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Lou (aliceinbagend) | 527 comments Mod
Contains spoilers for the movie and book

First off, do you like the movie or book better? Though I liked the movie and watched it first, I was disappointed to find things that differ from the book. I know they only had a certain amount of money to spend on it, but here are some things that really annoyed me while rewatching the movies
**Rant time** First off, Eowyn. O my gosh, okay, if you know me you know Eowyn is one of my all time favourite characters. In the book she's a proud, badass woman who wants to become a queen. But in the movie it seems she's portrayed as this "girl who loves Aragorn and will do anything to make him notice" That soup scene in the movie. *cringe* I've read the book ages ago but I don't think Book Eowyn does THAT. She wouldn't lower herself to make soup, for Heaven's sake, she wants to be a queen. Also with those kids, yes she was being nice to them but there's other ways book Eowyn would be nice to them, acting like their servant isn't one of them. I don't see the point of even adding those kids in. Why didn't they put Bergil in instead? (Sorry if I'm being too hard on the movie I've just held this in for so long xD)
And then, Eowyn's and Faramir's relationship. Their relationship in the book is what gave me life They are my OTP, my favourite OTP ever. But I was so disappointed when I rewatched the movies after I read the books. And yes, I have watched the extended versions. Their relationship is rushed! I know it's a sideplot and they didn't have enough time and blah blah blah but I don't care! I want more of them!
Oh and speaking of Faramir...Is it just me or did they completely change Faramir, it has been a long time since I've read the books but in the movie I really did/do not like him! Beating up Gollum, please refresh my memory if that happens in the book but Faramir you seriously aren't helping Frodo's situation! And yet I loved him in the books!
Where the heckle is Tom Bombadil?
Oh yeah and going back to Eowyn, why couldn't they have made the whole reveal of her being her and not Dernhelm when she kills the Witch King?(since the whole way through reading the books I was seeing so many differences and fell into the trap of thinking Dernhelm wasn't Eowyn and that the movie directors had just changed that as well x))
I also feel Legolas and Gimli's relationship shines more through in the book, since it's clearer that they don't like each other in the book. And, though I love Legolas he was kind of an ass in the beginning of the books *Character Development* But other than that I think they did great with those two characters in the movie. Only, Gimli is said to be young. (But that's okay, I love Legolas and Gimli's bromance and if they stuck to the book and got a young guy to play him, imagine what weird fanart I'd be traumatised by xD)(ah, the power of fanart)
In the movie I also like how we got to know more about Arwen but I like how in the book she personally gives her place on the boat of the Grey Havens to Frodo.
I'm going to be posting more of my thoughts on the movie and book, but enough for today. What did you guys think of the movie and the book and what differences did or did you not like?

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omg, I love both sooo sooo much😭 but if it came down to it I'd probably choose the movies *le gasp* bc they make me more nostalgic and remind me of lotr marathons with my best friend in high school.
Just some of my thoughts in response to yours:
- I adore Eowyn and this soup scene has bugged me for so long oh boy oh boy. I really was not a fan of the Eowyn/Aragorn/Arwen love triangle like that could have been handled much better and her swooning over Aragorn, trying to woo him with her cooking, is soo out of character for Eowyn. As for those two kids...yeah I don't think Eowyn oozes maternal instinct.
Random but everyone hates the part where she sings at Theodred's funeral but I'm always singing along with her at the top of my lungs (probably sounding like a dying cat) bc the lyrics has been taken word for word from Beowulf and I can still rattle it off by heart bc of my English major 😏 how is that for accomplishments, huh? just kidding, I'm a nerd...
Correct me if I'm wrong but her love story with Faramir is basically just:
Eowyn: *looks out of window with perfectly kempt hair although she just rolled out of bed and it bugs me every single time I see it*
Faramir: *stares back*
~some time later~
Eowyn:* looks at Mordor in the distance*
Faramir: *takes her hand*
~the end~

- I didn't actually mourn the fact that they cut Tom Bombadil 😂 I think they gave some of his lines to Treebeard but there is something about the ents that just presses my snooze button whenever they appear on screen, so I wouldn't know😁
- Legolas definitely had more character developement in the books. But I prefer him as a blonde😍
- I like the changes they made to Arwen's character in Fellowship(like where she defended Frodo against the Nazgul) but I think they should have been a wee bit more consistent with her character in Two Towers and RotK bc she went from Xena warriror princess to withering away on a chaise real quick. Do you think she should have fought at Helm's Deep like Peter Jackson originally intended?

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Lou (aliceinbagend) | 527 comments Mod
Lili wrote: "omg, I love both sooo sooo much😭 but if it came down to it I'd probably choose the movies *le gasp* bc they make me more nostalgic and remind me of lotr marathons with my best friend in high school..."

I have lots of memories attached to the movies too! (I even have this tradition I've been doing seen I was twelve; sneaking downstairs to watch it early on my birthday with snacks and everything, though it's harder for me to do it now, I know it's a tradition I'll keep til I'm old. Though maybe waking up at 3:00am could be slightly altered))
I know I don't know why everyone doesn't like her singing at his funeral, I quite liked that part...
Even in the book, I was being put to sleep by the ents xP Moms, listen up, ever want your kids to go to sleep read or watch all the parts with the ents in ;')
Honestly, Legolas is what made me pick up the book xD He's the first major movie crush I can remember having ;'D
And yep, that's a pretty good description of their relationship in the movie. In the book, of course there was a bit more to it. I wish they just didn't put it in if it was going to be that pointless.
I loved Arwen coming to their rescue part so much. But I'm so conflicted because I wanna see Glorfindel!
O my gosh yes, if you're going to introduce a badass female, please keep her badass shesh!
Wait what? She was meant to be in Helm's Deep in the movie? That would have been awesome! Aw, why didn't he?

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yes, they filmed it but when rumors got out a bunch of butthurt crybabies were like "nooo that's not the arwen we remember from the books. women don't need swords to be strong blah blah" and while that's true, they literally established her as a capable fighter in Fellowship so it's actually hurting the movie's narrative to not follow up on that. I don't know why everyone was so upset by it. There are some badass women in Tolkien's works but c'mon LotR was a complete sausage fest and I wanted Arwen to kick some orc butt, dammit!

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