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Mariyam Hasnain (mariyamhasnain) | 9 comments Is marriage always a happy ending or there’s much much more hidden behind those closed doors ( Or Hearts)?

A desire, if you don’t pursue, would break you apart.

A wish which compels you to challenge the beliefs of a conventional relationship.

What is Shikha’s wish?
Why it is forbidden?
Where would it take her?


“Can’t you sit still… I’m shaping the features. And please, brush that hair away from your face.” Neil’s voice was soft, yet commanding enough to make Shikha’s heart race.
“No, no, not that… Oh, okay, just let me do it for you.”
As he came close, his body warmth floated around her. The brush of his fingers, clay all over them, on her forehead; a shiver ran down her spine. Butterflies fluttered harder. Almost ready to tear her stomach. Her heart thumped even harder, making it difficult for her to breathe. A choking feeling wouldn’t let her inhale oxygen. All she could inhale was the musky fragrance of his cologne mixed with his own scent as he stood just an inch away from her.
His broad chest was exposed in a blue vest, sweat drops traveling from his temple to his Adam’s apple before touching down the chiseled expanse of his gorgeous chest. She felt her fingers aching with an intense need to touch those taut muscles.
Oh! God! I want to breathe, and this man is not letting me do that. I will die if he doesn’t go away in another ten seconds.
“I’m sorry. I can’t do this.” She pushed Neil in the chest and scurried past him, darting out of the outhouse.


The Forbidden Wish is a story of a woman who challenges the societal norms. But would she be able to pursue her desire.
Find out now.
The short read is out now from Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited.
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