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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Kaufman (ruth_kaufman) | 52 comments My Life as a Star: A Romantic Comedy


1) My new book My Life as a Star has been attributed to the wrong Ruth Kaufman.

It should be to me,,

2) Is there something I can do in the future to prevent has happened several times before?

Thank you in advance,

Ruth Kaufman

message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23463 comments Book moved to your profile, which uses 2 spaces between your first and last names for book sorting purposes. Auto-imports will go to the default, single-space profile, so the only way to prevent your books going there is if you add them first yourself, using the 2 spaces in the author name. Once a particular ISBN/ASIN is on Goodreads, it will not be auto-imported. But it's a very easy fix for a librarian to add the extra space and move the books, though a bit of a nuisance for you to watch for them.

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Kaufman (ruth_kaufman) | 52 comments Hello Abcdarian,

Thank you so much!! I appreciate your speedy reply and your suggestions and assistance.


message 4: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23463 comments You're quite welcome. :-)

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