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Claim characters by commenting below. Here is the list of available roles sorted by House.

Make sure you read the relevant Character Information entries before you fill out the form.

House Moonshiver

Matriarch Asphodel Moonshiver: claimed by Snail
Matriarch Consort Ozul Darkmoon

Other Moonshiver Family Members (in order of oldest to youngest)

Kolfinna Moonshiver: claimed byCcrabby
Wolfram Nightwing
Athanasius Moonshiver: claimed by Snail
Lucien Moonshiver
Killian Moonshiver
Belladonna Moonshiver
Eoghan Starshine
Kairos Moonshiver
Silvan Moonshiver
Ianira Moonshiver: claimed by Snail
Eirlys Moonshiver
Velika Moonshiver
Lycidas Moonshiver
Arawn Moonshiver: claimed by Chess
Ennata Moonshiver
Catriona Moonshiver
Melchior Moonshiver
Melantha Moonshiver: claimed by Crabby
Badriyah Moonshiver
Isolde Moonshiver: claimed by Snail

House Deathshadow

Matriarch Corisande Deathshadow
Matriarch Consort Jairus Deathshadow

Other Deathshadow Family Members (in order of oldest to youngest)

Olympia Deathshadow
Jagger Deathshadow
Odile Deathshadow: claimed by Snail
Odette Deathshadow
Griswold Deathshadow

House Starshine

Matriarch Augustina Starshine
Matriarch Consort Ignatius Stormwing

Other Starshine Family Members (in order of oldest to youngest)

Eoghan Starshine
Eluria Starshine

House Bravewolf

Matriarch Calista Bravewolf

Other Bravewolf Family Members (in order of oldest to youngest)

Renwick Bravewolf
Lothaire Bravewolf

House Nightkill

Matriarch Anastasia Nightkill: claimed by sucre'd fiend

House Stormwing

Matriarch Feronia Stormwing

House Bloodomen

Matriarch Orenda Bloodomen

House Seajewel

Matriarch Sorcha Seajewel: claimed by Crabby

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 4 comments May i take the matriarch of house nightkill?

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments FIEND

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Chess | 384 comments Mod
Leena, you stole my line
{waves excitedly}
Fiend! I haven't seen you around for quite a while - it's awesome to see you again!

the_rabid_snail | 433 comments Mod
@Fiend, absolutely!

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Leena (leena23) | 116 comments I'm sorry Chess, Fiend has that effect on people lol

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