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Now we get to the namesake of the roleplay. There are eight great houses in Halona. These houses have pledged allegiance to the ruling goddess of Halona and the entire country and are required to train some of their family members as priestesses who serve the goddess Nerys in the temples across the city. They all have large estates near the center of town (except for the Moonshiver house) and are the socially elite. The houses in order of most power to least power are:


Each house has a post below briefly describing its history and members. Every matriarch has a name, and you can claim one of them in the Claim a Character thread.

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House Moonshiver

Matriarch: Asphodel Moonshiver
Controls: Halona's water supply and priesthood hierarchy

House Moonshiver has been a Great House for the past few centuries. It started out as a small, non-threatening house, but the now-deceased Morrigan Moonshiver (a previous matriarch) was largely responsible for the house's rise in power. Her daughter, who was more than a little unstable, kept the house in power, but wasn't all that successful in increasing that power during her life time. Under the current matriarch, Asphodel, the house has risen in power, second only to the Deathshadows.
The Moonshiver House has a very strong influence in priesthood, and they also are responsible for protecting the city's water supply.

Asphodel was never meant to be the Moonshiver Matriarch. Her older sister, Kolfinna, was supposed to be the matriarch, but she was never suited for it. Her mother pushed and pushed her to try and mold her into a matriarch, but the final straw came when she found out she was barren, unable to have children. Kolfinna then relinquished the title of matriarch heir to the next sister, Asphodel, who took over when their mother died.
Kolfinna married a regular citizen, not a Great House member like she was originally supposed to. Wolfram Nightwing was from an upper class family, and he was literally a godsend for Kolfinna. She has her own mental issues from her mother, and Wolfram has made it his mission to help heal her ever since he met her.
Asphodel was married before Kolfinna became officially ineligible, so her husband, Ozul Darkmoon, was not a Great House member either.
Kolfinna is the eldest Moonshiver. After her is her brother, Athanasius, then Asphodel, then Lucien, Killian, Belladonna, Kairos, and lastly, Silvan. Asphodel and Ozul have two daughters: Eirlys and Ennata. Belladonna is married to Eoghan Starshine (from House Starshine) and has nine children: Ianira, Velika, the twins Lycidas and Arawn, Catriona, Melchior, Melantha, Badriyah, and Isolde. The only of Asphodel's brothers to ever be married is Athanasius. He married Alyssandra Nightkill (from House Nightkill), but she mysteriously vanished and was later found dead in a ditch. No one has ever pieced together what happened. Lucien, Killian, and Silvan never married, and Kairos is Asphodel's only unmarried sister.
(New family members are free to be created, but please run it by me first.)

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House Deathshadow

Matriarch: Corisande Deathshadow
Controls: Military and law enforcement and has some influence over the priesthood hierarchy

Corisande Deathshadow is one of the moderately aged matriarchs, but she's been the Deathshadow Matriarch for a considerable number of years. The Deathshadows have a great deal of influence in the military and law enforcement departments, which is a major reason why they are the most powerful house today. Corisande's consort, Jairus, is actually almost a general in the military.
Among Corisande's multiple children are Olympia (a high priestess), Jagger, Odile (on her way to becoming a high priestess), Odette, and Griswold, though there are others.
(Any children or other family of Corisande are free to be created.)

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House Starshine

Matriarch: Augustina Starshine
Controls: Plantations that are largely responsible for Halona's food supply and has some sway over the priesthood hierarchy

Augustina Starshine is one of the eldest matriarchs, and her consort is Ignatius, a distant relative of House Stormwing. She has several children, including Eoghan (consort to Belladonna Moonshiver) and Eluria. Several of her children also are married and have their own kids.
There is one daughter of Augustina that died several years ago. Evelina was the life of House Starshine until she mysteriously died. After her death, House Starshine started into its decline.
(Any children or other family of Augustina are free to be created.)
House Starshine has fallen into decline over the past couple decades. Some of it isn't their fault; an unfortunate string of disasters severely damaged their power and resources. It's rumored that another of the houses purposely sabotaged them, but the members of other houses have been pointing fingers at each other for years with little to no results.

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House Bravewolf

Matriarch: Calista Bravewolf
Controls: Weapons supply and distribution and owns some cattle ranches

Calista Bravewolf is another of the younger matriarchs. (Currently her consort is without a name, so if anyone wants to play him, they get complete control over his name, appearance, personality, etc.)
Two of her children are her sons: Renwick and Lothaire (a skilled swordsman for his age).
(Any siblings or other children of Calista are also completely free to be created.)

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House Seajewel

Matriarch: Sorcha Seajewel
Controls: Mines

Sorcha Seajewel is the matriarch of the newest Great House. House Seajewel came into existence only about a decade ago, and Sorcha has been the matriarch from the very beginning.
(House Seajewel has no pre-existing characters except for Sorcha, so this house has the most room for creativity and new characters.)

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House Stormwing

Matriarch: Feronia Stormwing
Controls: Architecture and the majority of meat supply plus animals specifically prepared for ritual sacrifices

House Stormwing has had trouble keeping up with some of the other Great Houses, particularly Houses Deathshadow, Moonshiver, and Nightkill, and is only more powerful than Houses Starshine and Seajewel. Like Matriarch Calista, Feronia does not have a pre-existing consort and is a moderately aged matriarch. (Anyone can make a consort or children or other family of Feronia.)

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House Nightkill

Matriarch: Anastasia Nightkill
Controls: Majority of trade and commerce between cities and some weapons supply and distribution

Anastasia Nightkill has only been the Nightkill Matriarch for a little less than a decade. Like Asphodel Moonshiver, she was not first in line for the title when her mother tragically died. Her older sister, Alyssandra, was supposed to inherit the title, but she mysteriously died before that could happen. Her sister married Athanasius Moonshiver, but the couple never got the chance to have any children. Although Athanasius is her brother-in-law, Anastasia does not have a close relationship with him. If anything, their relationship is extremely awkward.
Under Anastasia, the House has grown greatly in power and is on its way to surpassing House Bravewolf.
(Anastasia's consort, children, grandchildren, siblings, or other relatives are all free to be created.)

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House Bloodomen

Matriarch: Orenda Bloodmoon
Controls: Lore keepers, historians, libraries, colleges and some influence over priesthood hierarchy

House Bloodomen has been around for a very long time. Currently, they're moderately powerful, but Orenda is determined to change that and climb the social ladder.
(Orenda's consort, children, grandchildren, siblings, or other relatives are all free to be created.)

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