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Alec’s brain, he was pretty sure, was going to implode. He had to memorize twelve formulas for his Physics C exam tomorrow, an utterly useless task, and had a debate tournament on Friday, which he still had to write a case for and review. The last tournament he had been at he hadn’t even ranked, and as captain of the team, it was utterly embarassing to fail so hard. He was worn thin, and it was apparent in his crazed looking eyes and how he was clutching his notecards so tightly. And, for the cherry on top, he had cancelled on Thomas twice for a coffee date. Sighing and dropping his notecards so that they fluttered to the ground, he dropped his head into his palms and aimlessly tried to let tension leave his body.

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Thomas Torres finished placing his Starbucks mobile order for the location near the library. One grande vanilla blonde latte for himself, one venti strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk for Alec. He knew their Starbucks order by heart, he’d put it in so many times. Both him and his boyfriend were big on coffee, and Thomas loved treating Alec to things he loved, especially lately.

He stood in front of the mirror of his en-suite bathroom, running a hand through his dark hair. It was growing longer, he probably needed a haircut, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He absolutely adored the feeling of his boyfriend’s hands in his hair when Thomas was laying on his lap. His outfit was carefully picked out, and he liked the way it hugged his bottom. Black oxfords shoes, dark jeans that were tighter on his thighs and butt, and a black and white flannel with a burgundy sweater on top. He wasn’t overly confident, but knew that he looked great.

Tom’s phone buzzed again and he picked it up, beginning to make his way out of his penthouse apartment and down hall to the elevator. It was Alec, letting him know that he was at the library. He didn’t respond to the text, deciding to surprise him with the coffee. Alec had been busy lately, cancelling on him twice, and he deserved this. The library was huge, but Alec always frequented the same area. Finding him shouldn’t be an issue, he thought to himself, as he pressed the elevator button. The Starbucks order should be done by now, he’d have his driver stop by and pick it up on their way to the library.

The weather was a bit nippy, which Thomas liked, but he didn’t feel up to walking. The car ride was short, even with the stop to the coffee shop. Traffic was bad, as always, but his driver was aggressive and knew his way around. The car stopped in front of the library, and Thomas grabbed the drinks and stepped out, thanking his driver.

Once inside the library, it was easy to spot Alec. He usually hung out on the second floor, and had his head buried in a book. Thomas was attracted to intelligence, which was one of the many reasons why he was so into Alec. Thomas slid into the seat beside Alec and set the drinks down on the table in front of them. “Hey you.” He greeted, resting a hand on his shoulder. “Surprise.” His voice was low, they were in a library, after all. The second Alec turned to look at him, the second their eyes met, Thomas literally felt like his chest was expanding. The love he felt for Alec was almost surreal. “You’re cute when you study.” He said it that often, and followed it up with the same statement every time. “You’re cute always.” Thomas pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s cheek, just a small expression of the affection he felt for Alec.

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jay (jaysonstreet) ((hakakdnkakqnax SORRY i didn’t realize how long this was! no obligation to match the length, my first post is always longer than the rest))

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(( no its ok!! I love long posts, even tho i don’t reciprocate?? also, where can i get a thomas pls ))

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jay (jaysonstreet) ((honestly same i need me a thomas in my life))

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Alec didn’t even jump when a hand was placed gently on his back— he knew it was Thomas just from the affectionate gesture. “Thomas!” He stage whispered excitedly, rising up to give his boyfriend a proper kiss on the lips (none of those chaste kisses would do when he was this stressed) and weave his fingers through Thomas’ hair. “Ugh, I’m so sorry.” Alec apologized, pulling away from Thomas and sitting back down, practically pulling Thomas into his lap, one hand massaging his boyfriend’s scalp and the other loosely draped around his torso. So maybe they weren’t being library appropiate, but Alec hadn’t seen Thomas in nearly fifty hours (yes, he was dramatic enough to count the hours) and he could practically feel his heart ache. Was he over affectionate and totally head over heel for Thomas? Yes, indeed he was, and Alec would shout it for the whole world to know.

Digging his nose into Thomas’ hair, Alec let out a sigh of relief. “Mint shampoo?” He asked, indulging his senses in the minty fresh scent and silky feel of his boyfriend’s hair. Alec loved how Thomas always looked so jaw dropping, like he just had to look like a three course meal at every opportunity, just for him. He hadn’t even touched his treasured Starbucks drink yet, still infatued with the presence of his boyfriend.

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Thomas had a stupid grin on his face that he couldn’t wipe off no matter how hard he tried. Even as they kissed, his hands gripping the front of Alec’s shirt, he was still smiling. At this point, Thomas was practically sitting on his lap, enjoying the hand in his hair. “Don’t apologize.” Whispered words escaped his lips as he rested his forehead against Alec’s. “Yeah, it’s mint.” He used it because Alec liked it, the same reason why he sometimes had a piece of spearmint gum in his mouth, and the same reason why he wore Yves St. Laurent cologne. “I missed you.” He admitted sheepishly, knowing that he was probably being clingy. He had interrupted his boyfriend’s studies to see him, even though it had only been a little over two days. Too long. He thought to himself.

Realizing that he was still holding the front of Alec’s short, Thomas let go and patted out the wrinkles. “Sorry.” The stupid grin was back, and didn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. “Can I help you study? Maybe review notecards together?” He suggested, running his fingertips over Alec’s collarbone. “Or we could take a break, babe, you deserve one.” Now that he thought about it, Alec looked like he hadn’t slept in a while. As always, he looked amazing, just tired. “When was the last time you slept?” Thomas asked cautiously, trying to gauge his boyfriend’s stress level.

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“I missed you too.” Alec admitted, glad they were both on the same clinginess level. Alec was practically encasing Thomas at this point, a rather parasatic look, and they were starting to get stares from other occupants of the room. He didn’t even know why Thomas was still in his lap when Alec was 90% sure he smelt like absolute ass. Frankly, even Alec felt repulsed by his own presence.

“Um.....” Alec mused, trying to think to when he had last slept, hands fiddling with Thomas’ hair. The past forty-eight hours had been a blur, and so had the past twenty-four hours before that too. “Monday? After you watched me practice I took a nap until dinner time.” Alec admitted shamefully. It was Wednesday and he hadn’t slept, with the exclusion of a nap, since Monday? Alec just knew Thomas was going to drag him out of the library by his collar and shove him into bed (and not in the fun way either). Sucking on Thomas’ neck, taking care to leave a hickey, Alec desperately avoided confrontation between him and his horribly messed up sleep schedule.

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Although Thomas was throughly enjoying the attention and affection Alec was giving him, he knew his boyfriend’s distracting tactics. “Alec! It’s been days, you need to- ah.” He cut himself off with the small noise of surprise he made in response to the lips on his neck. He let himself savor it for just a couple seconds before shoo’ing Alec off of him. “As much as I love that, none of that right now.” He scolded. “You need to sleep, babe… that’s not healthy.” His voice was raised a pitch above a whisper, earning even more stares from the people around them.

“Come on.” He stood up off of Alec’s lap, his voice dropping back down. “No sleep will only hurt you in the long run...” Affectionately, Thomas took Alec’s hand and laced their fingers together. “You deserve a break, Alec.” He coaxed, rubbing his thumb across his boyfriend’s palm.

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Pouting as Thomas got off his lap, Alec relented, sipping on his drink as Thomas held his hand. “Hmph.” He told Thomas, sounding quite like a pouting child in that moment. But everything Thomas said made sense, and this was one situation he could not romance his way out of. Maybe romance could come after sleeping.

“But only if you nap with me.” Alec said, adding a condition. It was a rather pointless one of course, since Alec was sure he’d fall fast asleep once he stepped into Thomas’ chauffered SUV. Shoving his scjool things into his backpack, Alec swung the bag onto his back with an easy grace and tightly grasped his boyfriend’s hand, sipping his refreshing drink while they walked out of the room amidst glares of the older, more conservative patrons of the library. Alec debated blowing the haters a kiss before realizing his hands were occupied.

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Hand in hand with Alec, Thomas walked briskly. He paid no attention to the people looking at them weird. He was used to getting stares like that, but didn’t really care anymore. “I’ll nap with you.” He agreed, not that there was any question about it. Having Alec’s head on his chest, the rise and fall of his breath in perfect tune with his boyfriend’s heartbeat, it all sounded perfect to him.

Once they were outside, Thomas raised his hand, coffee cup still in it, and his driver pulled up. Ever the gentleman, Thomas opened up the door for Alec, taking his drink and sticking it in the cup holder in the car door. “Just drive.” He instructed the driver once they were settled. “And don’t hit any bumps.” Pretty much an impossible task, especially in the middle of New York City, but he figured he might as well try. Carefully, he leaned back and nudged Alec with him, easing him down onto his own body so he could lay comfortably. “You just rest, babe.” He murmured, tracing shapes on his back with his finger.

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Alec loved it when Thomas made all the descisions for him. It was like a burden, one he hadn’t noticed, had been taken off his back. Where to eat, what to do after school: it was like Alec could relax and let somebody else manage the logistics. “Yay!” He blurted out loudly, pleased Thomas had put up no resistance to his condition.

Alec smiled as Thomas placed his drink into the cup holder. If it had been left to Alec, his forgetful brain would’ve probably dropped the cup as soon as he stepped into the car. Settling down into the backseat of the car, Alec grinned as he heard the authoratative tone in Thomas’ voice instructing the driver to not disturb Alec. How considerate of him! Eyes fluttering closed due to the soothing sensations of Thomas drawing on his back, Alec splayed his limbs across the backseat.

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“There you go.” Thomas said softly, keeping his touch gentle. He kept talking to him in a soothing voice, trying to lull him to sleep. “You’ve been studying so hard, baby. You need to sleep. You’re going to do great on your tests, and in your debate. I’m going to be right there cheering you on.” It was true, he loved him so much and was his own personal cheerleader, without the ponytail and skirt.

Observing Alec’s eyes fall shut, he lowered his voice even more. The driver had to brake suddenly to avoid getting into an accident, jostling them both. “Sorry baby... Do you want to go somewhere else?” He asked, knowing that the car ride would continue to be bumpy and interrupt his rest that he so desperately needed.

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Alec smiled as Thomas talked to him. How lucky was he to have the most affectionate and supportive person on the planet as his boyfriend? He was constantly blessed that their relationship wasn't full of drama like it seemed to be a part of everybody else's at school. Basking in Thomas' affections, Alec hugged Thomas' waist. "Mmm, thank you." he murmured, before startling at a bump in the road.

"What? Oh no, it's completely fine." Alec re-assured Thomas and the driver both, blinking open his eyes for a few seconds before falling back into a drowsy haze. Honestly, Alec was tired to the bone and could've probably slept on a bed of nails or an ant hill if he really wished to.

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Satisfied with Alec’s reply, Thomas continued to touch his boyfriend gently. His goal here was to relax him and put him to sleep so that he was able to preform better on his physics test and in his debate. He knew that Alec was extremely hard on himself when it came to that kind of thing, and was still beating himself up about not placing in the last debate meet.

It seemed that no matter how much Thomas said that he would be there for him no matter what, the fear of losing each other would always be there. Maybe that was why the two of them were so clingy. They had done nothing to prove each other otherwise, but it seemed too good to be true, at least in Thomas’s eyes. Still, he enjoyed every second of being with Alec, including now, laying together in a car while Thomas drew hearts on Alec’s back with his finger.

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