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Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy (Sammy Keyes, #6)
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Mystery - Girl lives in a hotel with her mom and her mom is dating someone older and the daughter suspects something devious about him (2007-2008). [s]

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Miranda (mirandamcook) | 3 comments The girl’s mom is always in a relationship with someone, going from man to man. In the current relationship she lied and said that her birthday was on Valentine’s Day and about the year she is born. The boyfriend (who also happens to live in the hotel) is older and his previous wife died on that same Valentines Day, if I remember correctly. The man has quite a bit of money and constantly spoils her mom with jewels and such, which is the reason her mom is dating him because she hopes that maybe he will pass on his wealth when he dies, he is that old. The young girl (M/C) finds him suspicious because of the things he says or does and she starts snooping inside one of his hotel rooms, he either has a suite or multiple rooms. He might actually be the owner of the hotel, now that I think about it, letting her mom and her live their for free. So while the girl is inside the room she finds newly written letters to his deceased wife, saying about how he knows that she reincarnated into another woman so that they could be together and something about an expensive necklace that he had bought his wife and she was wearing when she died (a necklace that he gifted to M/C’s mom) and that they would never live without one another again. He ends up discovering her snooping and throws her in a room and tells her about his plans to reunite his “wife” and him that night, meaning that he was going to kill her and commit suicide that night. Then he goes off to dinner with the mom and locks the girl in room and she isn’t able to get out. She somehow gets out and runs to the restaurant that her mom and the guy went to to find that the mom has already unknowingly drunk the poison, as did the guy, and she saves her mom by giving her coffee with salt. The mom survives and the guy dies.

Sorry for such a long description but hopefully this helps!

Miranda (mirandamcook) | 3 comments That’s it! Thank you Ayshe!!

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