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Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis woke with a throbbing in her head and a burning in her chest. Her eyes kept losing focus as she looked around drowsily. "Where are you leech." She grumbled softly, turning onto her side only to realise she was no longer in an alley but on a bed, a bed she didn't recognise. "Where the hell am I?" She wondered allowed, forcing herself to sit up feeling like a bucket of tension and knots. Knives hit a wall without her even so much as flinching. "Come out or next time I won't miss." She growled, hissing as she placed a hand to her forehead. She was beginning to sway again, attempting to get out of bed.

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Ezekiel could not watch formthe shadows as she suffered so dearly. "Alexis efore I show myself I need you to remain calm. I'm giving you options right here, right now. I know this isn't the fate you desired, but I want to help you. I can't see you continue to suffer in limbo like this. You will surely die. There is a glass of wine beside of the bed...I want you to try it." He syas hopeful.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis held onto the bed as she stood, frowning at the strange comment, what he planning. "Why would I need to remain calm?" She asked with some annoyance to her voice. "Why didn't you let me die?" She muttered, picking up the glass in confusion, inspecting it. "Wine my ass." She growled, smashing it to the ground as she stumbled back onto the bed. "I'm leaving, where is the bastard that found me? I have to finish what I started." She muttered, gasping as she fell to her knees, feeling like she'd been sucker punched in the gut. "Argh!"

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ezekiel burst fromthe shadows and catches her. "You aren't going to be able to finish anytihng soon enough. I saved you...because...somethign told me I needed to let you live. I felt guilty for everything and it was all my fault. I tried allowing you to live. That is where your options come in. I can either turn you fully or I can leave you to the sun. "He syas plainly. "I don't want you to die, but I'm apart fo this crypt now and I can't see myself here in debt to Miyuki without you."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis shooed him away as she groaned, fighting the pain as best as she could. "Turn me fully?" She muttered through gritted teeth. "What the hell do you think I am now because you turned me!" She groaned, squeezing her eyes as tight as possible. Once the pain faded a bit she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "Getting sentimental leech?" She chuckled but immediately regretted it. "We tried killing each other, what the hell is wrong with you." She forced her body to get to its feet. "I need to finish the punk off from the alley. Tell me where he is." She demanded.

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Ezekiel shakes hsi head, "I don't know I'm not hsi keeper and I am not letting you leave ehre until you choose. You were only partly turned which means you will linger for only a few days in between life and death. In order to be fully turned you must drink from my and I of you in something in the form of a serpents mating ritual...I suppose would be the best way to describe it." He says plainly. "Otherwise instead of suffering I'm offering to end your life now as it was meant to be."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis glared at Ezekiel with a flash in her eyes. "Choose!?" She growled. "You make it sound like I'm choosing my favourite colour!" She snapped, quivering, eyes going wide at his insinuation. "You what?! No fucking way are you putting your hands on me unless it's to kill me, got it." She snarled, grabbing him by the shirt and yanking him down to her level. "But if this state can help kill the lot of you leeches better then what the hell. I'll kill as many as I can till I die a victorious death." She smirked. "Sure turn me, but you touch me like that and I'll castrate you where you stand so that it doesn't heal." She muttered, making it sound like a promise. "So hand over the stuff and then I'm going back to work."

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Ezekiel snikkers coldly, "Unfortunately for you...I will have to put my hands and other things on you if you are to be turned. Miyuki has already stated either you die or be turned fully now. You won't make it out of this room. You are already growing weaker by the second as if old age has caught up to you in a speed that no mortal could imagine. You are doomed or you are blessed."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis cried out as her fingers slipped from his collar, hugging her middle in agony as she coughed, sounding like a eighty year old chain smoker. The veins in her eyes began turning black, staining the whites of her eyes a horrible yellow and black, her irises going a rusty red as old brown blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth. "Argh!" Her palms hit the floor as her skin started going translucent and her veins began to pulse and dry up as if there was no moister left. "I can't breath... it... burns." She coughed harder, a small chunk of red livery like jelly hit the floor, shaking badly from severe shock.

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Ezekiel jerked Alexis up to him and bit into her neck once mroe deeply almsot passioantely and then pulls her back ruipping hsi top off revealing flesh adn sliding his nail down hsi chest blood begisn to make a smooth stream down the center of hsi abdomen. "Come one...drink thirst for my blood and my blood alone. Jsut drink it." He demands.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis didn't exactly have a choice in getting to fight him off, right now all she could feel was pain and pain alone and it seemed to have incapacitated her muscles. She growled dangerously as he bit into her flesh, glaring at him something awful, despite everything else. Her canines urged her forward but her mind would have nothing to do with it. "... only when hell freezes over." She spat through gritted teeth, trying to gather the energy to shove him away but was having some difficulty.

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Ezekiel frowns, "Why won't you let me help you?!" he demands as he takes her head and shoves it to his abdomen he knew if she got a sniff of his blood it would seem like nectar to her. He had no other choice but to force her. "I don't want to hurt you, but you need to feed from me and whether you want to or not I'm turnign you. I won't let you simply die jsut ebcuase youa re stubborn. Now drink and simply succumb to your thirst." He tells her trying to keep ehr clsoe to hsi abdomen to ensure if she was goign to do anytihng it was goign to be dirnking his blood.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis went wide eyed as she was forced forward into his blood. Her nose hit warmth and she growled. "You-!" She stilled as she stopped talking, his blood having squirmed its way onto her tongue in the struggle. It tasted different but that was what frightened her, she was scared to close her mouth in case she swallowed. Her irises lit up and shrunk as her adrenaline went through the roof, giving a feral scream as she knocked him onto his back, pinning him to the floor whilst shaking, refusing to close her mouth and swallow as she stared down at him in anger and fear. Shaking her head, tears hit his chest as she bowed her head, her forehead meeting his chest after. In her frustration she shook him feebly. "No-!" She chocked on her own words as she accidentally swallowed, making her feel sick yet triggering an animalistic hunger even as a hunter she couldn't control. All four of her canines elongated and sank through muscle down to the bone. Face covered in his blood and eyes lit up like christmas she looked more than a predator, she looked like a monster you hear in myths and legends, a monster from hell. It only took seconds for her to swallow at least three quarters of his blood, nails digging into his shoulders.

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Ezekiel moans out in pleasure and in pain loving how ferocious she was but frightened for herat the same time. She was almsot as dangerous as he was when hewas turned. He had to shove her off of him as he pinned her down this time and kissed her deeply biting his own lip and hers mixing their blood eprfectly witht eh forceful kiss before diving deeply into her neck and sucking away at the last morsel of mortality that she held within her.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis felt her back hit the floor, yet because of her over whelming hunger she was too out of it to have much care for control or emotions, she was focused on hunger. She growled at the kiss, trying to get him to stop occupying her lips so she could continue to bite, but he was gone the next moment and pain shot through her neck, causing her to gasp for air. It was a strange feeling, feeling like all the fight had gone out of her in one single pint, shuddering beneath him, her blue locks caked in red, giving her new shades. It took a moment but the more he sucked out the worse she felt and her blinding hunger returned. She grabbed his arm and dived in for a feast to get back what she was losing.

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Ezekiel moans out once more loudly still holding her down as they both drank from one another. He was grinding agianst her rather hard getting hungry pleasure form it as he sucked away at liquid nectar. The crimson ichor slid down his body as he rubbed agianst her as they fed form each other it brought on so much ecstacy of emotiona dn feelings of pleasure.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis was just drowning in blood as she drank deeply, feeling the insane hunger ebb away very slowly. It didn't take long for sudden shocks of pleasure and sounds to reach her now extremely sensitive body. Her eyes flashed a bright red as her canines became dislodged in a gasp of strange and confusing feelings of pleasure and want, heat and need. It was something that didn't register as natural to her mind. What the hell was he doing? It took her hunger fogged brain a moment to realise what was going on which caused her to growl in a deep warning. No way was he slipping past her senses unnoticed. The bastard was seducing her strange new body, one she couldn't fully understand herself yet. She bit down on a unnatural sound that tried to escape her lips, a sound she wouldn't dare make.

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Ezekiel gasps still drinking from her. and grinding agianst her his hands moving over her body gently carressing eacht ender spot so sweetly . In order for it to be sealed they had to have sex he ahd to make it happen whetehr she wnated it or not he had to so she would get out of limbo. He wasn't about to stop this close to fully tunring her. He began grindign harder gaisnt her and ripping at her clothes hungrily as hsi teeth moves to her collar bone kissing hard and yet so gentle as he moved to ehr breast ast the the top he plunged in again.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis began squirming beneath him, though she suspected it wasn't doing either of them any good, so that was quickly snuffed. Her body involuntarily trembled and delicious sparks went off over each nerve which only made her growl in anger at her bodies betrayal. If it was possible her cheeks ever so slightly tinted pink at the sound of ripping clothes which almost trigged her to rip him to shreds as nasty memories bubbled to the surface but the bite to her bosom had her giving a short cry of ecstasy, her nipples instinctively hardening. Her hands grabbed his, tightening. "Don't ... you... dare." She growled, her body bucking slightly, gritting her teeth.

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Ezekiel frowns, "I'm sorry, but I'm turnign you fully." He says leaving no chocie as with one hard grind of hsi hisp agaisnt hers he managed to hit her soft spot managing to orgasm at the same time and biting hi swrist after jerking it out of her grip her puts it to her lips. "Drink and enjoy." He says knowing that thsi was the last bit.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis wanted to mouth off a protest but all she got was blood between her teeth as she let out a squeak at the sudden explosion of nerve wracking pleasure that sizzled through her body, causing her to tremble softly, eyes a little wide. She drank under protest but her hunger disappeared completely which actually made her sigh in relief, the pain was gone. The moment she could, the moment she had leverage she pushed him off of herself, sitting up. She came away covered in blood, her clothes in ribbons and bite marks throbbing incessantly. She supposed she should be a little happy that he didn't go past the clothes even if she was practically naked to the eye. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and noticed his clothes were shredded slightly but at least more intact than hers. Her eyes landed south but was quickly diverted at what she saw. "I'm using your shower, don't follow me." She told him, getting up like bambi at first before she found her footing. Her cheeks went pink in utter embarrassment and shame. She couldn't believe she let him and herself get away with that. She reached the bathroom and slammed the door hard enough to shake the arch. She leaned against the door and spotted herself in the mirror, causing her to shake. She looked worse than a monster. She gave an angry sorrow filled scream as she tore at herself to get her clothes off, diving into the shower to scrub herself human looking again.

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Ezekiel frowned ripping off what was left of his own clothes and climbing under his sheets. He had no idea what he was goign to do now. he had a newborn to care fior on top of all that has labelled him a traitor to hsi crypt. Miyuki had to know tonight that he had fully changed the girl. Alexis would probably go on killing vampyres denying what she is, but at least he knew she would be a live. Her human aspects will son vanish. Any faults in her skin will seem to have enver existed and any colour in her face will cease to exist as mortal blood escapes her and last, but not least, she will be a deadly creature not to be challenged by any mortal or immortal for at least a good thre months until her eyes turn silver. His hadn't even fully turned silver, but that could have been becuase deep down there was something human in him. Miyuki was red eyed she was beyond vampyre a higher being altogether. Nikolai was probably the only Ancient creature that could dare challenge her and at the same time wouldn't without good reason.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis sat in the shower, hugging her knees as water bounced off her skin, warming her up to a comforting level. Her mind was all over the place, unable to lock onto one thing. She saw the bite mark on her bosom start to just wash away as if it had been painted on, feeling tingles over other parts as more wounds healed. After fifteen minutes she lifted herself up and scrubbed herself almost raw until she was satisfied. Getting out she dried off and realised she had no clothes but still had her weapons. She tied her weapons to her thighs and wrist, chucking her clothes in the bin before opening the bathroom door to walk out, clad in towels. She didn't even acknowledge Ezekiel as she opened one of the drawers and dug out a pair of his shorts and a shirt, not bothering to ask if she could have them. He kind of owed them to her. After changing in the bathroom and putting her boots back on she decided that she need to go leech hunting to let off steam. But first she'd have to get better clothes and a few more weapons.

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Ezekiel stood holding the sheets tightly to his crotch, "Um, where are you going? It is day now and you cna't go out there without being covered form head to toe in our UV reflected fabrics. I'm goign to see Miyuki perhaps while I'm there she can give you some?" He offers trying so hard to be nice. "I mean you are turned now and I don't want you burnign up to a crisp on your first day in a new body." He syas almsot sounding concerned as if she were hsi daughter or hsi wife.

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Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Alexis looked at him side on, narrowing her eyes in outright irritation and anger. The leech was being nice, after what he'd just done he was lucky his guts weren't on the ceiling by now. But he unfortunately had a point. She wasn't used to being a locked in because of sunlight and she wasn't exactly an expert at knowing how to obtain UV protected clothes, all she knew was how to obtain weapons that emitted UV. She looked at her watch and gritted her teeth. Twelve hours before she could even venture out like a normal person. Running fingers through her blue waves she tied her hair up. "Whatever, get me clothes and then I'm leaving. You can also tell me where that vamp is that was in the alley way with me on the way. Be snappy about it, I have work to do." She told him, grabbing one of his bags to collect supplies in. "Move your ass leech or I'll move it for you." She told him, flicking a small dagger between her fingers.

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Ezekiel shakes hsi head, "You know for someone who was so close to death you aren't very grateful are you?" He asks dropping the sheets and moving to a drawer where he grabbed some underwear and then a pair of black pants and a black v-neck then finally his leather jacket and sunglasses. "Come on." He tells her coldly. "And I'm not telling you where gabriel is because you will just kill him for trying to help you. You know not all of us are simply leeches and you will come to see that when you realize you aren't either." He walks out of the room leading her toward Miyuki's room. He knocks twice and stands there looking Alexis over anxiously.

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((Post at Miyuki's?))

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) (( sure thing ))

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