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January 2018 > Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

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Relaxingreader | 75 comments Mod
This discussion is intended for talking about Brave New World only. This discussion can contain spoilers. You can buy the book here (PewDiePie amazon affiliate link).

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Samuel (samueldavies_) | 1 comments Hey All,

I am doing a contemporary literature assignment on this book and seeing if that interests anyone if they'd like to discuss some of the topics and the themes of the book. I will upload some thought at a later date if anyone is interested in discussing the meaning and influence of the interpretations held throughout

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Kylie Crawford (kylies_nook) | 2 comments I really loved this book. At least in 1984, people knew something was wrong. Here, the indoctrination tactics, even from infancy, made sure society would forever be powerless to change. The way that the government dealt with the savage made total sense. It didn’t matter if people were drawn to him, or if he was roaming freely, the people themselves would never change because they didn’t know better. It was crazy how everyone was almost infantile and docile, just from having every physical need met immediately. A world with no struggle is a worthless world, because humanity can’t grow up without obstacles. The people never had to stretch themselves, never had time to self-reflect and think, never even really had a true craving. Haunting in all the right ways, and the ending was powerful. Four stars!

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