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Jgrace | 3106 comments I don't use this tag, but there's a case to be made for putting this book on the neuro diverity shelf.

Head On - Scalzi
Audio performance by Wil Wheaton
4 stars

I’m so happy that Scalzi is continuing to write for the characters he created in Lock In. Like the first book, Head On is in many ways a typical police procedural; the continuing adventures of FBI agents Chris Shane and Leslie Vann. Keep in mind that Chris Shane is a Haden, one of millions of people ‘locked in’ by the Haden virus epidemic. He goes to work in a ‘threep’, a neurologically controlled robot body. Shane and Vann form a special investigation team assigned to crimes involving the Haden population.

This time the probable crime takes place at an important, highly publicized, Hilketa game. Hilketa is a game played by Hadon’s using specially adapted threeps, threeps designed to take and inflict massive damage. Similar to football, the ‘ball’ being the head of the player designated as the ‘goat’. The parallels to real world football are clear, including references to the potential corruption of the big money interests promoting the sport. I like the way this relevant social commentary fits into the story.

I enjoyed returning to the characters from the first book. But, I thought the solution of this mystery was a bit clunky, with too many convenient clues, too many deaths of inconvenient characters, and too much badgering of witnesses. On the other hand, I loved Donut, the witness protection cat. If there are more books to come, I will read them.

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Susie | 4488 comments I’ve not read Scalzi. I really should! Thanks for the reminder.

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