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Some of the houses (specifically House Moonshiver) have pre-existing characters. All these characters will be posted below and sorted by house with a brief description.

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House Moonshiver

Some of the names have meanings, so those are in parentheses after each name that has one.

Kolfinna Moonshiver (white lady): Affectionately known as Finn, Kolfinna is the eldest Moonshiver House member. Originally, she was supposed to inherit the title of Moonshiver Matriarch, but after she found out that she was barren, she passed on the title to the sister closest in age to her, Asphodel. Finn mostly keeps to herself, away from all the family drama. Wolfram, her husband, is her confidante and most trusted companion. She's almost never seen without him as his calming presence helps the mental issues she developed under her unstable mother's 'reign of terror.' She is also a fairly respected priestess.

Wolfram Nightwing: Wolfram is Finn's husband and has vowed to always stay by her side, comforting her as best he can.

Athanasius Moonshiver (immortal): Athanasius is the second oldest Moonshiver member. He's renowned for being late to everything, but he is one of the politest, most open-minded of the Moonshivers. He was once married to Alyssandra Nightkill (a sister of Anastasia Nightkill), but she was mysteriously murdered a number of years ago. Rumor has it that she was pregnant with her and Athanasius's first child when she died, but no one can confirm or deny it.

Asphodel Moonshiver: Asphodel is the third Moonshiver sibling. She was never meant to be the matriarch, but she was next in line for the title and inherited the position when Kolfinna's infertility disqualified her. She married Ozul Darkmoon, the son of an upper class business tycoon, and had two daughters with him: Eirlys and Ennata. She and her younger sister, Belladonna, are extremely close and always have been. Funny that Ozul and Eoghan never bonded...
She is also a priestess, like her older sister.

Ozul Darkmoon (shadow): Ozul is the son of a successful business tycoon. He fell in love with and married Asphodel, but he has little to no interest in the politics and melodramas of the Great Houses. His business sense has helped House Moonshiver a great deal though.

Lucien Moonshiver (light): Lucien is the next sibling after Asphodel.

Killian Moonshiver (battle, strife): Killian is the next sibling after Lucien and is constantly getting in trouble for running his mouth.

Belladonna Moonshiver: Belladonna is the sibling after Killian. She and Asphodel are extremely close, but many would say that she was more suited for the role of matriarch than Asphodel with her commanding presence and authority. She married Eoghan Starshine (from House Starshine) and had nine children with him: Ianira, Velika, Lycidas, Arawn, Catriona, Melchior, Melantha, Badriyah, and Isolde. Ianira is her favorite, and she's been grooming her for high priesthood practically since she was born. In fact, she plans for all her daughters to be priestesses of some level or another as she is one herself.

Eoghan Starshine (young warrior): Eoghan married Belladonna and then proceeded to have nine children with her, which was fine with him since he didn't have to carry them for nine months inside his nonexistent womb. He mainly keeps to himself, doing god knows what, but he is very close with his little sister, Eluria.

Kairos Moonshiver: Kairos is the next sibling after Belladonna. She is the only unmarried sister and is the socialite of the family. She can be a bit flighty, but she can be very useful for information as she is one of the gossips of the Great Houses. She is also a moderately experienced priestess.

Silvan Moonshiver (forest): Silvan is the youngest Moonshiver sibling. He doesn't speak much, but he is the sweetest of the siblings. It's rumored that his unstable mother scared him into becoming mute around certain people or in certain situations.

Ianira Moonshiver (enchantress): Ianira is Belladonna's favorite child, and she is especially close with her sister, Velika. She doesn't have a close relationship with any of her siblings as her mother keeps her busy with as much practice and learning about the High Goddess as possible.

Velika Moonshiver (falling one): Velika is very close with Ianira and is kind of the mother hen to the rest of her siblings. She is in training with Ianira to become a priestess, but she doesn't mind that her mother clearly prefers Ianira.

Lycidas Moonshiver (wolf son): Lycidas normally only talks freely around Arawn (his twin) and Isolde. With other people present, he hides in his shell.

Arawn Moonshiver (named after a Celtic death god): Arawn is always in trouble, like his uncle, Killian. He and Isolde are especially close and enjoy pulling pranks together.

Catriona Moonshiver: Catriona is the expert cosmetic artist in the family and, like Kairos, is a social butterfly with a plethora of friends.

Melchior Moonshiver: Melchior does not get along well with Isolde or Arawn. He is a rule follower and is usually trying to remind his immature siblings of their places and duties.

Melantha Moonshiver (dark flower): Melantha is often looked over, but she is very intelligent. She also likes to shop with Catriona and Badriyah.

Badriyah Moonshiver (full moon): Badriyah almost has as much energy as Isolde does. She and Melantha and Catriona are very close, but she likes when Catriona can get Isolde to come along on their outings.

Isolde Moonshiver: Isolde is the wild child of the bunch, although many people would mistakenly say that about Arawn instead, partly because he is male. Isolde says what she thinks without thinking of the consequences, but it's a refreshing change from the double talk and vague implications of high society. She does not want to become a priestess but knows that she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Eirlys Moonshiver (snowdrop): Eirlys is Asphodel's eldest daughter and the quiet one. She is close with her sister, Ennata, but not her mother, and she is in training to be a priestess.

Ennata Moonshiver (goddess): Ennata is the bubbly, cheerful one of Asphodel's daughters. Eirlys is her best friend, but she doesn't have much of a relationship with her mother as Asphodel is always busy with House affairs.

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House Deathshadow

Corisande Deathshadow: Corisande is one of the youngest matriarchs, but she is also among the strictest. Like Belladonna, she plans for all her daughters to become priestesses, but unlike Belladonna, she is actually not a priestess herself.

Jairus Deathshadow: Jairus is Corisande's consort and has almost reached the rank of general in the army.

Olympia Deathshadow: Olympia is one of Corisande's oldest children and is well on her way to high priesthood.

Jagger Deathshadow: Jagger is another of Corisande's elder children. He's known for being a flirt and a tease, and he and Ianira do not get along well.

Odile Deathshadow: Odile is also an older child of Corisande. She and Jagger are close, and she is a respected priestess, though she isn't anywhere near Olympia's level.

Odette Deathshadow: Odette is a younger child of Corisande. Her plans for her future concerning priesthood are far from being set in stone.

Griswold Deathshadow: Griswold is also a younger child of Corisande.

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House Starshine

Augustina Starshine: Augustina is the matriarch of House Starshine and is one of the eldest matriarchs. Even though her House is slipping, she still remains graceful and charming as ever, a true, persevering woman. She is also an upper tier priestess.

Ignatius Stormwing: Ignatius is Augustina's consort and a distant relative of House Stormwing. He took the surname when he married Augustina.

Eoghan Starshine: Eoghan is one of Augustina's middle children. He married Belladonna Moonshiver and had nine children. He is especially close with his little sister, Eluria, but hasn't seen the rest of his family almost since he married Belladonna.

Eluria Starshine: Eluria is Eoghan's bachelorette sister. She's courted before but has never been in a serious relationship.

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House Bravewolf

Calista Bravewolf: Calista is the young matriarch of House Bravewolf. She doesn't have much experience, but she's doing exceedingly well with the advice of her family and trusted advisors. She is also a low level priestess.

Salome Bravewolf: Salome is Calista's younger sister. The two siblings had a major falling out a few years ago, and Salome now lives in House Starshine with her husband, Talbot Starshine, and their children.

Renwick Bravewolf: Renwick is Calista's oldest child. He's not particularly bright and is often the butt of jokes.

Lothaire Bravewolf: Lothaire is one of Calista's younger children and is a talented swordsman.

House Nightkill

Anastasia Nightkill: Anastasia is the matriarch of House Nightkill. She has an odd relationship with Athanasius Moonshiver as he was married to her now-deceased, older sister, Alyssandra.

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House Stormwing

Feronia Stormwing: Feronia is the Stormwing Matriarch. She is a distant relative of Augustina Starshine's consort, Ignatius, but she and Ignatius don't really talk as they didn't grow up together.

House Bloodomen

Orenda Bloodomen: Orenda is the Bloodomen House Matriarch. She is a moderately aged matriarch and genuinely loves getting to know the other Houses' members.

House Seajewel

Sorcha Seajewel: Sorcha is the Seajewel Matriarch. She's inexperienced as she is the first matriarch of the Seajewel House, but Orenda Bloodomen is kind enough to show her some of the ropes.

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Nightwind Family

The Nightwinds are not a Great House. They're a family of smugglers that trade secretly and illegally with the humans aboveground and engage in petty crime on the side. Anyone can create a Nightwind family member.

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