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rimskur A bright smile lit her features as she observed her surroundings. Her dorm looked perfect. It had taken long, but all the hard work was over. Shopping really took a lot of energy out of her. The bad thing about shopping was that he had to organize the rest of her dorm to fit in the new items or clothing she had bought. Her closet had been a mess until a few minutes ago. She smiled happily, tossing herself on her bed with a magazine as a reward for finally finishing the long, hard task. Her homework could wait until later. Lena thought she deserved a good break.

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Ky, sporting a paint splattered T-shirt and dark, tight fit jeans, knocked on his sister's dorm room door. He held an unlit cigarette in between his lips. His lighter was sitting coldly in his front pocket. He wouldn't dare smoke around his sister. He had to be her protector, and he knew what these things did to people. Wait, did it count for vampires too? He hadn't thought about that, but still, he did not light his cigarette. "Hey, Lena. Have you finished decorating yet?"

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rimskur She didn't look over her shoulder as she heard the knock on the door. She had heard his foot steps from farther away when he had been walking up to her dorm. She flipped the page of her magazine, her legs waving back and forth behind her. "How does it look?" Lena raised her eyebrows, turning over on her bed to look up at her older brother. She noticed the cigarette in between his lips as soo. As she looked at him.

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He looked around the room and nodded. "It's nice. How long did it take?" He stepped in further and closed her door, still looking at everything. It reminded him of her. He touched a few decorations and such. "You could have asked me for help, you know? That's what I'm here for." He took the cigarette out of his mouth and rolled it between two of his fingers. He sat on the edge of her bed and put his hands in his lap. "I'm glad you joined Groversdale. It should be good for you."

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rimskur She shrugged her shoulders, rolling over on her bed, looking up at him. She flicked her magazine to the side, bored with all the different issues inside of it. "All day. I was setting most of it up yesterday but today was all th extra shit." Lena rolled her eyes, looking up at every thing hanging on the walls. "Will you come by more often? I haven't really.met anybody yet." She asked him, her brow wrinkling in anxiety.

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He chuckled softly. It wasn't that what she said was funny. It wasn't meant to be funny. It was that he found it humorous that she would ask such a question. "Of course I'll come by more often, Lena. I have to make sure you're doing well in your classes and staying away from the boys." He knew he would have to let her grow up eventually but not yet. She was still a baby in his eyes, not in an insulting way. "How's school going for you?"

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rimskur She sent him an annoyed glare as he laughed at her. Having been only around her brother for so long and then sometimes she would hang out with some of the town boys, she hadn't quite gotten herself to put herself out there and make new friends. She knew that Ky would prefer female friends, but she couldn't not have male friends. "It's okay, I guess...there's this one teacher who literally loves everything." Lena rolled her eyes.

((I want her to be best friends with one of your charries. Any suggestions?))

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((Boy or girl? I think Jake would be a good friend or Jenna :D))

"Love...or Ms. Windser to you. You be nice to her. She's a fantastic teacher and a wonderful woman. Hmm, I graduated. I wonder how she'd feel about me now if I tried to go on a date with her," he arched his brows at the thought. "Have you tried to make any friends yet?" He rubbed his chin and examined his cigarette like it was a foreign object to him.

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rimskur ((Or both lol? Hah, with Jenna she would indirectly get Kol too lol. Hmm...I'm going to look up Jake real quick though.))

She raised her eyebrows as she watched the expression on her brother's face. Her smile faded at his words, a moody expression replacing hers as she picked up her magazine again. She didn' t like the idea of her brother dating, especially after Alaine came into their lives. She turned her head away from him so he wouldn't be able to see her face. "I have friends." Lena lied feebly to him. She honestly hadn't bothered to talk to any of her classmates. She was too engulfed in her own thoughts.

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((Or all of my charries? Lollll Okay))

"Mhm," he laid back, head resting on her ankles. "What are their names?" It wasn't that he didn't think she could make friends. She was a great person. If she wasn't his sister, he'd still be her friend. He tried not to let any other thoughts cross his mind about such a topic. He put the cigarette in his mouth again and played with his lighter. "Oh, hey. I'm making tacos tonight. Do you want to come over and dine with me? I'll let you drink some wine." He wiggled his brows.

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rimskur ((Or all of them lol! I'm fine with either. It would be interesting to see Ky react to her being friends with Jake but then she could be like "He has a boyfriend!" But then I would love for her to be friends with Jenna too.))

She arched her feet, kicking him lightly as he attempted to lie his head down on them. Eventually, she receded, allowing him to test on her ankles. "Umm...There is this one girl...Her name is Jenna?" She quickly said the name of one girl who she had her name on some roster or something. She leaned forward to snatched the lighter from his hand. He didn't know of her bad habits but she really didn't want to tell him either. "You will allow me too. I was going to do it anyway." Lena chuckled, a wide grin on her lips.

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((She can be friends with both. I think they'd all get along just fine. :) ))

"Are you sure that's her name? You don't seem very sure," he smiled at her and shrugged. "Fine, fine. You have a friend named Jenna. What's she like?" He turned his head and narrowed his eyes, reaching for the lighter. "Your wine privileges have just been terminated," he was grinning as well. He raised up and moved closer, trying to steal the lighter back from her. "Lena, I'll freaking tickle you. Give me the lighter."

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rimskur ((Alrighty :) Sounds good.))

Her cheeks pinkened as she knew that he was on to her. She had never seen this Jenna girl before. What was she supposed to say about her? Thankfully, he was distracted by his stolen lighter. She held it up high out of his reach since he was perched on her ankles. Giggling, she attempted to get away from him. "Nope! You won't get it back unless I get a bottle." Lena determined her demands, sticking the lighter in her bra to keep him from getting it

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He watched her put the lighter down her shirt, amused. "That's really low, Lena. I can't get it now!" He scrunched his nose and shook his head. "You're supposed to be my angelic sister who doesn't want to drink." He pulled his knees up onto the bed and leaned forward, tickling her sides and poking them too. "Give me the lighter, Lena! I won't stop. We both know how this is going to end." He would continue the tickling until she handed the lighter over, and of course, she would bat her eyes or something. Then, he'd allow her to drink with him, but he wouldn't let her get drunk. That was how it was ever since he turned twenty one.

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rimskur She smirked at the expression he gave her once the lighter gone from his view. She grinned, shaking her head a laughter poured from her mouth. "Angelic? Who came up with that?" Lena giggled, her body twisting in different directions as his hands came to her sides and tickled her thoroughly. "Ky...please! Stop!" She laughed, perching her legs on his back as he tickled her. "Alright, alright! I give up." She grabbed onto his hands, attempting to pull them away from her sides. Her cheeks were red as her hair sprawlednout behind her on the pillow.

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"Well, you used to be angelic," he stuck his tongue out at her. He tickled her harder and started to laugh too when she started laughing. He allowed her to pull his hands away for three reasons. The first reason was that she surrendered, erasing any reason to continue on with the torture. The second reason was because tickling did become bothersome and annoying after a while. The third reason, and this might sound gross, he didn't want her to pee on him. That would be awkward for everyone. He grinned down at her with his brows arched. "Oh? You give up, huh? Hand it over, then."

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rimskur She matched his expression, sticking her tongue out at him. It surprised some people how childish the two of them could be. She caught her breath as he receeded and quite tickling her, her chest rising and falling. "Do I get a bottle?" Lena asked innocently, her eyelashes batting at him. He should realllly just move on with trying to keep her from his stash anyway. Either she did it with his permission, or she took it out behind his back. Raising her eyebrows, she reached inide of her shirt and snuffed out his lighter. Palming it, she tightly kept her hand around it until he agreed to her terms.

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Indeed they were childish, especially for their ages, but they had always been like this with each other. Their parents used to scold him for trying to teach her crude humor and such at her young age, but he did it anyways. She was a lot like him at times. He tried not to pay attention to her sweet voice and pretty, batting eyelashes, but of course, he failed. He grabbed her hand that held his lighter and sighed. "Fine, but I get to pick it. You, my dear sister, have an awful taste in my wine collection." The wine collection used to be their father's, except for a good amount of bottles he had added into it last year. His grin returned.

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rimskur She grinned happily as he agreed finally. She loved to spend evenings with her brother, wasting away another bottle of their father's wine collection. She sometimes grew bitter thinking about that certain fact but never really showed it. She was too young to really remember much about her parents anyway. She curled her fingers with her brother's, handing him lighter. "It's not that bad. I just like to take your favorite ones." Lena smiled. She recalled his reaction to finishing one of his favorite bottles.

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He felt a strange chill pass through him. He wouldn't be able to describe it, but it made him shiver a bit. He took the lighter from her hand slowly and stared at it, their hands still touching. He gave her a sharp look that quickly changed to a devilish smirk. "Hands off my favorites, Lena. Those are for special ocassions like our birthdays or my crappy dates." He had tried to meet a few girls after the breakup between him and Alaine, but he just couldn't find anyone worth his time. "I think I'm going to go on home so I can finish cooking. Are you wanting to ride with me now?"

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rimskur She felt a similar reaction to their connected hands, only much stronger. While he didn't know what it meant, she knew exactly what was happening. Clearing her throat, she blinked her eyes, taking a few deep breaths. Her hand slid away from his, tucking by her side. He was still hovering over her, putting her in a position she dreamed of being in with him. But now that it was, she knew it was different. He didn' t feel the same as she did. "Yeah, I'll come with you. Just let me run to the bathroom real quick." Lena requested, averting her eyes from him as she shifted her head away from his.

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"Um...yeah," he nodded and stood up. "You do your thing. I'll be waiting for you outside." He scratched the back of his head and strided across her room, out the door. It just sort of felt weird to him, the chill and her reactions. He shook his head and finally lit his cigarette. He took a long drag and blew it out into the air. Things had been kind of strange with Lena ever since Alaine left him. He didn't know what it was, though. He almost asked her once, but he didn't know what to ask. 'Hey, Lena? Do you get this weird chill when we're really close to each other?' That would probably make him sound like a freak or something.

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rimskur She felt her breath hitched as the bed lowered before rising back up as her brother stood up. She closed her eyes briefly as he exited, trying to regain her breaths. Once he left, she dragged herself into the bathroom, sadly staring at her reflection. Was it so wrong to want the relationship she wanted with her brother? Yes, on so many different levels. She loved her brother. She cried softly.over the counter at these unbearable feelings for her brother. It wasn't fair. Why did Alaine have to do this to her? Wiping her face of any tears, she washed up her face and made sure she looked picture perfect before stepping out again. She never bothered to put on any nice clothes when visiting her old home. So, she locked her dor room and padded to her brother's car in a tank top,.short shorts, and flip flops.

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He took another drag and let the smoke flow freely out of his nostrils as Lena passed him and went to his car. It was an old Impala that purred like a kitten. He examined her from head to toe and rubbed one of his eyes. He didn't like when she dressed like that. It always made him think that she had plans to go meet some punk kid that just wanted to get in her pants. He took a few more long drags and stomped out his cigarette as he joined her and got in the car. "You know that it's like sixty degrees out here, right? It's going to get even colder tonight." He turned the ignition and turned the radio onto her favorite station. "Are you staying the night? I put new sheets on your bed," he said with a small smile and drove to his house.

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rimskur She watched the smoke flow out of his nostrils from her position in the car and wished she could just reach over and take that cigarette and pop it between her own lips. Drinking was one thing, but she didn't want him to know of how badly she was getting addicted to some drugs. It wasn' t too serious, se could get off of it. But there was just some prize for her to get high. She raised her eyebrows as he joined her in the car. She could still smell the evidence of his pevious activities but didn' t voice it. "This is just my excuse to get in the sweatshirt of yours." Lena smirked,.pulling her seatbelt. "I like that room better anyway." She sighed, leaning her head on the window as they drove.

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