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Like Mother, Like Daughter
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction-Multigenerational Book about 4 women. [s]

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Alleytha Klinger | 2 comments This book would have been published between 1990-1997. There are four characters. Leah- The great grandmother is a strong Jewish New Yorker who is way ahead of her time and lives in the village in the 1920s. Josephine (deceased) "Jo" who is the grandmother who marrys a Brit during WWII, I believe the mother's name is Marcia/Marsha (half British) a famous actress and Annie (half Black), the great granddaughter who is raised by Leah and is a comedienne.

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Mai | 1276 comments Maybe Like Mother, Like Daughter by Marcia Rose?
A sweeping saga of four generations of women, played out against a passionate portrait of America in the twentieth century, from "free love" in Greenwich Village to the Summer of Love in San Francisco, from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York to the fires of the London Blitz. Here is the engrossing story of Leah Vogel Lazarus, the matriarch of a family of women whose lives and loves become the rich tapestry of Marcia Rose's most dazzling novel.
The characters are called: Leah, Jo, Sarah and Annie (Marcia is the author)
The hardcover book was published in 1994.

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Alleytha Klinger | 2 comments Thank you for helping me locate the book.

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