lost.

I'd been playing the game for as long as I could remember.
Never letting anyone in out of fear they would leave, just like my parents.

Will Ryan realize too late that she might be worth letting in or will he lose more then he can handle?
Will Eden continue to stay quiet about her past or finally let someone in to show her she is enough?

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Richard Hutchison | 21 comments I have a contemporary romance that I am currently rewriting, would you like to swap?

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