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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance - College age female, father of a non-friend friend. [s]

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Mindy (mindo_the_great) | 16 comments Romance, older male, college age female - possibly considered in the 18 + reader category. I read it as an e-book within the last two years.

The female lead is either a recent college graduate on a road trip with her roommate and the roommate's other friends. One of the friends doesn't care for the protagonist, but it's that girl's father's beach house that they're going to for their vacation/break. The girl's father and mother divorced when she was young and she grew up with minimal interaction with him. He's a photographer who became well to do with some famous photos. Because of the tension between the two females, the protagonist doesn't spend a lot of time with the group of girls flirting the college age boys nearby, but rather interacting mostly with the father, which leads to a romance where they continue to second guess themselves. It does resolve into a HEA ending.

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Mindy (mindo_the_great) | 16 comments Ayshe wrote: "Wreck Me?"

Bless you!!! I scanned right past that book on my Kindle multiple times in the last week. I just couldn't remember the cover or title. THANK YOU Ayshe!

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Mindy (mindo_the_great) | 16 comments SOLVED

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